My Mother

By : Raju

My mother Jyoti aged 72 years has been a deeply religious lady(at least I have believed so far) until yesterday. What I saw shocked me. My father works in medical firm in a big form and I live with my mother in our big bunglow. My dad comes once in three months. I am Raju, a service holder aged 42. I live in distannce and visit my mother once a week. Jyot has her own temple in one part of the house.

In this temple she prays and worships God and often has great Gurus and Swamis visiting her. Yesterday, I came home and found mother and her Swamiji. Mother asked me to touch Swamiji’s feet and I did. Swamiji was an impressive man in his 60s with long hair. He blessed me and I went into my room. I heard Swamiji say to mother, Jyoti Beti, ab samadhi ka wakt ho gaya hai, chalo tum bhi mere saath samadhi lagayo.

Tumhe bhi bhagwan ke darshan karwa doon, before my mother left for the temple, she came to tell me,” Raju, I am going into the temple with Swamiji for samadhi. Please dont disturb me” I said ok and began to study. At 3.30 my dad phoned to tell me that I should, at once send some important documents by courier. These documents were in mother’s closet.

I told dad that mom was in the temple but dad said” You go and get the documents at once. It was urgent.” I said ok and went to call mom. I knew mother’s instructions but dad’s instructions were more important. I entered the temple. There was silence all around. I walked in. The inner room door was open a little. I saw some movements in there. My heart stopped beating when I saw inside the room.

Swamiji was hugging my mother who was naked completely. My mother was kissing the Swamiji and he was fondling her breasts, Aaaahh….aise meri chuchi dabao..swamijiaa… jor jor se masalo…aaaaah…eeesss..mer swamiji…aahh… apni Uma beti ko bhog lo, mere swami…offohhoo…meri chut ko ragad dalo…chod dalo mujhe please (fondle my tits, hard, fuck your daughter….fuck me)” my whore mother was moaning.

Beti, tere nange jism ne mujhe pagal bana diya hai wah kia jism hai tera, tera pati bewakoof hai jo paisa kamane mein laga hua hai aur tujhe meri randi beti ko yahan chhod rakha hai mujhe tujh jaisi randian bahut pasand hain aaj tum kuttia ki tarah chudogi, beti (Child, your naked body has made me crazy your husband is a fool to leave you here while he makes money love to fuck my child like you)! Swamiji made my mother bend before him.

He had an enormous cock. He patted her ass as my horny mother invited him to fuck her doggie style. My mother has big boobs. She has a plump ass and her boobs hung as Swamiji entered my mother’s cunt. Ohhhhhhh….Swami ji…be gentle….aaahhhh….fuck me…chodo Swamiji…aapka bahut mota hai (swamiji fuck me but be gentle your cock is so thick)” My mother was begging the Swamiji to fuck her. So this was the reality of my religious mother and her Gurus!

I could not help getting my own cock hard as I watched my own mother get fucked by the horny swami. I hated my mother! I hated myself for being the son of a whore! I hated this world but my cock stood up in my pants neverthless. I asked myself why did my mother fuck the Swami? What did she lack? These questions came to my mind and I wanted to confront my mother with these questions.

I left the place and returned to my room. In the evening, I went to tell her of my dad’s phone.

She was standing before the mirror and was getting ready to go to her friend’s house for a party. She was was dressing up. She wore a silk white sari through which could make out the faint outline of her boobs covered by a black bra. Her bra cups lifted her heavy breasts high. She was plump, but not fat, with soft large breasts, and big buttocks.

My mother’s body began to excit me, and I felt my cock growing hard. I wondered whether this sexual tension existed in my mother when she saw her son. After watching jyoti fuck the Swamiji, I saw her as a fuck toy. I wantedt o undress her and fuck her like the Swamiji did. Uma smiled at me and bent to pick someting and I saw her sexy cleavage and I moved forward and held her in my arms.

My embrace was the embrace of a lover not of a son and my relationship was not going to be the same. It was going to change from now on. What are you doing Raju? I am getting ready for the party! Leave me alone. I’ve got to get ready for my party.” she said. She was looking in the mirror while arranging her sari pallu. I was beyond myself with lust. I was going to have Jyoti a 72 years my mother as my lover.

I was better than that Swami, anyhow. I grasped her by her waist. The touch of her flesh was electric. “Stop it Raju, you are spoiling my sari!!” I looked into her eyes”And what about spoiling our lives, Uma? I saw you fuck the Swami in the temple today! What about me and dad? Do you have to fuck like a whore? What has my dad done to you?” I was angry and horny as my hands pulled her to me.

You dad, huh! He must be fold at this time! ASnd what about me? I need male company too! If I fucked Swamiji, I did nothing wrong. Swamiji has a thick rod to use on me and I love his cock, mujhe bhi to sex chahiye, maine kia galat kia hai, raju,( I need sex too)” By now I was hugging her tightly.” If you have to fuck, then fuck me. I can use you as a woman too! Why give it to others when I am here starving for a good pussy.

Mujhe bhi to choot chahiye, fir tum kion nahin?( I need pussy too, then why not you)” She hissed back,” But you are my own son! How can we?” I ignored her arguments and started kissing the back of her neck. My hands found her brassiere and I cupped mother’s breasts through the brassierre, feeling their fullness. No. I told you – I’m your mother…Stop it son. Let’s stop this and I won’t tell it to your dad.” Her voice was loud. She tried to free but I held her firmly.

My right hand entered the front of her brassierre. I played with her right nipple until it stiffened. “thats right, if you let me fuck you, I wont tell dad. I promise you will love my cock better than Swami’s, touch my cock!” and I placed her hand on my cock. No.” she protested, but her protest was weak and half-hearted. Her body reacted to the feel of my cock. I lifted my mother’s breast obscenely out of the bra. I pulled at her nipple, gently at first but then harder.

