My Married Hot Sister Neelam In Her Hubby’s Home – Part I

My brother was waiting for me in his room as per my say for our hot fuck. I stared at him, and then looked back toward my room with its doors partially closed. I looked back to my Brother. He smiled and gestured with his eyes to join him on the bed. I took a deep breath, closed the door, and began to strip. My Brother watched me all the while stroking his massive cock. When completely naked, I walked over to the bed and sat on the edge. Brother took my hand and gently placed it over his hot rod. I wrapped my fingers around the girth of his cock, letting my hand move up and down along his hard on. “Suck me my dear Nilam ” Brother shifted on the bed making room for me.

I climbed on and settled beside him, my hand still gripping his cock. I got on all fours and brought my head to his cock. I stuck out my tongue and flicked at the droplet of precum oozing from the tiny hole. Brother squealed with delight. I stopped sucking and looked into his eyes. “I still can’t believe…” “What?” My hubby himself told me to come here.” I flicked my tongue over the tiny pee hole. “I told you he won’t stop you.” He said triumphantly. He put his hand over my upturned ass and began running his fingers over my anus. I lowered my head and took the bloated head of his cock between my lips. His finger poked into my sphincter. “He knows that I’m the boss here.”

I ran my tongue over his cock head, and I felt it twitch, “Now you’re my whore my sister; now I can fuck you anytime saying smiling. “Even in the front of your hubby my jeejaJi. He pushed his index finger deep into my sphincter making me whimper with a mild pain. He forced his finger up to his knuckle and started finger fucking my ass. It was a completely new feeling. He had touched me there before, but never inserted his finger into my anus. As his finger began moving in and out of my anus, lust slowly began to overtake my body. By now, I had his cock in my mouth and was deeply sucking on it.

Brother groaned with pleasure. I sucked the swollen crown and then started licking along the length of his pulsating shaft. I moved my tongue up and down the length of his engorged manhood, feeling excited with every horny stroke of my tongue over his cock. I could feel my pussy heating up, and my cunt juices began to flow. Any thought of my own husband, wide awake in my bedroom, evaporated from my mind. All I was aware of was a mammoth hardness so lovingly trapped between my soft lips, a thick index finger moving in and out of my ass, and a growing itch between my cunt lips.

My tongue was licking the base of his cock, slowly licking the thick bush at the joint and the heavy sack dangling beneath. Finally, I took one of his balls between my lips and sucked it hard. Father-in-law groaned and writhed on the bed with rapture. “Nilaaammmmm… ahhhhhhhhhh…” He placed his hand over my head and forced it into his crotch. He pulled his finger out of my anus. Then he grabbed my waist and pulled it towards his face. “Nilam dido , get on top of me.” He groaned heavily.

I didn’t exactly understand what he wanted and stopped sucking his cock. He reached for my legs and helped me settle my lower body over his face. Now my face was directly over his cock, and my dripping cunt was above his face. I resumed my work and gobbled up his cock-head between my greedy lips. My dear Brother caressed my full ass with his fingers, and then explored my pussy. He grabbed my ass and pulled my hips down. He kissed my inner thighs gently, licking my cunt juices sticking there. Finally, he planted a deep kiss directly on the fat lips of my creamy cunt. “Ahhhhhh…” I moaned as I felt his slick tongue making its way into my ravenous fuck hole.

I sucked his cock wildly, trying to take most of it inside my mouth the head of his cock touched my throat, and for a moment I was afraid that I might gag. I eased it out a little and sucked it hard. I would have loved to take his full length inside my hungry mouth, but it was too big for me to take it completely. Anyway, later, my cunt would take his complete length with much ease; I thought with relief.
I began humping my hips up and down on his mouth enjoying the feel of his tongue licking my slit and sucking my juice. He took his tongue out of my dripping pussy and licked my anus.

My ass muscles twitched with excitement as I felt his tongue over my virgin ass i never knew that a tongue would feel so good over my wrinkled hole. Father-in-law licked my anus, coating it with his spit in a continuous up and down motion. I forgot what I had been doing and enjoyed the new feeling… so terrific it was almost mind-boggling. Every flick of his tongue generated a fresh wave of pleasure that radiated through my body. My ass muscles twitched constantly. I lowered my head and resumed sucking his cock more fervently.

