My Sister

Dear Readers of erotic stories . I would like share a story with you all. We are a family consisting of a mom, me and my father’s sister. My name is Rohit now 22 year old budding boy living with my mom and my fathers Sister, Pooja was elder to me by 8 years, as our age diff is less I used to call her as Akka (elder sister) instead of calling her as Athai. She was married to a software engineer in Bangalore. It was the month of may, I was having my school vacation. Pooja Athai called one day saying that her Husband received a direct order from his office in Europe. She asked mom to come and stay with her since the place where she stays is remote from the city and isolated without any neighbors nearby. Mom said she would come there the next day with me.

Unfortunately my mom had to go to Madurai the next day in order to attend a funeral of a close relative. Mom told him “Raju go to sister’s house and stay there for three months till your vacation”. Mom asked him take his school books so that he can study when it gets bored. Mom also told that she would come there next week. I took the night train to Bangalore. While on travel I remembered about my aunt (Athai).My Athai looks like bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty with plump boobs and heavy Buttocks. Ever since at the age of 14 when my sister was not married, I started to have sex desires. The extremely large breasts of Akka heaved beneath the dress she wore. Her breasts were like oranges.. Akka has a nice slim body and a killer legs. Her long brown hair was right down to her buttock. My Sister’s Buttocks were big like water melons.

I remembered it was a party day and I and my friend were playing hide and seek in our house. The game was going well but on one instance I had used all the places to hide. Now it was my turn, I cannot find any place to hide. I went into my sister’s room. My elder sister was studying for college exams. I seek her assistance in finding new place for hiding. She was wearing a very lengthy gown and sitting in the chair. Akka told me to hide inside her gown. Before my friend came I entered my Akka’s skirt. Within seconds of entering inside my sister’s skirt she locked my head in between her thighs. A strong smell which I had never before smelled came from my sister. This smell was something I can not forget. I slowly moved my head towards the part where my sister’s legs met. When I did this my face hit her panty covered pubic region. I found that this smell came from there.

I kept my nose there in between my beautiful sister’s legs and sniffed more of her feminine odor. At last my friend failed to find me and said to my sister that I had cheated him by escaping out of house. After he left, I came out from my sister’ skirt. I thanked sister for helping in the game. From that day on, I used to go to bathroom after my Sister and find her soiled panties and smell it. Whenever I get a chance, I would accidently brush my hand on my Sister’s huge Buttocks. The soft cheeks of my sister’s buttocks turned me on. I would not miss any chance to see my sister cleavage whenever she would bend before me. Her cleavage showed that sister’s Tits are milk white color.

Now back to presence, I arrived at Bangalore railway station. My brother in law came to receive me from the station. He asked me why my mother didn’t come. I explained him that mom and dad went to Madurai. He then took me to their house. This was the first time I was visiting my sister’ house. We nearly left Bangalore and on the outer skirts were located the lavish Bungalow of my sister. As soon as I entered, I had to go for a piss which I was holding for long time .So I made my way through the bedroom to the bathroom. While pissing I heard my sister and brother in law talking.

Sister told him “Ram how can i manage without my mom”.

He said,” look Priya I had to urgently go there tomorrow or i would be fired”.

Sister told “But Ram, the doctor had told i should not walk for a week and how can i do my personal needs like going for a toilet, changing dress, Bathing etc. Ram told, “See Priya Raj is you little Brother and it is not harm for him to do all these duties for his elder sister. You are like his mom.” So hearing all these made Raj dick hard. I was going to help my Elder sister in all her needs even for going toilet.

After having my piss I entered the bedroom and saw Akka was laying on the bed. Brother in law told that Sister had a accident in her legs while driving her car..They hid the news from mom because this would frighten our dad who was a heart patient. When sister saw me she opened her arms and waved in a way to receive me near her. I went near her and sat on the bed. She asked “Raj how did you do the exams?”.I said “I did very well.” Now his brother in law said, “Raj, I want know if you could lift your sister from her bed to toilet.” He removed the bed sheet covering my sister and asked me to lift her. I saw my sister wearing only a shirt and small skirt which showed me her sexy round thighs. My brother in law lifted sister’s skirt slightly up her thighs and showed me the wound in her thighs.