Oohh! Stop it you bastard…stop’s a sin..Raju stop it!” she moaned. Her mouth was open and I kissed her to silence her. Let’s go in the bedroom.” I said with rising excitment in my voice as I found my mother jyoti melt at my touch and I felt heat of her body. No. son….Pleaseeee…it’s a sin….God will never forgive us.” she said as I unzipped my pants and her eyes swa my cock.

I pulled down mother’s sari and then petticoat to the floor. She stepped out of it but did not say anything. I grabbed the waistband of her white silk panty and pulled down roughly. As I had seen her cunt was freshly shaven. I patted on the swell of her ass, and pulled her harder close to my tremblisg body. I would gladly commit the sin if the prize was as beautiful as my mother jyoti Make me motherfucker, Jyoti!

Mujhe maderchod banayo jyoti!” I said pinching her niples hard, Ouch. Wait Rahul, if you have to do it, lets do it right.” She caught my cock and was runningher hand up and down on my growing shaft. A whore gets horny once she has a healthy cock in front of her eyes and my mother Uma was a real whore, now for her son! I cupped her big ass. Next her bra fell uselessly to the floor. “Mother holds the bedpost and bend. I want to fuck you doggie style as the bastard

Swami did today. I want to feel your big horny ass. I love your ass, Uma!” I ran my palm lightly over her beautiful ass. I say, for the last time that we should stop, it is not right. I was getting angry and impatient. Jyoti the whore was acting her “I am innocent” drama. She was a whore and whores need to treat like whores. I lifted my hand and slammed it down hard on her bare ass.”Chup jyoti, ab kuchh bolna nahin! “Shut up and be silent)” I said.

I slapped her harder on her ass as I loved it to hurt her. Her bottom was quivering from my slaps and I could see the pink outline of my hand on her buttock. I could see tears in her eyes. She bit her lip but remained silent. Deep in my heart I loved my mother, so I kissed the back of her neck lightly. I reached around and felt at her pussy. She was wet! I played with her clitoris and she moaned and spread her legs to permit me better access.

As I played with my mother’s pussy the head of my cock brushed against the warmth of her buttocks. She must have felt electric shock through her body. I guided my cock toward the crack of Uma’s bottom, lightly brushing my cock along her asshole. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was open. She looked like a whore with her big bare butt and her boobs hanging out. Suddenly I had an idea.

I would fuck my mother’s ass. That would make her feel the pain and that would be her punishment. She would feel the pleasure that would be her reward. Jyoti, I am going to fuck your ass….teri gaand marunga meri Uma….pehle kissi se gaand chudwayi hai tumne? (I am going to fuck your ass. Have you been butt fucked before?)” She said no. ” Naaaaa, beta..gaand nahin

No one has fucked my ass. I pushed my cock into the crack of mother’s butt, while my finger fingered her clit. Not there, you may fuck my pussy .Uss chut ko chod le jiss ne tujhe janam diya hai, gaand nain. Please (you may fuck the pussy that bore you but not my ass)!!!!” She pleaded but I did not listen to her. I grabbed a bottle of cream from the table and put some of it into my hand. I applied the cream on her asshole. She drew a sharp breath as I buried my finger into her anus.

Then I introduced a second finger into her ass she was bucking against my fingers with excitment. You’re like a whore, jyoti.” I said and removed my fingers from her butt-hole. I guided the pink head of my cock to her ass. There was suprisingly very little resistance as I started pushing further into her tight butt.

Jyoti, you like it…Dont you…You like your son’s cock in your virgin asshole?” jyoti nodded. But I wanted her to be as shameless as she should be.” Say it, jyoti. Bol sali Kuttia……bol tujhe mer alund achha lag raha hia apni gaand mein”say you bitch tyhat you love my cock in your ass! I cupped her breast, as I rammed my cock in her tight hole. She simple moaned as I pinched her nipple”Say it jyoti, say whore!!”

“Fuck … me. Chod meri gaand Raju, mere beta…Fuck my ass.” she said breathlessly. I could see her wince in pain as I pushed my cock deeper into jyoti rectum. She spread her legs further to recieve my cock. My cock was throbbing in the warmth of my mother’s tight ass. Her ass was grabbing my throbbing cock. I knew I wasn’t going to last mush longer. The excitement was mounting.

I started thrusting harder and faster and deeper. I also heard my mother moan in pleasure and pain. Ohhh …harder…son fucks me ….fuck me deep…fuck my ass! She pushed back on my fucking cock. It encouraged me to fuck faster. I thrust further in longer strokes. I was moaning now. Jyoti … you bitch! is a motherfucker now! Maderchod…I love you jyoti…ohhh

God I love you Bitch!” I did not know what I was saying but I was seriously fucking mother’s big ass now in long hard strokes. Jyoti bucked back against my cock. Ohhh …yesssssss…Uma is cumming…Rahul …Maderchod….chod apni maa ko…..aaaahhhhh..chod Uma randi ko” Uma was moaning loudly and blurting wirds she had never uttered. I roughly grabbed at mother’s buttocks in each hand and spanked hard.

I was really riding her ass – fucking her bare butt. Oh! Oh! You motherfucker. Oh.” Uma was coming now. Screaming loudly she came on my cock. Ahhh her loud orgasm was enough to make me cum too. I began to spasm load after load of semen into her virgin ass. Once I had finished, I kissed my Uma tenderly. I love you, Uma.” I said in her ears. “I love you too, Beta Rahul, now I dont have to look for lovers, as I have founf my lover at home.”We hugged each other tightly. “What am I going to tell your dad if he found out?” she said in mock-seriousness.

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