My Brother was gyrating his hips below me. He began pumping his cock into my mouth as if fucking a pussy. His motions were gaining momentum as he fucked his cock into my mouth harder and faster. His fluttering tongue also matched the rhythm of his hips, and he licked my anus with an equal tempo. I knew if he continued like that, I wouldn’t be able to stop my climax. All of a sudden, he changed gears. He took his tongue out of my anus and forced it back into my pussy. He drove it in and out of my pussy, taking me to the verge of cumming. I felt my climax building up and knew that soon I would pour my fresh juice into his sucking mouth.

I sucked his cock harder and harder. Without any warning, his cock swelled inside my mouth, and before I could react, he exploded releasing the first load of his cum into the back of my mouth. There was no time to back out. I gagged for a moment but couldn’t stop his hot jism from making its way to my stomach. It was an entirely new experience; I liked sucking his cock but could never dare to take his cum into my mouth. So far, he also had refrained from cumming in my mouth. It was quite contradictory to his nature. But, he never forced me to drink his cum.

With his first load down my belly, I realized that my fears were unfounded it was a sort of tasteless thick liquid. I didn’t find it disgusting; I rather liked the taste. I made no attempt to withdraw my lips off his cock. His cock erupted again and again, sending load after load of hot cum in my mouth. I tried to suck every drop of it, but a part of it oozed out and dribbled along his cock length. That very moment, my orgasm struck like a lightening. My whole body went rigid with rapture.

I could feel my cunt muscles twitching violently around his tongue as my horny cunt deluged his lips with my cunt juice. Father-in-law eagerly sucked all the juices that he could lap from my dripping cunt. I forgot about sucking his cock. It slipped out of my lips, spewing few final drops over my lips. I rested my head over his crotch feeling his semi erect, slick cock pressing against my cheek. I stuck my tongue out and licked his balls.

Brother was still busy drinking my pussy nectar. His hungry tongue was still exploring my dripping pussy. Gradually, his flickering tongue stopped its movement. I rolled off his body and slumped beside him. Brother got up and changed his position. He was now facing me. His lips and chin were completely soaked with my juices. I became aware of my own condition. My lips were also coated with his cum. The finals drops of his thick cum were still sticking on my lips and cheek. Brother smiled at me. I could see lust in his eyes. He didn’t waste any time and immediately slipped between my legs.

He got on all four, lifted my legs and placed them over his shoulders he began kissing the inside of my thighs, running his tongue over my wet thighs. Occasionally, his tongue flicked over my slit but he focused mainly on licking the juices sticking to my inner thighs and bush. Finally, he attacked my cunt. I could feel the lustful heat searing my body again. My cunt began to lubricate with anticipation. My heart began to work faster and faster as his tongue worked its way into my slit. He rolled his tongue and forced it into my pussy like a tiny cock. Over and over, his tongue slashed into my pussy. I moaned loudly crossing my legs over his neck, drawing his head harder against my cunt.

Then I felt his hand touching between my ass cheeks gently and his finger gently probing into my sphincter. He rubbed his index finger over my puckered hole and forced it inside my rectum. I bucked my hips under this sudden onslaught and screamed as it hurt a little. He pushed his finger deep, up to his knuckle. His index finger was buried to ass for the second time. He began moving his finger in and out of my ass.

My mind was going crazy with the two way pleasure, his tongue in my pussy and his finger sliding in and out of my ass. I was so lost in my pleasure that I never realized when he took his tongue out of my cunt and jabbed into my ass. Now his tongue and finger both were working on my ass hole, his finger fucking my ass mercilessly while his tongue licked and dabbed the surrounding area with his saliva. Brother worked his finger and tongue over my ass for a while, and then withdrew.

He positioned himself between my spread legs and placed the swollen knob of his cock at my cunt opening. With a fierce lunge, he buried his cock deep into my pussy. He fucked my pussy hard, grabbing my thighs with his hands; he turned me to my side. He then left my thighs, and his finger again moved to my back side. He searched for my anus and again jabbed his finger deep into my ass. I wailed with lust. “Liked it?” He asked as he fucked me both ways with his cock and his finger. “Ahhhhhhhhh… ya… yeah… ahhhhhhhh…” I bucked with pleasure.

He smiled and withdrew his cock out of my pussy. I stared at him with disappointment. He also withdrew his finger from my ass and turned me to my back again. I felt his cock head moving, and then his knob was pressing against my anus. I was terrified. I had never been fucked in my ass before, and my instinct told me that it would be painful.

