My Mommy Is Mine – Part I

I am Varun 20, the only son of my parents. My dad is a govt. servant and my mom is a housewife. I am studying Computer Science at Bangalore. My parents stay in Hyderabad. My mom use to come to see me once in a mom but my dad rarely comes.

I wait eagerly for my mom’s visit. She spends two days with me everything was all right till I read the mom and son incest story in Internet. I got interested in reading incest storied and my attitude towards my mom gradually changed. I started thinking only about my mom and used to masturbate thinking about her.

The name of my mom is Savita and she is 5.6 inches high and weighs 65 kg, has long black hair touching her butts. She is fair and has a perfect figure of 38 32 36. She is 39 but looks younger. I used to do whatever she asked me to do when she comes to see me. I want to make her happy.

I used to take her to all the places I know. She feels very happy when I took her around the city but this time when she was going to home she hugged me before she was leaving. I couldn’t understand anything except that she was happy.

I was happy that I got a hug from my beautiful mom after my 6th semester I had a vacation for one month and went home. I was very happy that I got the opportunity to see and have mom for one month and when I knocked the door, mom opened it and hugged me with great pleasure.

She kept on talking about all the things with me without a stop. My father came at 8 PM and asked the reason for my sudden visit. I said the reason and wished him. We had our dinner and talked for some time and went to bed.

I wanted my mom to be bed with me. I thought to utilize the vacation period to make better for me and to be closer to my mom. I used to help her in house hold works. I used to observe her body from very near. I observed that my parents talk rarely every woman expects her husband to take care of here but this is not the case with my parents.

My dad would come home tired from day’s work so he doesn’t take care about my mom and Mom never disturbed him, as he was tired of days work. So the next day I asked my mom about it. She kept silent for some time and asked me to leave the topic.

I don’t want to force her about it. I left her alone and came out of kitchen at night I asked her about it again. She said she will tell next day morning and said goodnight and left the room. I was thinking about the reason for the whole night.

Next day morning after dad left for his office, I asked please tell me mom, what is the reason. Your dad has married another woman working in his office.” Mom said and started crying. I consoled my mom.

He is coming home as you are at home, otherwise he would come once in a week. She also said and I felt very sorry for my mom when I’m about to return to my room mom said don’t ask your dad about this. You complete your studies, get a good job and then take me out of this house.”

I went to her, took her face in my arms, wiped her tears and said. I will do some- thing as soon as possible. Mom put her arm around my waist and hugged me for some time and came to her normal state and after this incident we became closer. I used to hug her from behind and talk with her.

She felt happy talking with me all day and when the vacation was over, the day came for my return to Bangalore. Mom reminded me to finish my study and necessity of finding a job. Before I leave, I bow down to touch mom’s feet. She lifted me and kissed my fore head and hugged me tightly.

I felt her big boobs pressed on my chest. I also hugged her tightly. I felt sorry for my mom. Mom said doesn’t ask your dad about this and while I was leaving the room she said don’t think about this my son, first complete your study and get a good job and then take me from this house.”

I went near her, took her face in my hands and wiped her tears and said I will do it as soon as possible. Mom kept her hands around my waist and hugged me for some time. After this incident my mom started to move more closely with me. I used to hug her from behind and use to talk to her.

She felt happy talking to me all day long when I returned to Bangalore after end of the vacation mom reminded me about finishing of my study and the necessity of getting a job when I was about to leave I asked my mom to bless me and bend down to touch her feet.

She took my hand to get me up and kissed me on my fore head and hugged me tightly. I could feel her breasts pressed on my chest. I also hugged her tightly as it would a chance for me to feel my mom’s body.

I went to college but could not concentrate on studies for one week. I was only thinking about my mom. I was waiting for her visit. For the first time I went to railway station to receive her. She smiled at me by seeing me. I went and hugged her and asked how are you, mom?

I’m fine and she said from there we went to our room where we were staying. Mom asked how is your study? Everything was going fine and I said. Mom went to the bathroom to freshen up. She came out after sometimes and was combing her hair.

