My mom and we

Hi, i m rajesh from bangalroe. I m a ISS fan for one year and read all the stories regularly. This is a my real story. I am studying in 2nd year B.Com and I have a long family. At home we are 4. Me (rajesh)Mom-seema (42) sister Anitha (18). My mother is very beautiful and sexy. She has a good figure and her breast size is 38 c..I always felt attracted towards her but always was afraid to touch her.My sister is very innocent but beautiful.Once i came home from my college in the evening along with my friends vishal and ravi. I called mom and introduced my mother to them. Mom went to Kitchen to bring tea for us. My friends were amazed looking at my beautiful mom. Ravi told me- “Rajesh ur mom is really sexy”. Vishal to said “yes rajesh she is really hot”. Instead of getting angry i felt too hot. I didnot reply but i too felt the same and i decided to try to seduce my mom. My sister had not yet back from tuition.My mom came and gave us Tea and sat in front of us in the sofa. MY friends were looking at my moms breasts. I got up and sat beside my mom. While speaking to her I put my arm around her. Then i said” Mom Today u r Looking very beautiful”Mom was asham and put her head down.I asked her again” Mom shall i kiss U” Mom was annoyed, looked at my friends and kept quit. Once again i asked her mom please allow me to kiss u once. And she wanted to get up and i held her hand and made her to sit.i tried to kiss her but she told ” rajesh i m ur mom” and i said” i Know Mom, only once u allow me to kiss u” she told ” ur friends are here, Please rajesh let me go” I told “no mom, today i will kiss u”I caught her face and i looked at my friend and they were looking at us eagerly.i caught her face and brought my lips to her lips and she started to resist. ”

Mom please only once” and she understood there is no chance to escape. Then i slowly kissed her lips and then a deep kiss and slowly tried to insert my tongue into her mouth. She first did not allow then opened her mouth. I inserted my tongue in her mouth and started to play with her tongue. When we stopped kissing her i saw both of my friends were sitting very closer to us. Vishal told me ” Rajesh allow me to kiss ur mom” i looked at mom and she was very quiet. I told vishal t go ahead. Mom tried to get up and once again i pulled her down. Vishal caught her face and started to kiss and mom started to resist.Bur vishal force fully kissed her and started to suck her downlip.while vishal was kissing i saw ravi moving his hand on moms lap. I put my hands on my moms breast and ravi put his hands inside my moms saree and started to rub her pussy. Then we took mom to the bedroom and made her naked and removed our clothes. Now mom too came to mood and caught ravis cock and put that in her mouth. Vishal started to suck her nipples and i sat between her legs and started to lick her pussy she started moaning.I could not control and put my penis in her pussy and fucked her very hard. Mom told ” u mother fucker fuck hard ur mom” and told ” yes bitch today i will tear ur pussy. Same rime vishal came from behind and insert his penis in moms ass hole mom shouted “remove it. Its paining”. But vishal strted fuck hard and i was fucking moms pussy and all three of us came at the same time. All three opened moms mouth and released cum in my moms mouth and made her to drink. Then all 4 had bath together. If u enjoyed my story please mail me at @ [email protected] Next time i will tell how we fucked my sister. All moms sisters are welcome to mail me. Waiting for ur mail.

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