My Night With My Sister

I suddenly woke up. With my elder sister I was sleeping. Under the bed sheet she was holding me tightly. Her legs was circled me & her hand my chest. Her thigh was rubbing my penis & her big boobs were pressed with my left hand. She was slowly moving her hip touching my hip & her boobs. I can’t imagine what is happening. But she was breathing loudly & my face was burning. She was hot. I was feeling her without her knowledge. She put her finger in her thigh joint. Her finger was moving must be rubbing her cunt. Year she was. My penis was hot. A few moments later she put her hand on my thigh. She slowly enters her finger in my trouser & touches my penis. Her finger was slowly touching & moving on my penis. I was acting like sleeping & she was playing with me.

I was beyond control. Suddenly I hold her tightly sleep on her. She pushed me but I was holding her tightly. She was telling ohh Raju u left me. Oh no u sleep.No didi please. I was enjoying what u are doing. Pls.Ohh no. U are not sleeping.Yeea but woke up. U are touching penis. I will touch u & your u now pls Didi. Pls.Ohh no u are not grown up. U sleep.No didi i am grown up. Mine is 6inch & is standing. Only i will see & touch u. Noo. Ok Raju u go & see what momi & daddy is doing in the room.What u. No i will not. I hug her tightly & my mouth was eating her cheeks. It was fully red. U know she was untouched to my knowledge her body was fully hot at that time.U go & see or u will lose a great live cast’s have seen today.Ohh no u go or they will end.Ok but i will not let u. I will see u.Ok go.

I left the room & i was looking through the window. Oh to beyond my eye it was my daddy was fucking my momi. Both were naked & daddy was fucking her on top. Both were fully excited & daddys penis was ploughing momi cunt & momi was crying fuck fuck.Daddy was moving his hip up & down. The penis was in & out. Out & in in her pussy. Both were At the end. My sister Came she start looking them. Both were looking & her hot breathing was touching my back.She was hot & she knowingly pressing her to me from back. I suddenly put my hand to her boob. She told nothing. So she was agree & i was continuing pressing her boob. But in the end both my momi & daddy collapsed in bed. We left & come to my room. I close the room. She was covering her bed sheet I drag the bed sheet & throw it to the floor. I was holding her from back pushed her to the wall side. The light was on. From back my both the hand was pressing her boobs. It was fully tight. I was rubbing my thigh with her hip. She was hot.

Ohh Raju. Sleep. What are u doing. Pls didi u are looking daily to momi & daddy. I will tell them.U are also looking them.But u have told me to see.Ok tell. But left me. Noo. My both the hand was holding her boobs from back & my thigh joint was rubbing her hip. I pulled my trouser down. My long erected penis was touching her hip. She placed her hand & suddenly it touch my penis. She was angry & pushed me. But when she glased Oh U Raju what is this. Are u sleeping or i will beat. Ok beat me but dont left my penis.Ohh shit. She become nervous & left her hand. But i was not in a mood to lose the moment.Didi U also dont know how it feels & i also.Noo its not good.Yeea its good. Just what .I mean u know just t & u.What tell. U will be beaten. Sleep.

She move her eye from me But was looking. I was fully naked & long penis was stanning like a rod. She was trying to hide her feeling but i was marking she was looking my penis time to time. Again i came to her. This time i hold her thigh. She was wearing salwar punjabi.She was pushing me But i was holding her tightly. I put my hand in her salwar & dip it to her thigh joint. U know wher was my hand It was too hot & was burning. When i touch her she was thrilled but pushed me. But i was strongly holding her belly in one hand & other was inside her thigh joint. I know she cant but i let her to try.

She was trying to escape from me But in vein. U know her pussy was too hot & when i entered my finger ohh it burnt my nail. Other hand was playing with her belly. I know let her excite or she will not allow me. Her back was high & i was sleeping on it. I open her thread. She was silent. Raju i will tell it to daddy & momi. Pls Raju leave me. But i was hot. My penis was fully erected & was hitting her from back. She put her hand & hold my penis tightly. She was also interested but it was our society U know. I made her loose And press her boobs. It was tight & bigger. My hand was pressing & pressing both the boobs. She was also excited & ready to co oprate me. She turned her self & show my rod. Her hand was slowly pressing the skin up & down & my edge was. U know it was pink & wet.

Its my self first time or what. U only first time entering your finger.good luck mine. But it is too hot & u know when my finger enter U burnt me. She was smiling. My eye was on her boobs. She lift the punjabi. Bra was tightly fitted. When i try to open the hook She pushed my hand & told noo noo. Didi I am not a child. U have seen how daddy momi are doing at this age. We are. I forcely open it. Ohh what a bigger & solid. Pure red meat with a pink nipple. I was looking but she drag me sleep on me. Her boob was pressing my chest. The hole body burning with excitement. Both were holding tightly & rooling on the bed.

Didi aaahha aaha uhhh. Didi pls Didi. Her leg was circled me tightly. I put one of my hand to her boob & press it. She was breathing like a angry snake & my hand was pressing her boob one by one. She was on me & effectionely kissing my mouth lip. Then she lift her head. With her hand she was lifting her head & U know her great boobs was simply a inch away from my mouth. It was flowing & she was dacing it in my front. My breath was loud & my hole body was trembling with excitement. U boy see. Momis loose but it is how.Ohh didi u solid. Pls didi When i put my hand on it she again hug me & sleep on me. Her boobs was my face. My lips was eating her chest. She was rubbing my face in her chest. Her boobs was such a great i was only thinking of looking. I told her didi pls see your.What.The great your that two.Two great what. She was smilingly talking with me.Didi i cant be so much vulgar.But u are doing what. Not vulgar.

U also need it. Show me. She cooly turn her self from me. Her boobs was Dancing with her breath. I was looking it. My hand was touching her chest & was circling her boobs. She was moaning aaaha aaah aaa uhh Raju U. Her face was red. I was touching her boobs gently I was also thriling of it. She was with her panties.I down my hand rub her belly on her panties. It was great i cant describe more. See.She brought a book from the bed. The cover was telling it self the type quality of the book. A very young cute girl with firm boobs & body is sitting on the cock of a young boy. The penis is fully in the pussy. The drop water was coming from my penis. I was looking her nervously. What a scene. Next one was a girl was holding a mans bigger cock. It was more then 8inch & thicker. She cant hold it fully. I was comparing with mine. She was smiling. It is daddy. Yeea.

Momis cunt really enjoying. U will also enjoy soon. U are marrying soon. Next one was the bigger one is entering. The book was fully covered with sexual seen of men & women. Didi pls show me. Noo. U see it. U have seen daddy momi. But your is great. Only once.My hand was pressing her pubic hair.She open her panties & her pussy with light black hair ohh i cant see any more. Water was coming from my mouth & also from my penis. She was enjoying me. Both of us was naked.We are no more to wait. Both of us was fully hot. She drag me on her & insert me in her. It was tight. But it was wide open with excitement & was also wet slippery. Penis entered fully. Her leg was wide open & i was fucking her. My hip was moving up & down with rythim. She was moaning. Ohh Raju fuck me fuck me. Uhh aaha aaa. I was also moaning. It was first time for both of us. She was holding me so tightly that i cant move more up & down. But my penis was fucking her.

Didi where is it hitting. I simply pressed fully.Ohh i dont know. Long one is fully inside my inside my what.Inside that what is that.I cant say. U say i like listing.Yeea in your pussy. Pussy. My penis is in ur pussy & it is fucking. I lift my head with hand move penis up & down. Some time i was pressing & rubbing it. Her hair was & mine also was wet with our water. I was looking & she also.

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