My Marriage With My Son

Hello friends I got this story from my net friend Deepa a 42 years old housewife. She says the story is true. I found it very erotic. Please read it and rate the story. You can send your comments to [email protected] or [email protected] or [email protected]

Dear Iss readers, a big hello to all of you. My name is Deepa, a 42 year old housewife from Jamshedpur Jharkhand. I am new to this site and story writing. I used to be very innocent and very conservative Hindu lady. I am here because of my son who is now my husband too. Strange isn’t it, but it is true. I married my son under his tremendous pressure and unconditional love which I was missing since my husband’s untimely death.

Now to coming to the story, which is a true story I hope you all will enjoy it. My husband died 10 years back in an accident leaving behind me and my only my son Jaydeep who was a 10 year old then. My husband’s family did not like me because ours was a inter caste love marriage. My husband married me against the wishes of his family and his family members virtually threw me out of their house and family. We are basically from Bangalore.

We had to live under severe hardship and Jaydeep was my only hope in life. My entire hardship vanished whenever I saw his smiling face. As time passed by he completed his studies and got into a very good job. His salary was in six figures.

I started looking at him with a changed stance not as a mother but also as a lover. I appreciated his looks, love and behavior. The idea of his marriage crossed my mind. I thought it was right time for me to scout for his bride. Then I felt a tinge of jealousy too for his bride. I thought how lucky she would be to have such a loving stud, sorry a person as a husband. So he just asked me to come for shopping. Hearing this I blushed like a teenager. I was little bit shy because nobody talked to me like that since my husband died.

He said, “I want my mom to look like a model or movie star in good cloths and also in good makeup. I want you to look like a real scene stealer. We will shop for latest things in fashion.”

I liked his attention but was little confused, so asked him, “Why this entire fuss son. I am happy with what I am. I do not want to look different. What will people say? I do not want to embarrass people and specially you. Why will you spend so much on me? Save some for your wife.”

He came near me and hugged me tight and said, “Mom you know I work for a very large company and I am in a very good job, so they have given me a posh bungalow in rich locality where people are rich and modern. So I don’t want my mummy to look old fashioned in front them.”

I laughed told, “Ok baba, as you wish, your mom is ready to fulfill your wishes. My lovely son……..”

My last sentence made his eye glow big. He took me to a very big clothes shop and bought me many chiffon sarees some of which were made from very thin material making it almost transparent.

I protested, “I do not like such material as even in my dream I not wear it.”

My son ignored my pleas and asked the sales girl for some matching blouses for which she asked for size. I felt shy to tell it before my son. The sales girl understood my problem and asked me to come to trial room.

I told the sales girl, “My size is 34. I buy bra for this size.”

She smiled at me, “I don’t think your size is 34 so I have to take your size. Don’t be scared dear. Please come to the trial room.”

She took me to the trial room. It was small cabin type with light bulbs above. I was getting hard breathing. It looked very scary.


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