My Sister And Me

This is 30th story penned under the name of Sultana Sinha (name changed). I am 36 yrs old male from Patna. If you like, the story please say, so on my mail [email protected] or [email protected]

Hi I am Manish(nickname Munna) from Meerut studying in Fashion Designing at Delhi. My family consists of my mom who is a teacher and my sister who is married. The story which I am about to narrate happened few years ago. I had come to my place after delivery of my elder sister Tanya’s first baby. I had to stay back for few weeks to help mom and sister with daily chores. The doctor had prescribed breast pump for Tanya to release excess milk.

Tanya’s breasts were usually straining against whatever she was wearing. She had to wear loose gown for nursing which was always wet due to excess oozing. Many times I would see where her milk had leaked, and caused dark circles where her nipples pressed again the material.

Her body had swollen in all vital parts making her more beautiful than ever. Her boobs used to sway due to heaviness. She was 5’4” in height, very fair, with big eyes, long hairs, pink lips, swollen breasts, big buttocks and smooth skin. Whenever she bent for something her big swollen boobs were visible. Mom used to rebuke her to take care on this.

One day I was sitting at the kitchen table reading my books. Tanya was sitting on the big chair opposite me. She gathered up her son and started his feeding. At first, she just unbuttoned her blouse from the bottom. When she shifted her son from left breast to right breast she left her left boob exposed. Later she took off her top entirely, and wore no bra underneath. She breastfed her son exposing her breasts to me.

I abandoned my attempts at pretending not to watch. I stared openly. I watched her little boy drain whichever breast she offered him. It was fascinating to look at the breast he was not feeding from. It swelled and the nipple became red and swollen too.

I could see droplets of milk form on the little bumps of her large areolas. A large drop formed at the tip of her thick nipple and just hanged there, suspended. Tanya met my eyes occasionally. Sometimes, she winked at me and just smiled. She was driving me horny.

Then she moved her son to her left breast. After that, I watched as she tensed the muscles in her upper thighs. A look of total contentment came over her pretty face. Her breathing grew quicker. Then, the color rose, first on the skin on her bare chest above her breasts. The color spread up her neck, and into her face. I did not realize what that really meant the first few minutes I saw it. Then it dawned on me, she actually climaxed and gained her release at that time.

I got horny seeing wanton display of her naked breasts. That moment I wanted to drop to my knees and take that swollen red nipple between my lips. I wanted to taste her nectar and drain that plump breast until she begged me to stop. Then I wanted to take her to the bed. I wanted to strip her naked and lay her out with her legs spread. I wanted to bury my tool between her legs and just have her.

I would not have even cared if her husband or my mom watched. I would have loved her with more power than she had ever seen. I would have poured my seed deep inside her, making a child if that was to be. The hot scene was too much for me. I ran towards the toilet and masturbated visualizing her naked breasts and pussy. That night I fucked her numerous times in my dreams.

God took mercy on me and gave me opportunity next day. Next day I found her writhing in pain. On inquiry, I learnt that her breast pump had broken down and her doctor was out of town. Since the baby was also not feeling well so was not feeding on her. This was causing milk retention in her boobs causing her immense pain. Mom was also not available as she was in her school and cell phone was not in vogue those days.

Only way to ease out her pain was to suck the milk else it will turn into milk knot. I offered her help reluctantly. She immediately agreed. She asked me to suck milk from her boobs. I went near her little scared. She opened her blouse and took out her breast for me. It was swollen and pink and the nipple was dark brownish in color. I licked the tip. She held my head and inserted her nipple in my mouth. The experience was heavenly. The smell of her body sweat was maddening. I gasped for air and then began sucking just the tip of nipple slowly. A warm gush of milk entered my mouth.

She laughed at me, “Poor boy, forgot how to suck milk. Pull entire nipple inside and suck.” I followed her instruction, pulled in her nipples along with some areola also, and began sucking milk. It was very sweet I had forgotten the taste of milk. I merrily began sucking milk.

However, slowly I was getting horny and hot. My dick was rising to an erection. I felt bad and tried to hide it in my shorts. I was in an embarrassing position. The harder I tried to hide my erection and discomfiture the more obvious it was becoming.

