My Mommy Is Mine – Part I

I am Varun 20, the only son of my parents. My dad is a govt. servant and my mom is a housewife. I am studying Computer Science at Bangalore. My parents stay in Hyderabad. My mom use to come to see me once in a mom but my dad rarely comes.

I wait eagerly for my mom’s visit. She spends two days with me everything was all right till I read the mom and son incest story in Internet. I got interested in reading incest storied and my attitude towards my mom gradually changed. I started thinking only about my mom and used to masturbate thinking about her.

The name of my mom is Savita and she is 5.6 inches high and weighs 65 kg, has long black hair touching her butts. She is fair and has a perfect figure of 38 32 36. She is 39 but looks younger. I used to do whatever she asked me to do when she comes to see me. I want to make her happy.

I used to take her to all the places I know. She feels very happy when I took her around the city but this time when she was going to home she hugged me before she was leaving. I couldn’t understand anything except that she was happy.

I was happy that I got a hug from my beautiful mom after my 6th semester I had a vacation for one month and went home. I was very happy that I got the opportunity to see and have mom for one month and when I knocked the door, mom opened it and hugged me with great pleasure.

She kept on talking about all the things with me without a stop. My father came at 8 PM and asked the reason for my sudden visit. I said the reason and wished him. We had our dinner and talked for some time and went to bed.

I wanted my mom to be bed with me. I thought to utilize the vacation period to make better for me and to be closer to my mom. I used to help her in house hold works. I used to observe her body from very near. I observed that my parents talk rarely every woman expects her husband to take care of here but this is not the case with my parents.

My dad would come home tired from day’s work so he doesn’t take care about my mom and Mom never disturbed him, as he was tired of days work. So the next day I asked my mom about it. She kept silent for some time and asked me to leave the topic.

I don’t want to force her about it. I left her alone and came out of kitchen at night I asked her about it again. She said she will tell next day morning and said goodnight and left the room. I was thinking about the reason for the whole night.

Next day morning after dad left for his office, I asked please tell me mom, what is the reason. Your dad has married another woman working in his office.” Mom said and started crying. I consoled my mom.

He is coming home as you are at home, otherwise he would come once in a week. She also said and I felt very sorry for my mom when I’m about to return to my room mom said don’t ask your dad about this. You complete your studies, get a good job and then take me out of this house.”

I went to her, took her face in my arms, wiped her tears and said. I will do some- thing as soon as possible. Mom put her arm around my waist and hugged me for some time and came to her normal state and after this incident we became closer. I used to hug her from behind and talk with her.

She felt happy talking with me all day and when the vacation was over, the day came for my return to Bangalore. Mom reminded me to finish my study and necessity of finding a job. Before I leave, I bow down to touch mom’s feet. She lifted me and kissed my fore head and hugged me tightly.


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