My Nephew My God- Part II

Hello Huma welcomes you all with second part of my hot story. Write to me at [email protected] Love you all.

I became obsessed with Pappu’s cock after my first furious fuck with my nephew. I was crazy for his cock and did not want him to be away from me even for a moment. He would find excuses to be with me. I began to blossom in his love. Some times I doubted that my daughter knew about me and Pappu. Then one day Bindu didi remarked all of a sudden” You look more beutiful than ever, have you got a new young stud to keep you company? We are sisters, if you have a young cock, share it with your elder sister, darling, I too feel bored with your jijju all the time.” Bindu squeezed my bosom and winked at me. I simply winked at my sister and said nothing. I did not want her to know that my young stus was her own son.

That day in the afternoon, I went in search of Pappu. He had gone to play cricket and just as I was leaving, my jiju took me in his powerful arms. He mistok me for Bindu. He had hugged me from behind and his cock was pressing between my asscheeks. “Ohhh Jijju its me, your sali (sister in law) not your gharwali(wife). Leave me alone jijju” But Jijju had other plans. He grinned at me. “Sandhya, I wonder what you do to keep your cool. I mean, with Mayank gone, what do you do to cool your cunt. I am your jijju and you are my adhi gharwali(half wife). Why not give your cunt to tha man who fucks your sister day and night. bindu is one hell of a hot woman and I bet you must be equally hot in bed. Why not be my gharwali for once and see what you are missing. Look at my rod. See what you have done to my cock!”

I looked down to stare at the massive bulge in Jiju’s pajamas. “Why not? It will be an incestuous double. A father and son.” I said to myself as my cunt juiced up. I looked into jijju’s eyes and said” What if didi comes to know? I can see that big shaft of yours but what will Bindu didi say if she found out?” I expressed my doubts.” Dont worry about Bindu. We have an open marriage. She can fuck anyone she likes and so can. We even do a lot od swapping. We dont feel jealous. I can fuck you in front of your sister, if you insist. I was going to as Mayank for swapping if he felt interested. But that is for later. Now get your clothes off and give me your cunt. I know cunts in your family cant wait to be fucked when there is a cock ready.”

Without another word, he wrapped his hand around my waist and pulled me to his bed. In no time he was taking off my clothes and his pajamas. His cock was a huge one, a black cobra rose its head in the form of a big broad pink mushroom. Jijju rushed to lock the door and stared at my naked figure on bed. He ran his hand on his cock and then guided it into my open mouth.

“Oh my God, jijju it is such a lovely cock, a real beast,,,it is just like…..,” I was about say my nephew’s name when I checked myself. Jijju must have felt my soft lips on his cockhead as he said ” Sandhya, your mouth feels even better than your sister. Suck me, suck your jiju’s cock. I love teh feel of your mouth on my cock.”

His cock expanded in my mouth and it shoen with my saliva. My Jijju pulled my head to his cock on which I was bobbing. Loud slurping sounds could be heard in the room as I sucked him like a whore. With my fingers I massaged his heavy balls.

“Oooooooh, sister suck me…..aaaaaaaa, Bindu has never sucked me like this….Sandhyaaaa” Jijju moaned as my lips pressed round his pulsating manhood. Mahesh Jijju was bursting in my mouth and was cupping my boobs cruelly. My cunt was oozing juices in a stream. “I’m goining to fuck you Sandhya,” he declared in a husky voice, “I’ve wanted to fuck you my sali, since I set my eyes on your lush body. I have always imagined your sister to be you under me when I fucked her. You are one hot piece of ass. Open your elgs for your horny jijju and let me taste your cunt which must be missing Mayank’s cock”

I was kneeling on my hands and knees but he made me lie on my back, lifting my legs high in the air. He cupped my big boobs tightly in his hands and lowered his mouth on my pussy which was juiced up. He slid his cock between my cunt lips. The hot cock burned on my trembling cunt.

“Oh God, Jijju, you know how to make a woamn’s pussy burn with your cock, Ohh Jiju, fuck your horny sali,” I was encouraging him, “Rub your big rod all over my cunt, ohhhh jijju, I am burning with passion.”