I went and hugged her from behind and started talking. You stay with me, mom don’t go back to Hyderabad I said. Mom just smiled and said your dad may not agree. I shall talk with dad and say that the food in the mess is not good and affecting my health. I said ok talk with your dad tomorrow. She said.

Next day morning I telephoned dad about mom staying with me and after hearing my food problems in the mess, he agreed to my proposal and told me to come home to take necessary things required for our use. I know, dad agreed because in mom’s absence he could happily stay with his second wife.

I returned and told mom about the matter and she became very happy. I searched for a new house and found one. We went to Hyderabad and returned after three days with some furniture and other necessary things

I have never saw mom as happy as she is now. She keeps herself busy with household work. I told her to engage one maid but she refused. She waits for me till I return from college. I used to take her on outing on Saturday and Sundays, as I am free on those days.

I used to take her on my bike. I love to take her on my bike because I can feel her breast against my back. By the end of my 7th semester dad came to us for two days as I have one-month holidays, I planned for a fortnightly trip to Goa with my mom.

I asked mom and she agreed and I booked a cottage near the beach.
We went to Goa and spent our first night in the cottage. Next morning when I woke up mom was standing near the window and looking out. I went and hugged her from behind and asked what she was seeing.

Mom said nothing. I saw an American couple kissing. I asked mom to get ready to go out and kissed her lightly on her cheek. After 30 minutes we are out of our cottage. Mom was dressed beautifully and looking very sexy. Everybody on the road is looking at us.

We had our lunch in a restaurant while having our lunch, I said mom you are looking very beautiful in this sari. Mom just smiled and asked what you want for making this trip to make me happy?

I said hug from my beautiful mom. It’s not possible, people are around. She said when no one is around I said ok when returning from restaurant on lift, we are alone. I said mom and we are alone here without waiting for her response I hugged mom. Her big breasts are crushing on my chest.

I have to set mom free as we reached the ground floor and thank you mom. I said Mom smiled and said you can have a hug whenever you desire. I was very happy hearing these words from mom. We returned to the cottage at 6pm. As soon as we entered the room I held mom’s hand and drew her towards me and hugged her again.

Don’t be so crazy, I’m your mom. She said yah, but mom, you are a beautiful woman. I love you as a woman and as mom I respect you. I said. Now days you are talking too much and she said and went to the bathroom to refresh. After she came I went to the bathroom.

By the time I came out, she was changing her sari. I could see her from the mirror from where she could not see me. We spent the fortnight happily at Goa. I made it a habit of hugging and kissing whenever I wanted. Mom didn’t oppose it.

So I use to hug her and kiss her on her cheeks very often. We returned to Bangalore spending a fortnight at Goa. Days passed. It became common for me to hug my mom and kiss her. I used to kiss her in the morning when I was about to go to college.

Hug her when I returned from the college. Now a day mom uses to buy her under garments when I was present. This means she was considering me as a friend than a son. One day I bought flowers for her when returning from college and gave it to her.

She was looking more and more beautiful with those flowers. I went and hugged her and said Mom, you are looking very sex with these flowers. She slapped me gently and said you don’t know how to talk to your mom.

Mom went to the kitchen to prepare dinner. I went after her and hugged her from behind and kissed her on her shoulders. I asked Mom, is it necessary to have mangala-sutra on the neck. May not be necessary and she said then, why you don’t remove it.

She turned towards me and said you want me to remove it. By this time my hands were on her butts. I said yes and I kissed her on her cheeks by pulling her closer to me. She said you remove it with your hands.

I removed the mangala-sutra and gave it to her. Mom kept it and asked me are you happy now yes and I said and pulled her more closely towards me and hugged her. Mom put a kiss on my chest in the night when I was about to sleep mom knocked on my door and came inside.

I want to sleep here tonight and she said I become happy and said please shut the door and come. Mom came and slept beside me. She was facing to the wall. Flowers in her hair attracted me very much. I moved close and put my hand on her.

She changed her side and faced me. She pulled me closer to her and kept my hand crossed her breasts. Next morning when I woke up she was still sleeping by my side. I woke her up, as it was time for me to go to the college.