He also told me that sister has bruises above her thighs too. I was amazed to see a female’s milk white thighs at a very close up. While I openmouthed watching my sister’s legs, Ram told, “come on Raj lift your sister. I shyly proceeded towards my sister and placed my arms under her shoulder and another under her hips and tried to lift her. But it was hard for me to lift her. Brother in law laughed and said “you cannot lift her like that. You have to place one arm under the Kundi (buttocks) of your sister”. I was embarrassed by hearing him say Kundi. I kept a hand under my sister’s Kundi .And at this place her skirt rode up and I was having my hands on sister’s bare thighs. They were very soft and cool to touch.

Now It was very easy for me to lift sister.

He was surprised and asked how she was so weightless like air even though she was very bigger than him. Brother in law told me that usually ladies are weightless even if they are huge and fat .He asked him to place her in the bed. Ram asked me, “So raj, i am going to Mumbai by flight tonight, would you don’t bother to lift your sister whenever she needs?”. I said yes with joy. Ram now said he would explain how to change his sister’s clothes. I told it was embarrassing to see my own sister changing clothes. Ram laughed and told anyhow you have to do it tomorrow for your sister. I left the room while Ram changed sister’s clothes and took her to toilet and after she slept he prepared for his travel.

That night I left my brother in law at the aerodrome. Before leaving Ram said,” Raj take care of your sister, Don’t be shy and do anything she asks you to do.” Raj replied “Don’t worry She is my elder sister, I will take care of her”. After leaving Ram for his departure, I returned home at a great speed thinking of lifting my own sister from her bed with my hands holding her big Kundis (butt).I had a key by himself and entered the house. I straightly went to my sister’s bed to find if she would need anything. I found my sister with her skirt high up her waist showing all of her panty covered pelvic region. Her white panties even showed me her dark pubic hairs protruding through the sheer material. The next day my sister called me to clean her. I took her to the toilet first. While taking her to the toilet I enjoyed the softness of her big buttocks.

As soon as we entered the bathroom she asked me to remove her dress. I slowly undid all the buttons, I dropped her clothes. Woww! She was excellent with bra and white panties. Of course I had my hard on and I have well planned to hide it from her view. This is my first time to see any female like that; that too my own juicy elder sister made my penis rise high inside my pants. She complained her legs were hurting. I apologized and made her sit on the toilet bowl. As I went to unbuckle her bra, she protested. Raj” Could we like do this later. I mean its only my hand and leg, you don’t need to take off my bra”. I was shocked and thought for a moment. How can I make a mistake like this! It is only her hand was injured not her breast. I just made a story and said that I wanted to make sure that I made a clean job since she is my beloved my elder sister.

She smiled and gave me a kiss on my cheek. I then said that I need to take off her panties since the bruises very close to her crotch . She thought for a moment… Then she said “I guess you’re right…I’m sorry Raj, would you mind taking off for me…I’m beginning to feel weak.” Well I know her conscious were still active and I better not do anything funny. As I tried to pull she scream in pain and I stopped. So I decided I did not want to pull directly since it will brush toward the side of her leg. I informed her that i’ll have to do it gentle and slowly and may have to apply pressure on certain area of her private part. This time she was really red and embarrassed. And she said “Raj… Just take off my bra first and clean my body first and then my… Panties. I’m sorry Raj.

Yahoo! I get to see her breast first. I remove her bra and I almost came when her nipple pointed at me. I quickly brought a chair to sit in front of her. I started to wet a cloth and began to rub on her body. She cried as I rubbed. I’ve told her not to worry or embarrassed since i’ll take care of her in any circumstances. And I said “Sister… Just close your eye and i’ll clean you off.” She then said ” Raj why don’t you lay me down on the bed so it will be easier for me.” Her breast crushed to my mouth as I lifted her. “Sorry Akka(sister)!” I tried to speak within her trapped breast.