“Sandhya, you whore, your cunt feels so fuckin’ good on my cock,” he groaned humping his hips forward, making a small entry into my wet cunt.

Jijju pushed his throbbing, thick dick into my waiting cunt. It entered my cunt without difficulty as I was completely wet with my cunt juices. I gasped for breath, clingint to my brother in law’s body. I lifted up buttocks as my cunt gulped more of his shaft. He then licked my hardened nipples turn by turn teasingly.

“Oh, Jijju, I’m so horny for you, fuck me, fuck me like you fuck Bindu didi. Ram your cock in my cunt…Shove it all the way….Jijju make me your wife….make me your PURI GHARWALI(COMPLETE WIFE),” I was

begging “Your Sandhya’s cunt needs your cock…fuck me jijju.”

“Sandhya, my beautiful sali, your cunt is hot like a bitch’s cunt which has swallowed my cock,” he replied cupping my ass and lifting my buttocks up and slamming his firy cock into the depths of my pussy, “you’re cunt is a whore’s cunt. I love it”

“ohhh Jijju, ohhhh you motherfucking bast…..your sali’s pussy wants you to slide every inch of your big cock into my cunt…be my husband today….fuck meee,” I was fucking his cock as he was fucking me harder.

We fucked for a while when he inserted a finger in my asshole. I wanted him to ride me like a bitch. I wanted to kneel before my jijju like a bitch in heat. I wanted to be his bitch. “Make me a bitch jijju dear….enter my pussy from behind. Fuck me doggy style like a whore. I want to be your whore”

Jijju pulled out his cock and stood up behind my bent body. The hard cock was pressed against my ass. He slapped my rounded ass hard. A low groan escaped my lips in anticipation of fresh fucking by the cock meant for my Bindu didi’s pussy.

Jijju pushed his cock between my thighs and entered my cunt. “I’m already a bitch in heat, Jijju, dont wait….fuck me like a bitch…I am your bitch” I moaned in a whisper, “Jijju fuck me, like the bitch. Make me yours!”

“Yes, you’re a bitch, Sali Sahiba and I love my bitch sali for making my dream come true, My sali is the most beautiful bitch in the world”

“Yesssss…..Fuck me, Mahesh….my fucker jijju,” I was actually begging, “Fuck your sali, your aadhi gharwali…make me your puri gharwali……make me cum….slam your cock in your slut sali.”

I was enjoying the pleasure by fucking the taboo cock. He pushed his cock all the way into my wet cunt.

“Faster, Jijju deeper…I am cumming!” I was saying, “Faster! Make your bitch sali cum!”

Jijju shoved as deep as his cock would go into my cunt. The feel is was just too good to believe. His cock was hitting my womb.

Jijju placed a hand on my wet pussy and began to paly with my clit.

“Ahhhhhh!” I screamed from the delightful sensation as my cum began to shoot from my depths.

‘I’m cummin’, Sandhya, my cock is cumming!” he fucked me wildly, “I’m cummin’ into your choo cunt!”

We climaxed together. Lay lay on top of me with his cock still burried in my cunt.”I must go now. Monica is about to return from college and I dont want to be seen stealing my sister’s husband, Jijju”

“When will you come again. Now I cant live without my bitch in heat, “He said in my ear cupping my tits.

“Dear, jijju raja,” I said getting up, “Your a fuckin’ bitch in heat cant wait to taste your cock again. But we must wait, till Mayank is back and he can fuck your wife when you fuck his wife. That will be fair for them too. You fuck his wife and he fuck yours!”

“Ok sali sahiba, but we can steal a fcuk now and then when Bindu is away” I put on my clothes and went home. Monica had not returned yet. I wanted to get rid of the fuck smell from my body. Jijju’s sperm could be smelt from my body. Shedding my clothes, I went into the bathroom. I was in a dream like situation, still enjoying Jijju’s cock in my imagination. There was a noise outside. I thought, it must be Monica. I was wrong. I was shaken when big hands cupped my boobs and lips pressed against my shoulders” Sandhya Mausi, why did you star a bath without waiting for your lover?” My nephew Pappu was there in the bathroom, hugging me. He was as naked as I was, his cock hard and erect, pressing into my belly.


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