Suddenly I realized my Sister Tanya was also getting awkward. She had closed her eyes and was experiencing jarred breathing. Her breasts were rising and falling in tandem. I could feel the heat in her body. I slowly wanted to get away before things get out of hand but she held my hand and gestured me to continue my action.

In a few moments, she turned towards me and in that small space; her right leg covered my left hand, both my legs and my erection! My hand was now touching her naked thigh. The skin was soft and smooth and the resultant current running through me, jolted my penis!

I put my right hand on my chest so that the palm rested flat on the slope of her left boob. The boob was soft and spongy. I pressed down a little and a soft moan escaped her lips. I stopped pressing. As she quieted down again, I cupped and pressed her boob gently and explored its surface to locate the nipple while sucking her other breast.

I came to a nub and touched it gently with my index finger. I softly held it between two fingers. I had never thought that this could ever happen! Meanwhile she raised her leg and kept it on my waist which in due time slipped to my crotch. The thin cloth of my shorts separated her naked leg and my cock.

She could feel my erection on her thighs. She let out an audible moan of surprise. My erection was caught to my embarrassment. But it was my turn to be surprised instead of rebuking me Tanya started rubbing her thighs on my erection. The rubbing was causing intense excitement to me. I could not control my emotions and started moaning.

Tanya also was moaning and the speed of rubbing increased. I was sucking with a new vigor and energy. While sucking one breast, my hand started moving towards her belly button. I caught hold a piece of her belly flesh and squeezed. Here was my chance to touch the treasures that I had only been longing for from a distance so far. My right hand was free to get a feel of her boobs. My left hand was inches away from her cunt.

Her breathing increased a lot. I closed my eyes and started enjoying the rubbing and breast-feeding. She slipped her hand in my t-shirt and squeezed my tummy muscles. The environment was charged. She moved her hand further down towards my dick and slowly moved it to my belly where she placed it on my erect cock, shaping it but not really doing anything.

To do so, she had to move her leg back and a larger gap formed between her thighs. I could now maneuver my hand. I moved aside her clothes and placed my palm on the naked thigh above them. A shudder passed through my body as I touched her there. Inching my palm ahead, I came to some hair. I was surprised.

I did not know that women had hair there though I should have guessed that they did, since I had a healthy bush around my genitals. I moved my hand around and touched a very soft pair of thick, protruding lips, which felt wet. Was this what lay between women’s legs? I started patting the area of her genitals.

They were a mess of wet hills and wetter valleys with sparse vegetation in the form of hair. I folded my fingers and using only the index finger started gently feeling around and exploring this large pussy. I located two sets of thick, heavy, smooth lips and a hole, which seemed to be the source of all the liquids. But before my hand could move, further I experienced orgasm and came in my shorts.

Tanya slapped me, “Useless fellow, and good for nothing.” She pushed me away. Later I realized that she was also nearing her climax when I cummed. Suddenly we heard knocking on the door. I ran towards toilet when we heard our mom entering the house. That means we managed it in nick of time. Tanya also quickly arranged her clothes and went towards mom.

In the evening, I met my best friend Sushant. I told him what happened today, as I was feeling very guilty of touching my sister in a sexy manner and cumming in my shorts before her. He laughed at me for not being able to fuck my sister. I thought he would scold me but he was encouraging me to have sex with my sister.

He said, “You fool, your sister wants to fuck you. Only you can remove the itching in her pussy. She wants you as badly you want her. If you cannot fuck her move aside I will fuck her as I am fucking my sister.” I said, “But I am scared of my mother, she will create a storm.” He laughed again, “If your mother creates problem lay her and give her a good fucking or ask for my help in fucking her. I have always lusted for her big buttocks.”

But I was scared of my mom. I came back in the evening and found my sister talking with her friend Sukanya that is Sushant’s sister. They were discussing about me only. She was scratching her pubic area over her saree.

Sukanya said, “You held his cock in your hand. How thick was it? Were you hot and horny?” Tanya said, “It was very thick, thicker and bigger than my husband’s cock. I needed sex very badly as I am without sex for last three months. I did not want to let it go from my hands. But stupid fellow could not hold it and came in his shorts. He ran away hearing mom coming.”