I was on top of her on the bed as I rubbed her body. “Akka I need to apply lotion to your bruises as well as to your body.

I gave her a quick medicine “caressing” on her hand and then my ever waited body massage. As I spread the lotion on her body, she shivered. I could see the wetness from her panties. She tried to cover her breast and as I massaged I gently remove her hand and continue. No protest came from her as I continued to form circles around her nipple. She moan for a moment and then tried to stop. I really got a tremendous hard on… I thought I might cum. I played with her belly button and she started to giggle. “Stop that Raj!” she laughed. And I continued to massage her again.

I can’t wait any longer… Without informing her I started to go for her panties. I could see her swollen vagina from her see thru panties and it was really wet.. I laid my hands on her opening of her vagina (thru her panties of course) and slid her panties to the left so that I can remove it with no friction to her right leg. As soon as I slid …my Akka spoke ” Thambi (little brother)… Your finger is in my is in me.” I realized that I was sort of finger fucking her. Immediately I moved my hand on the top region of her vagina. “Thambi” she panted. “Please don’t…. You’re touching my errr…. I mean my clitoris”. I froze I can’t believe my Akka actually said that. I Immediately removed my hand. “Sorry Akka you are slippery there and I accidentally….you know” I pretended blushed.

“Thambi, I need to pee… I am so weak. Please just remove my panties. Now I don’t care how you remove it but don’t insert your finger.” She cried. “But Akka I don’t know how” I mumbled. Her eyes were closed all the while. So I just went and slide her panties to the left a bit with caution and the musk smell was really making me funny. I bent down to her vagina and licked a bit. “Thambi… What are you applying there?” she enquired. What was I doing I thought my self. “Well it was no difficult to remove her panties… But just I wanted to make it longer” I thought myself. “I’m actually making my Akka suffer in this stage.

Shame on myself ” I spoke within me. Now my plump sister was lying in front of me completely nude

I came to my sense and removed her panties. My first time I ever looked at a vagina, that too my own elder sister’s sweet vagina. Well she maintain her pubic hair as well. Now she was totally naked. “Thambi…take me to the toilet” she spoke. “Sister i’ll carry you. You don’t need to walk.” I offered. And I went and carried her. Carefully I placed a hand underneath her buttocks(Kundi) and the other on the back of her shoulder. I mentioned her to wrap her arm around my neck. As I carried I accidentally slipped my index finger into her crack of her buttock.

I could feel her anus at the tip of my finger and her flowing juice which make it slippery at her anal region. “Sorry Akka” I apologized. “No need for one you can get a better grip when you have your finger inserted in my asshole ” she comforted me. I was surprised and further thrust my finger inside her anus. It was hot inside my sister’s like a burning stowed. I also slowly moved my finger in and out of sister’s asshole. I brought her to the toilet bowl and make her sit. “Err Raj…could you wait outside for a moment” she said embarrassed. I waited outside for a moment.

For all our openness, she’d not been this relaxed with me at home. I strained to hear her intimate sounds. I needn’t have, for when she began to pee, it was remarkably loud. I could hear her initial tinkle followed by the characteristic hissing sound of female urination, pee splashing against the porcelain, ending with the less forceful last squirts dribbling into the water. I was enthralled with the sounds, for it called to my mind vivid mental imagery.

“Raj… I feel so helpless. I’m scared. It’s burning around my leg area. Could you like just sleep with me for tonight” She asked. I agreed as I carried her the same way as before. This time no accident occurred.

