My hot mom and Uncle.

Hello every one. I am Rajan with a real incident that took place with me. This is a true story. This happened when i was around 8 years old. We lived in a small town of MP. My dad is a govt. Employee and mom is a housewife. She is 45 yrs old now. She is a bit voluptous now, after my young brother came in this world. My younger brother is almost 9 year younger to me. Before he was born my mom was as Beautiful as any of that time actresses. She belongs to a well to do family from Haryana.has been a student of delhi univ. With commerce as her majors. She was a state level Tennis player of her time. My oldest memories of my mom was of a vey fair young women with very long (hip lenght) Blak hair. She was in perfect shape at that time. And she maintained herself quite well even after. She was a bit reserve in nature. My father had a touring job. He remained more than half of a month out of the station. Me and my mom used to live alone most of the time. But things changed after sometime. There were some diffrences between my parents. They always use to fight on my dads busy and out of town schedule. The loneliness that mom feels etc. Dad used to say few more years, he was doing it for us. Mom had a bit of insecurity living alone. Things were totally different after sometime. My fathers cousin who was almost 4-5 yrs younger to him came to live with us as he got a job in the same city. My dad asked him to live with us. Mom opposed this decission but dad said tht this will be a security for us. We wont be alone at home when dad is not home.After much pusuation mom agreed. Amit chacha, is wat i called him. He was a good man at heart. Was affecionate, good looking taal dark and handsome. He was single and family was seeking girl for him. At first we dint talk to much to him. But then i found it very eazy with him. So we used to play for hours and sometime i remember sleeping in his bed. He used to take me to my bed. After few days, mom was also free with him and they went along for shopping and all. The devar bhabhi relation was now in place. There was a marrige in our family a few days ahead. It was the first marrige my mom was going to attend as the daughter in law of that family (close family members marrrige). She was also one of the host in the wedding. My dad told her that she should look like a heavely creature in the marriage. Now mom was a bit nervous. She was a bit reserve after the marrige and had’nt been glamorous at all. So she was a bit upset that how will she prepare herself for the marriage. Amit chacha understood that something was going on her mind and asked her wat it was. Mom told him the whole thing. Then uncle told her that she is too beautiful and anything will suit her. She should not worry at all. Mom asked if he would help her in getting ready as dad will meet her directly in Indore were wedding was taking place. He few days they shopped together buying saarees, salwar suits etc. They did quite a lot of shopping. On the same night we were sitting at the night together and talking. Uncle was reading a magazine.All of a sudden mom asked him for the magazine and almost snatched it from him. He was shocked and so was i. After turning some pages, she stopped at a page. She read it and smiled lightly. I dint understood what happened. Uncle asked wat was in it. She showed the page to us which had an advertisement with a beauty on it. But no one understood wat she was smiling at. Slightly she told that she loved th hairstyle of the lady in the Advertisement. The lady had a small hairstyle like a BOB which went up to the chin. She said that she always wanted to keep small hairs. But never got a chance. Before marriage she once tried to get them cut but it was not taken good for a unmarried girl to cut her hair, so her parents dint allowed. After marriage, Dad always praised my moms long long hairs. So she never even thought of getting them cut. But why not said uncle. You will certainly look good in that style, he said. But what about your bhaiya? Mom said. He said he wont say anything. And if he says, tell him that you asked ne to look glamorous, here i am. Mom said no, it wont work. Two days later at the night, mom asked uncle that she thinks he was right. My dad is not

Here to take the decision and to guide her. So she will do what ever she likes. Uncle thought she was joking. But mom said amit come with me. She took her to his bedroom and sat on the dressing table. Handed him scissors and wore a bedsheet. Uncle was shocked. She asked him to cut her hairs. He said no, he wont be able to do this. But she orderd him to do it. He brought the scissors near her neck, bunched all her hip lenght hairs which were touching the ground and asked do you really want to do this ? She said yes. Do it. And the sound of scissors came. Within no mtime moms long hair wew gone, my uncle had a lock of very long hairs in hi hand. He tied them with a rubber band but them apart. Mom’s hair were now upto her neck. But she insisted that they shoul be more short. She asked me to bring that magazine, which i did. Amit uncle saw the picture and worked on her hair. All around there were hairs on the floor. And my mom just got buzzed. The hairs were upto her chin now. And her neck was completley nude. She asked uncle if he could shave those unwanted hairs that are visible on her neck. Which he did. It was a perfect bob i suppose. She Looked gorgeous and sexxxy. She stood up to look her int he mirror and was so happy that she kissed uncle on his lips in exictement. HE was shocked. But mom dint seem to be caring. She said thank you amit for giving me this look. I could see a tent in uncles pajamas. It was prominent. After that we had dinner and mom asked me to sleep. At night i felt mom was not wirh me. I got up and looked around. She was not in the room. I came out of the bed and went out searching for her. She was nowhere. Suddeny i saw uncles room’s light was on and door was half slid. I went to the door and saw mom and uncle talikng. Mom was telling him about her and dads relations and was thanking him for the hairstyle. Uncle said she was looking gorgeous in it. On which she said Gorgeous ki Sexy ? She pointed towards his dick and said that atleast his that thing finds her sexy coz it is trying to come out. His dick was erect and trying to come out. Mom slightly kept her palm on it. As if a electric shock hit him. He kept his hand on hers. He was too excited. Mom inserted her hand inside her pajaamas and took it out and said, IT is a huge dick. She took it in her mouth slowly and uncle was in a deep shock. She started shacking it slowly and was sucking it. After sometime uncle was moaning. She sucked his cocke and balls for abt 2 mins. He came on her face and she took it all in her mouth and drank it all and said, It is too salty and hot. She loved it. It licked every bit of it, Then she stood and took off her night gown, now she was in her sheer black bra and panties. She made uncle take out all his clothes and took out her bra. She laid down and asked him to suck her breast. Uncle was horny now, and he was pumping and sucking like a beast. Mom was moaning. After sometime she asked him tp remove her panties and suck her pussy. Which he did. Her pussy was all bald without a single hair on it. Her legs were perfect smooth and she was looking like a whore. Then she asked uncle to hand him his tool. She opend her legs and directed his dick with her own hands. She was huge inside and took it all inside. Uncle was fucking him hard and she was moaning….ahhh…zor se after a loud moan she came and after sometim came uncle. He came inside her. There cum was dripping from mommas cunt hole. Both of them relaxed and uncle took his tool out. Now mom was in tension and said amit there is a problem. I think you made me pregnant this time. Which she confirmed 3 dayz later. They were in panic. But then mom said not to worry and she will definately hav a inercouse with dad this weekend in the wedding. And then she will tell him that she is pregnat after a week. Then he will think that she is pregnant with his child. So you dont have to worry. But she said she njoyed that intercourse and would love to be mother of his child. After this talk she kissed him once again and they again had sex. After that day mom and uncle regularly had sex. My mom was pregnant with his child, Which mom and uncle only knew, And ofcourse me too. Mom gave birth to a baby boy who is now known to be my das younger son. Bu The reality is known to three people only. The sexual pleasure of mom and uncle continued for another 2 years. Then we got transferred to Bhopal.

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