Sukanya again said, “You carry on with your good work. Catch him tonight after your mom goes to sleep. Get inside his room asking him to help you in child nursing. Seduce him there and get fucked. I fucked my brother by the same trick. Nothing is wrong in it. It is a house hold matter.”

Tanya replied, “This is not so easy. You fucked your brother because he is smart but mine is very stupid. I many a times showed him my boobs but he pretended not having seen. Perhaps he is also scared of mom.”

I could not believe my luck. They were discussing how to fuck me. I am in demand. So let us enjoy. I slowly moved away without letting them know of my presence. I waited for night. I could not eat properly due to excitement. After dinner, I could not sleep. My wait was over at 10.00pm. I heard someone entering my room. It was Tanya.

She whispered, “Are you asleep Munna. I need your help. My baby is not sleeping. Please come to my room and hold him for me while I come back from toilet. Mom is asleep and I do not want to disturb her.”

I followed her to her room and lay near her baby. She went into the toilet without closing the door. I heard sound of clothes that means she had taken off her clothes. Then I heard the sound of tap water. I began visualizing her to be naked. I wanted to be in the toilet with her. I was getting horny then I heard her muffled scream.

I barged into the toilet and saw her lying on the floor naked. Her boobs heaving and her pussy covered with hairs were visible. I quickly removed my gaze from her naked body when she said, “Munna, I slipped on the floor. Help me get up. Stop staring and take me to bed.” I immediately helped her to get up.

Her nude body was touching me and making me mad. My right hand was just below her breasts and her naked waist was rubbing my body. She was holding me to stay up. I lay her on the bed and sat near her panting with excitement. My heart was pounding on my chest. My erection was putting pressure on my shorts, which was evident by now. Tanya looked at the erection and smiled in appreciation.

“My busy brother seems like working overtime with these,” she winked and smiled. I got bolder. I extended my hand towards her breasts and fondled it. “They seem to get softer all the time.” My palm closed on her left breast to gently squeeze her breasts making her rise her heels a couple of inches from the bed.

“Seems like you have been watching them for sometime,” She spoke while her eyes remained closed. I gripped the breast harder as she hurled her head backwards. I saw no reason to prolong this teasing game any further as I relieved her for a moment and took a step back.

I waited till she opened her eyes fully and once she did, I began unbuttoning my shirt. Her eyes widened for a split second before she blushed and took her hands to cover her face. I acquitted my shorts and underwear and stood showing my hard boner raring to go at my sister.

“Open your eyes and tell me,” I spoke excitedly. “Are we going to get on with it right now?” Tanya freed her face, looked at me standing naked to the hilt in front of her, heaved a sigh and muttered, “Should we go this far, Munna?”

I held her by her shoulders and pulled her on my bare chest while she trembled for a while.” We need to shed off these inhibitions Tanya.” I whispered into her ears.” I know you are struggling to overcome your craving to get fucked by your brother. I do not stand a chance of getting another day to fuck you in the near future. Why don’t we walk to the opportunity and do it for good?”

“But,” She stammered. “They say elder sister is just like one’s mother.” Shut up,” I told her calmly. “If you were my mother, I would have still fucked you.” I hardened my hug and felt that her nipples had gone hard as they pressed against my chest. Once I was convinced that she was aroused, I began hugging her even harder as my growing dick brushing up against her.

Suddenly a loud thunder was heard and immediately Tanya wrapped her arms around my shoulders. As I looked down, our lips were just a couple of inches from each other’s. I had no hesitation whatsoever in planting my lips on hers as she grew stiff in my hands. For a moment, I thought those lips might have been kissed a hundred times by my own brother in law but soon brushed it off.

After a momentary hesitation, she got involved in the kiss and began fondling me like a passionate lover. I began working towards the bliss and once we reached there, it was she who jumped on it as if she was desperate to get fucked by me.