I laid her on the bed and said “Akka, the Brother-in-law(machan) said that you should wear loose clothes. But if I were to dress you again…” “It’s ok thambi.. I’ll sleep naked today. I don’t want to go through again. Since you are beside me, I feel very safe” she said. (“Very safe!!!!! This must be a joke! What happen if….” I thought)

“It’s getting late honey. Could you just apply the medicine on my leg” she requested. Well I’m suppose to clean her, but I just went and applied the medicine on her leg. Her hand was covering her vagina(Pundai). I could still see her vagina was dripping wet and I got another hard on. I felt like tasting her. “Honey please don’t look at my Pundai” she advised. (“Shit she was looking at me watching her”) . I just tried to give an excuse ” I just trying to ….? Nothing! “. “Well could you get me my pills?” she asked. I brought her the pills and guess what! Most of these pills were to stop the pain and make her sleep. She took them. I took my bath and jerk off immediately came into her room with towel wrap around . “Are you going to sleep like that with me” she asked.

“No of cause with my shorts on” I replied. She was relieved. I told her that I was going to the shop to get something and be back in 30 minute. I closed her body with the blanket and gave a kiss then left.

When I got back I found her asleep. I decided to get naked with her. As I removed her blanket to get in with her, I saw her finger in her Pundai. I got an instant hard on. I called her and no reply was transmitted back. I got in her bed and got close to her. I look at her…She was really beautiful. Her lipstick were still remained from the morning. I took my chance and kissed her on her lips. First a short kiss and then a longer one. My penis arched over my sister’s hips making oscillating movements and soon a thick liquid came from my penis. I was frightened and cleaned the mess and then got in the bed with her again. It was 11.30pm. I was not sleepy at all. I did not have any guilt of sleeping with my sister nude… Why?

She is my blood and ….that’s all. She is a human just like me. She is very loyal to her husband. I began to kiss her again long and slow. Hard on again….Her lips very slippery like a silk and we exchanged out body liquid with kissing. I know it was wrong but continued. I began to suck her breast. I was on her left while kissing her breast and a trail of the same white liquid were painted on her leg while my penis was brushing against her soft skin. I got even bolder , I removed her finger from her Pundai and placed mine. I began to paddle my finger in her. It was difficult and tight. I brought my lips and French kissed her Pundai. I sucked all her juices. I inserted my tongue in her. Her pubic hair was around my nose and man… It was awfully heavenly. I searched for the smell of my earlier days.

But that smell was not coming from her Pundai now. She began to move and I froze? I got back to sleep well pretending. She was drowsy and called my name. “I need to go to the toilet.” She said. Well the medicine did not work well, I guess. Her eye were open now as she saw me naked. “Oh my…You’re I mean…”. “I’m sorry Akka, I always sleep naked in my bed. I was not used to sleep with clothes on. And it’s quite warm here.” I explained. (quite warm! What an excuse I gave). Anyhow she was not that conscious to think. She says she need to go for a pee badly, to my surprise she tries to get up from the bed. She fails and I came to the rescue by gently carrying her as our skin touched. I gave me a shiver as I took her to the bathroom. (“Well she did see my hard on and maybe probably thinks of a normal erection or? I said to myself) This time she never mention me to wait outside.

Well I went and wore my shorts to cover my hard on. I carried her to the bed and she was already asleep. I noticed that her vagina was wet with her piss and she did not wipe it. So I clean her there by licking her piss awhile. I really wanted to explore her body. And I went above her and guided my finger into her opening. I did not want to check if she is awake but just wanted to open and explore her badly. I entered a bit and a bit and shit! I came with white liquid again.

Next morning, As I opened my eye, sister was examining her Pundai. (“Oh shit! I forgot to clean up my mess. I pretended like just woke up and asked her “What happen sister?”. As I went close to her, she did not look at me since I was naked. “Sister there something I need to tell you…” I said. “Last night after you went to the bathroom, you did not clean your…..your..pus..err…Pundai. Well I wanted you to be clean so I wash your vagina and applied lotion.” “Lotion!” she laughed to hide all embarrassment between me and her. Then she taught, the so call lotion was also inside her. “No this can’t be… I mean I don’t understand…the lotion is inside me as well.” She replied. (“Oopps!! What am I suppose to say now..??”) “Akka…well I actually applied the lotion in my finger and inserted in your Pundai.” I said. “Raj! How could you” she scream.