“No…” I cried trying to push him away from me. He had no such intentions. He pushed forward, and his cock head, which was slick with my own juices, worked its way into my virgin ass. My sphincter muscles resisted a little but then gave way to his brutal strength. His cock head entered my rectum. “Ahhhhhhhh…” I moaned loudly, pretty sure that my hubby might have heard me in the other room. “No… it’s hurting.” I felt tears welling in my eyes as the fear and pain gripped my body.

My Brother didnt care about my whimpers waterinv eyes but instead He continued pushing his massive organ into my tight ass. I tried to push him back, to prevent him from pushing his cock into my virgin ass any further. He grabbed and forced my hands above my head. He then pushed again, and the rest of his cock length began to slide into my ass. He worked the entire length into my ass slowly. I felt his balls slowly coming to rest against my ass cheeks. Once his cock was fully embedded inside my rectum, he stopped. He let my body get used to the new feeling.

I could now feel the stretching and fullness in my sphincter muscles, but the twinge that occurred when he entered me subsided. It was an entirely new experience, and although it was hurting, I liked the feel of his cock inside my rectum. Brother pulled his cock out of my rectum until only the tip was gripped by the tight ring of muscles. The pain eased, but not for long as he rammed it back all the way in a single thrust. “Ahhhhhhhhhh…” I shrieked. He began sawing his cock in and out of my rectum.

Gradually, the pain eased away completely, and all I could feel was the stretching of my anal muscles as his massive organ moved to and fro inside my rectum. My ass muscles gripped his sawing manhood tightly, feeling every curve of his gigantic cock as it moved in and out of my rectum. Soon, his every thrust drove me to the verge of ecstasy. I could feel my cunt lips swelling with excitement and fresh cunt juice starting to flow out of my slit. I didn’t realize that I was moaning nonstop under his onslaught. “You’ve got a very tight ass Nilu.” Father-in-law whispered as he rammed his cock back through my sphincter. My Brother lowered his head, took one of my erect nipples between his lips, and began sucking hard.

He bit the nipple, held it and rolled it between his teeth sending sparks of lust running through my body, “Ahhhhhhhhh… yeah.” I whimpered as I sensed another orgasm approaching. It was unbelievable. I had never imagined that I could reach an orgasm this way, but it was happening right there with me. I could feel the pressure building inside my pussy. I grabbed his head between my arms forcing it onto my tits, wrapping my legs around his waist. I felt his cock fill my ass nicely. “You like it, Nilam?..!!!” Brother rammed his cock into my rectum mercilessly. “You like my cock in your ass?” “Yes…yes…please fuck me…ahhhhhhhhhhh…” I wailed begging him to fuck me harder, feeling my body reach the point of no return.

Then my Brother started to fucked my ass harder and harder, “I’m gonna fill your ass with my cum my slut dear sister…” “Yes… give it to me…” I moaned thrusting my ass up to meet his ploughing tool. “Fuck me… fuck me… fuck my horny ass. Give me all of it.” Brother pumped his cock into my ass harder and harder. I begged for more and he obliged with increasing his rutting. He groaned as he bore into my ass again. “I’m cumming… cummming… ahh… ahhh… here it comes… ahhhhhhh.”

I felt his cock swell inside my rear canal, and then the whole canal was filled with his hot cum. It triggered my own orgasm. I cried loudly, completely oblivious to the fact that my cries could be heard by my husband in the other bedroom. I had already crossed the line, and nothing could have stopped me from enjoying this blissful moment. My entire body jerked and twisted beneath him and then went rigid with passion as my orgasm hit me.

His cock spurted repeatedly, flooding my rectal passage with his thick hot juice. I clasped his cock tightly with my ass muscles trying to milk every drop of cum out of his shooting dick. Father-in-law let out a deep breath and collapsed over me. We clung to each other, reveling in the aftermath of our passionate anal adventure. Gradually, the throbbing stopped and his cock ceased deluging my anal passage. I squeezed my anal muscles and sensed his cock slowly losing its hardness. Finally, he withdrew his cock out.

My rear entry felt empty, and I became aware of a thin stream of hot sticky cum oozing out of my freshly buggered hole, slowly making its way along my crack and then soaking the bed sheet underneath. Brother lifted his body off me and slumped on one side, breathing heavily. I looked at him; he was smiling with satisfaction; his eyes still filled with lust. I smiled back at him and got off the bed. He didn’t try to stop me, just kept watching me as I put my clothes back on. My ass and cunt, were both feeling slippery as I walked out of my brothers room. When I reached the door, the lights were off in my bedroom. Please reply, [email protected]

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