She smiled, stood up, got off the bed stood like a naked angel in front of my eyes. Her eyes struggled to see mine as I felt aflame with arousal to see her without even an inch of cloth on her. Once again, I faintly remembered my brother in law might have seen her naked countless times. She took her position on the bed although I could still sense a flicker of fear and hesitation in her eyes. I moved close to her and pressed my face near her face.

She looked at me and then putting her lips on mine, started kissing me passionately. I kissed her right back, rubbing my lips on hers. Her tongue pushed at my lips and after a few moments, she asked me to open my mouth and let her tongue enter my mouth and put my tongue in her mouth. I complied and new thrills started coursing down my body as our tongues wrestled with each other.

We hugged each other, rubbing our skins together, her nipples grazing my chest, my knee touching her plump cunt lips and getting coated with the wet slime of her cunt juices. Our hands were all over each other’s backs and our gentle caresses soon turned into the bunching of each other’s flesh in our fists. I reached for her prize butt, pressing and shaping it and leaving my finger marks on its fair surface.

I held each fat cheek in a hand. Then I parted them and let them fall in place together, looking over her shoulder at what I was doing. She kissed my nipples, then licked and sucked them. She took my penis into her palm and started frigging it. The feeling was wonderful. All these mutual explorations and ministrations soon had me erect again and my penis started poking her belly.

There was lust but there was also affection. I could see it in her eyes and feel it in my heart. Of course, there was also virgin curiosity on my part. I wanted to see, touch, and experience this woman. Her feet patted mine. Her thighs rubbed mine. We relished the sensual contact of our skin to skin. She smelled good to me and I was lost in the moment, oblivious to the world. In those moments, we belonged to each other.

She put her hands on my head and started directing it downwards. I found myself looking at her breasts. She lifted the left one up with her hand and gripping it in her fist, she offered the nipple to me, pushing my head down. ‘Suck it, it is being neglected’, she said.

I took the proffered nipple into my mouth and started sucking avidly. I coated it with my saliva and started pulling at it with my mouth. Warm milk gushed in my mouth. My mouth was being filled with her love and sweetness. I periodically licked it with my tongue. I looked up and saw her staring at me with glassy eyes.

Her eyes were clouded with lust and she pressed her boob into my mouth and said, ‘Eat it. Bite it lightly’. I did. After some time she pulled that boob away and moved my head to the other boob, scissoring the large, erect nipple between her fingers and spearing it aggressively into my mouth. She pulled my hand to the teat that my mouth had vacated and pressed my palm to it with her own. I must have sucked and pressed those large boobs one after the other for 20 minutes drinking much milk by then.

Her nipples lengthened, swollen and darkened and had become engorged. She cried out a couple of times and must have been hit by several small orgasms. She once again took my very erect penis into her hand and gripping it hard in her palm, started frigging it slowly. Taking my hand into hers, she led it to her abdominal area. I started moving it around in widening circles till I encountered her very prominent mound. Her hand covered mine and she helped my fingers part her thick vaginal outer lips.

Finally, her body demanded play that is more serious. As she grabbed my shoulders, she pushed me down toward her mound. I licked, nibbled, and played on the southward journey. Her left leg lifted high, draping up the pillow, her heel hooked on the top as her right leg dropped off the side of the bed. Her legs could not get wider. I looked to her eyes. I quickly understood her mood.

Intense, pursed lips, her body screamed for more, and it was needed quickly. I dropped my hands below her butt, sliding them under her hips, palms up. As they slid by her hips, I curled the hands up over her thighs. I leaned to her, my tongue extended, probing her exposed clit slowly. As I circled her clit, her hips leaped upwards, shoving her cunt to my mouth. I tightened my fingers, holding her body down. I wanted to have her, but on my terms.

“Oh fuck please,” she grunted quietly. “Don’t tease me. Make me cum Munna,” she whispered. I did not respond. I sucked her clit into my mouth, clamping my teeth over it securely, and thrashed it with my tongue. Her hips exploded upwards, lifting my head and shoulders above the couch. I held one for dear life as she started bucking under me. As her hips humped up and down, I thrashed her sensitive clit in my mouth, smearing my face back and forth in her slit.