I pretended to cry and said that I wanted her to be very clean and free of bacteria and all the science bull shit and told her that she is the only one that I can rely and wanted her to be in the perfect stage of health. She looked into my eye and gave me a kiss all over my face. “I’m sorry Raj, I know how much of trouble you have gotten to keep me in the perfect stage of health. Well Raj, in future please do not insert finger in me. I am not thinking negative of you ok.” She explained. I know she has felt a bit of guilt when she said this. She hugged me without realizing naked. My penis(Sunni) came into view and touched her back and we both broke off the hug immediately. “Oh my” she blushed. “Morning erection ” I said and laughed. We both started laughing.

Well she looks partially recovered today. She could walk a little but still requires support. She was still naked. I suggested that she needs to be cleaned up since yesterday was not a proper job. We were in the bathroom as I carefully wet a cloth and wipe over her shoulder , breast, and stomach and lower…….”i’ll do that ” she said. So I had to leave to avoid anymore mistakes. She wrap herself with a towel and came out slowly. We had breakfast and she said she need to take the medicine. This time I gave two of each pills. She then felt sleepy and told me to accompany her to the bedroom. She just laid and said…”Thanks for all the help you have given me, Raj”. I just took the opportunity and gave her a small hug and a kiss. I continued my adventures around her pussy that night also.

On the next day she woke earlier than me. I did not know what happen, later I woke up. She was not there. She was preparing breakfast. “God! She is well” I thought. I went to her and she acts casual. “Raj, you naughty yesterday again!. You applied the lotion again in me” she grin. ” “Well thanks for taking care of me. Frankly the lotion you apply actually reduced my regular menstrual pain . ” shyly she said. “Wow bingo! . She does not know I fucked her. Oh shit… She is having her period now”. “Tell me Raj.. Please” she beg. “It’s ok I forgive you for the indecent behavior. I know it’s a torture for you to see me naked and towards that you have not been seeing any girls.

Tell me the truth and I promise I will not change my feeling on you. What had been done is done ok.” She said. “Well Akka I was kind of horny so I took out my penis and slightly rubbed against your vagina.”

“Did you cum?” she asked.

I asked , “What is cum? Sister”. She said “Well, Raj it is the thick liquid that comes from a boy’s penis,when he is excited. “Yeah…I did.. Around the entrance” I said. “Entrance?” she puzzled “I mean the entrance of your vagina” I explained. “For god’s sake you never put your cum inside Akka’s vagina, else you would have made me pregnant ” she said.

We took breakfast together and I playfully went to her and fed her and played some tricks. Both of us sat and watched movies. “Can we not hide anything between us anymore” I asked. “Well sure honey…what you want to know?” she asked.

I was close to her as I bravely ask her to teach me how to kiss. “Raj… Why are you asking me that?” “Well I don’t know” I said. “It’s natural… You will know later when you get a girl” “What happen if I kissed her wrongly… The only person I can trust is you. You can teach me how to kiss. I never kissed before” I lied . She thought for a moment and said. “Don’t tell anyone that I teach you how to kiss.. Ok!” “Ok Akka”. “Raj.. All you have to do is met our lips….” Instantaneously I brought myself and parted my lips with hers. She gently held my head and kissed me and took of. “Akka…can I try a French kiss”. Without her reply I kissed her with my tongue found her. Man….it was like heaven. She moan a little. She was breathing heavily. I hugged her as kissed her again and again.