She gave me a sweet smile and said everything will be ready in one hour. I went to college. I could not concentrate on my study. Mom was only in my mind. I thought last night’s incident. Mom told me to bring flower when returning from college.

I returned from college in usual time at bedtime mom came to my room. She was looking like a queen to me. She came to my bed where I was sitting ran his fingers on my hairs and placed my head on her breasts. I could not express what I felt.

I held her tightly and put my hands on her butts after sometimes she released me from her hug and started to leave the room. I caught her sari end and stopped her and said please mom, stay in my room tonight.

Mom did not say anything. I went near her and hugged her from behind, smelled the flowers and kissed on her neck. She turned towards me. I looked deep into her eyes and kissed gently on her lips. She did not say anything. I continued kissing her.

I pushed my tongue into her mouth. We continued mouth kissing. I took near to my bed and pushed her on the bed removed the loose end of her sari while kissing her I unbuttoned her blouse and unhooked her bra. She wildly responded my kisses and pulled off my t-shirt.

I kissed on her bare breasts while kissing I pulled off her sari and petticoat. She wore no panties. She pulled off my boxer. Mom was surprised and overwhelmed to see the size of my cock. She parted her thighs and guided my cock to her wet pussy.

I put my cock in her opening and pushed gently though a little tight, the full 9″ slipped in. I started moving slowly first and gradually increased speed. I sucked her breasts one after the other. Mom ran her fingers through my hair when I am sucking her breasts.

I pounded her pussy and she moaned loudly due to the pleasure she is getting. I closed my lips with mine to reduce the sound. She became tense and I feel she came. I gave deep strokes and about to come. I whispered in mom’s ear Mom, I am to come, shall I withdraw.”

No, no honey, don’t withdraw come in me and don’t fear and I’m safe. Mom whispered in my ear and embraced me tightly. I came in her heavily and thread after thread of my hot semen flew in to her. I exhausted and collapsed on mom.

Next day morning everything was normal. We behaved as if nothing taken place between us when I returned from college she opened the door as soon as I entered the house mom kissed me on my lips. She said I need you every day.

Mom kissed me on my lips and we kissed passionately by leaning on the wall for a very long time. I removed her clothes and made her complete nude, lifted her in my arms and laid her on the dining table. She removed my pant and underwear and pulled me over her on the table.

She had parted her legs and I thrust my stiff cock deep into her and started fucking. I load my stock deep into her belly. We laid on the dining table for some time. Mom woke me up after half an hour and said go and take rest in the bedroom.”

I walked to the bedroom naked and slept on the bed. I woke up at 9 pm. Mom was preparing dinner in the kitchen. I went near her, she turned towards me and we kissed on lips. Mom said wait just foe 5 minutes. The dinner is ready. I went to watch TV. After 10 minutes mom called me for dinner.

After having dinner I thanked mom for preparing my choice dinner. Mom said it is my duty to keep you happy. Mom went near the sink to clean the utensils. I went behind her and lifted her in my arms and walked towards the bedroom on the way to bedroom mom said Areh, what are you doing. Let me clean the kitchen.

That can be done tomorrow and we have to do many things in the bedroom. I said and she laughed and said you are too crazy yes. I said and laid her on the bed. I started removing her dress. She removed my t-shirt and short. She was surprised to see my cock become stiff and ready.

I told mom please mom, don’t wear any under garments when I am home. She smiled and kissing on my lips, said ok Baba, as you wish. She pulled me on her and I squeezed her breasts and kissed her lips. While I am pushing my tongue in to her mouth, my hard cock was searching the passage to enter.

Mom opened her legs and my hard cock slipped deep into her wet cunt. I started fucking slowly first and gradually increased speed. Simultaneously I squeezed her breasts and kissed and sucked her lips and nipples. Mom became hot and started moaning. Finally I drained my hot semen into my mom’s hungry cunt and collapsed on her.

Mom kissed my lips and caressing my limp penis she said your dad has never fucked me like neither this nor I could get such pleasure from him even in the earlier days of our marriage. I’m really lucky to have a son like you who can give me such heavenly pleasure. I drew my mom to my tight embrace and we fell asleep and to be continued. Please give your comments n mail me at [email protected]

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