Her juices were pouring to my mouth, my cheeks, chin smothered in her juices. Moving quickly, I slid down her cleft, shoving my tongue into her hole. I probed her, forcing my mouth tight to her hole, extending retracting my tongue rapidly to simulate fucking her. Her hips got a rhythm, lifting, dropping, and grinding against my mouth. Her hands clamped under her thighs, holding her high above the couch.

Now propped on my elbows, I devoured her cunt. I rose up, my mouth again sucking her clit deep into my mouth as she screamed unintelligibly. I thrashed her, chewing wildly on her clit, pushing her body toward her orgasm. Her chin pressed hard to her chest, her mouth agape, she absorbed each nibble, each tongue thrash, pushing her body to her first orgasm.

“Oh yes,” she drew out long and loud. “Oh,” her voice trailed off. Her body exploded, her legs flying beside my arms, her toes extended, lifting her body, her crotch to my mouth. Her hips humped, thrashing up and down rapidly, pushing against my mouth. She experienced earth-shattering climax. Then I slowed my tongue, lazily circling her clit. Her body slowed its gyrations, almost growing limp in my hands.

As her orgasm subsided, her body flopped flat on the couch. Her body limp, her breathing coming in gasps, she lay quietly. In contrast, my cock was rigid, needing a place to penetrate. I knee walked along the bed, pulling her head to the edge. As I shifted her body, her head dropped off the edge. Fisting my cock, I placed it to her lips. Her mouth instinctively opened, her eyes closed, I pushed forward.

My cock slid almost effortlessly into her mouth, my balls bouncing off her forehead with each thrust of my hips. Her hands wrapped my hips, her hands coming to rest on my ass. As I pushed into her face, she pulled me hard, driving my long, hard cock down her throat. As I pulled back, her teeth raked along the skin, sending shivers up and down my spine. I face fucked her for several more minutes, my balls churning, boiling to explode.

A few more minutes later her grip on my virgin cock tightened and she cried out a few times. “I can not take all this play any longer. I need you in me. Fuck me. Fuck your sister Tanya” She commanded me. And she moved her big, soft thighs apart and pulled me on top of her. As I lay on top, the hand gripping my cock, guided it into her furrow and she said, “Push it in. Fill my cunt.”

I pushed my dick in her well-lubricated pussy. It enveloped my dick like a glove. The heat and wetness felt very nice. She was incredibly hot and wet. I pulled out a little and again pushed it to the hilt. Our body had become one. Our body was shivering due to heat and excitement. “Fuck me, tear my pussy, and fill me up, my fucking brother.” She said.

With several thrusts of my buttocks, I started entering her body. Her lips parted and my cock started entering her inch after inch. I was pushing and so was she. Her cunt was soft and her juice oily. Finally, I was embedded in her all the way. She groaned and locked her meaty thighs around me. She started pressing my body into hers by gripping and loosening the grip of the thighs. Her cunt muscles seemed to tighten and loosen around my engorged shaft.

I started pulling in and pushing out my cock and we were soon moving together in unison. Her large body heaved upwards in powerful thrusts and I repeatedly pulled my cock out all the way and sank my cock in all the way. I soon noticed her heaving boobs and could not resist taking a nipple into my mouth and sucking it. I was fucking for the first time ever! And that too, my own sister Tanya whom I had lusted after for so many days now. I could never have dreamt that this would ever happen.

She was uttering, “Oh I love it. I love you and I love your tool. My husband does not have such nice tool. I was without fucking for last so many days. I should have tasted your cock earlier. Come inside my pussy, give me your potency.”

Soon, the tempo of our fucking increased and after one last powerful heave, I thrust into her and emptied my boiling seed as deep as I could into her foaming cunt. My orgasm triggered hers and with loud cries, she lunged upwards and locked her thighs around me, drawing me even deeper into her. She was hit by spasm after spasm.

We lay there naked, my body on hers, for several minutes. My cock slipped unwillingly out of her vagina leaking fluids on her outer lips. I lay by her side and we fell into a blissful slumber, both completely naked. We got up after few hours and began our second round of fucking which continued till 5.00 am. We promised to fuck every night till she would be at Meerut. Our fucking continued for many days till my mom caught us red handed in act one night. What happened then is another story.

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