She as well returned me kisses and said “Raj…I don’t know…but I love you.” She whispered. I knew that was the turning point of our relationship. Her lips were now slippery. This was my first time I actually could draw out her body layout since the amount of hugging I had with her earlier. I could feel her mouth liquid replaced mine and it was so smooth in my mouth and all the way down my body. She was now lying her head on my chest on the sofa and told me. “You can feel free to ask me anything honey.”

“What is menstrual?” I asked.

“Raj you are too young to know that!” she blushed a little, looking away.

“My biology book say that I should know now, besides I know they get period and… Once a month I think…”

“Fine i’ll tell you ” she nodded. “Girls start to menstruate between age 7-15 or sometimes later…”

“When did you start menstruate, sister?” I asked. “No! And stop asking this… I started menstruated at the age of 12, ok!” she screamed “Raj this is my personnel matter… Now just concentrate,” her voice hardened.

“How often do you menstruate now? ” I asked again.

“I have an earlier cycle 25days? ” she looked at me. “Not as often as you think…” she smiled.

“Are you menstruating now? ” I asked curiously.

“Yes ” she said shyly. All pieces of puzzle were matched together when I came to know that she was having a period. She caught me staring at her.

Knowing her start age menstruated made my dick to stand. The l BHIKARI KO DOODH PILAYA My parents live in Ukraine. I was with my Chacha & Chachi. My Chacha went to Dubai for work. After that we went through a difficult time, as we needed some elderly people as guardian. My Chachi was 39 years old, she had a daughter of 14 months. I was 16 years. Chachi, loved me very much. My Chachi was a fair,5’6” lady . Her most attractive features were her breasts, they 42”. I had a habit of drinking milk, daily twice. One evening my Chachi came to me and said, “ beta maine doodhwale ko kal se doodh dene ko mana kar diya”. I was upset. She said” suno, munni kal se doodh chhod di, aur main chahti hoon ki tum mujh se doodh piya karo”. I was shocked, & said “kya”.

She said” Naadaan mat bano, maine tumhari dairy, padhi hai, jisme tumne likha ki tum mere choonchion se pina chahte ho”. I said “ tab main chota tha”. She said “ Aab konse bade ho, ho to mere bete hi na, aur kaun kehta hai ki bade doodh nahin piya karte hain.” I said “ Par aap toh” She said” kya, main tumhari Chachi hoon” I was speechless. She then came to me and laid me on her lap . She opened her blouse, I could see her breasts, her nipple and aerola were magnificient. I said “Chachi aap sa koi nahin hai” She said “bas bas” and thrusted the nipple in my mouth & suckled me And after that , I nurse on her 3 times, in morning, Evening and night. One night an old man, came to our house and begged for food and shelter. He was around 84 years, very feeble. We allowed him.

When chachi served food, she found he was very weak to chew and swallow food. Chachi came to me and said “ Beta aab kya hoga”. I thought, in the mean time, Chachi went and sponged him. After sometime an idea strucked to me.I called chachi and said “ chachi, ek cheej ho sakti hai, jisse uss uncle ka paet bhar jaaye .” She said “what?”. I said” kya aap budhe ko pila sakti ho?” She said “pagal ho gaye ho kya”. I said “ chachi sirf yahi raasta hai”. She said “ par usse kahun kaisse”. I told her, the plan. She went and sat in beside the uncle, and started talking. After few moment Chachi removed her blouse, in such away that revealed both her boobs, saying “ garmi bauht hai” after few minutes Chachi adjusted her paallu. I noticed that budha was constanly gazing at her boobs. Chachi then bent to pick up the plates, she intentionally slipped her pallu, revealing her breasts .

Budha was dumbspoken. After lifting the cup plates she said “oh ,maaf karna” and came inside.. I said “good job Chachi”. She said “aab kya”. I said the further part. She went and sat . Budha said” theek hai, bhuk aur neend bahut hai”. Chachi said “Chaliye main aap ko sula deti hoon” Chachi then went and sat beside him. She took her head and laid in her lap she did it in such a manner that her, left breast’s nipple just bruished budha’s lips. I could see, Budha was very lightly kissing the tip of the nipple. After few minute he surrounded the nipple with his lips. He then Suckled two times, with which some milk flowed. Chachi pulled her breast from his mouth. Chachi then took her pallu and wiped budha’s face. She then Wore her blouse again. Chachi adjusted her buttons such, that the nipple and aerola of right breast was just out side.

