My sis my milk machine

Hi to all ISS readers. I’m Naman & I want to share my sex experience I had with my sister. My sister’s name is Sindhu she is my own sister & was elder to me by 2 yrs. She was a sexy slut with a huge pair of boob’s abt 38DD size & had a well shaped sexy ass. Now lets go to the story. My sister got married 3yrs back & remained childless for 2 yrs as she was working. Her husband was a CA & was always on tour & was working for a us based company.

She came home for her pregnancy but unfortunately her chilled passed away in her womb. Her husband then came to our house spent sum time with her & went back on tour. After sum days she had a problem in her chest & was crying when I came home & enquired her she told that her breasts were in deep pain & was unable to bear the pain she then took me to her room & told me what the treatment was for her pain she had to buy a breast pump to pump her milk out at least for the next 3 months. She told me her size & asked me to buy one for her & asked me not to tell anyone. That night after dinner I went to my sister’s room to talk to my sis when I saw that my sister was already asleep in my bed. I slowly went close to her & saw that her boobs were slowly Cumming out of her nighty this gave me an arousal & slowly I had my lion in his full length. I went to my room& imagined that view again& got determined to suck her boobs to the extent that I finish all her milk.

Later that night when everyone were asleep I tiptoed to my sister’s room & to my surprise my sister’s left breast was coming out of her sleeve (she wore a sleeveless nighty) this made me crazy I slowly moved closer to her & removed her boob fully out other sleeve she jerked a bit & got into a position where I could suck her boobs in a better way. I slowly cupped her breast with my mouth & with the lightest of forces her milk started cumming out in full flow. I had the taste of fresh hot milk cumin in full force from my sister’s boob suddenly my sister started moaning & woke up suddenly & was surprised to see her own brother sucking her breast like a baby. She pushed me away & started abusing me. I told that I just wanted to help her & went out of her room.

Next day morning I woke up got ready for office & apologized to my sister & promised to bring her that machine. Later in afternoon our parents left to Vijayawada & my sis called me to b with her because she was getting bored. I finished my work quickly & left to home. As soon as I reached home my sis greeted me in a new way as never before. I asked her what was all the change abt she asked me to sit down & gave me a cup of black coffee. I asked to add milk & she asked me to add it myself & removed the chunni of her kammeez. I was shocked& couldn’t utter a word she then took my hand & placed it on her breasts it was like a dream cum true for me. I removed her salvar took both her boobs in my hands & slowly started to suck her boobs she gave a few low moans & asked me to suck harder if I really wanted her milk.

I sucked both her boobs & cleared her of her pain for that night. She then served dinner in the night & she said that I had to help her as the pain started again this time I was in my dhothi & my cock was in its full length & she happened to c my arousal she didn’t say anything & she left the room without saying anything. Next day morning she came to my room in the morning to wake me up & to my greatest of surprises she came fully naked to my room & she said that she was sex starved & wanted to fuck someone desperately. I immediately removed my lungi exposing to her my full length cock. What happens next stay tuned any girls or aunt’s there who want sex can contact [email protected]

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