Budha was licking his lips looking at the nipple. Chachi then said, “ jabse munni ne doodh lena bandh kya hai, yeh choonchiaaan, har bakt bhar jati hai, bhatija bhi nahin hai jo isse khalli kar de”. Budha said “ aab kya karengi”. To this Chachi said “dekho aap kitni daer khalli paet so oge, ap hi khalli kar do”. Budha said ‘par’. Chachi said” kya uncleji, aap bhi na sharmate ho , doodh hi to hai koi jam toh nahin, main abhi dohun ke glass main lati hoon.” To this budha said, “ rehne do, mujhe apni bachae ki tarah, seene se lagake pila lo na”. Chachi said “ kya”. Budha said, “ Bachpan main piya tha, phir se uska mazza Chakhna chahta hoon”. To this chachi said “aap kya chahte ho, Aap ko doodh ka mazaa toh waise bhi aa sakta hai, aisse hi kyun?” To this Budha said “ Kissi aurat ke bhari hui motti motti choonchiyon se, ussi ke goddi main so kar doodh chusna, jo mazza deta hai who glass thodi de sakta hai”.

Chachi said “ Acchha”. Budha said “ jab motti motti chunchiyaaan ko choosne se, wo jo thall thall karti hai na, ussi main mazza hai”. Then budha went near her , she made him lie on her lap and bend a little, to pick his head, she opened the lower buttons and thusted the nipple in his mouth. Budha suckled like a small baby. After 10 minutes she turned him to the other breasts. In the mean time she opened her dhoti and fondled his balls. After few minutes their session was over. As chachi was closing her blouse, he said “ kya thodi daer,main insse khel sakta hoon?” Chachi said “ theek hai”. Playing with her boobs he said, “ meri bahu issi tarah mujhe seene se kabhi lagati nahi thi, uska bacha 3 mahine ka tha na, hamesha duhun ke glass main pilati thi. Par jabse mere bete aur uska parivar ko kamino ne maar dala, meri yeh halat ho gayi hai”. He then slept.

Next Morning we woke and Chachi went near the budha. Chachi took him to the bathroom, there chachi made him bath after that she took him in her arms, covered his head with her pallu. She opened her blouse and budha suckled her. At that moment I entered. Budha sat up, and said “ Maaf karna, beta aage se aisa kabhi nahin hoga”. I said, “ nahin uncle, issme sharmane wali kya baat hai. Gaye ka doodh kya sirf bachda pita hai, hum bhi toh pite hain. Toh phir inse kya karabi hai”. Budha smiled. I said, “ kya Uncle Choonchioon ko choosna kaissa lagta hai” He said, “ Bachpan ki yaad dilate hai” Again he laid in Chachi’s arm, She covered his head with her pallu and suckled him. After that she took me to her arms and suckled me. At 11 o’clock we heard some old man committed suicide.

We went & found he was the same man. At home we found a letter which said “ main 12 acre zammen tumhare naam karta hoon , kyunki tumne mere barsson ki icchae puri ki hai”. Then chachi came to me and hugged me. I then took Chachi to the well and made her bath applying soap on her breasts and washed. I then fondled her breasts 4 three minutes. Chachi said “ beta aab bhar gaya, pi le”. It was 4 the first time I had chachi’s breast to suckle and fondle ,4 the whole afternoon. After that day, I asked chachi to wear only petticoat to make it easier for me to suckle her when ever I wanted” Chachi did so and I now suckle 6-8 times a day. Now I am also fucking her daily night.We r having a great time.

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