My HOT!!!!!!!!!!! MAMI

Let me tell you how I fucked my mami my mother’s brother’s wife. This is a long erotic story about my lovely mami believe me she is more stunning than the story. She is from Kerala, a 31 yr old woman with long hair brown in color slim ok boobs and a nice, tight, but average ass

I was live in with my uncle aunt as my parents had divorced I didn’t

Not think much about her in a dirty way. But her sexy smile and her teasing butt would make me hard and I would feel guilty. After masturbation, I would secretly scold myself for having bad thoughts for my nice and kind Mami.

Many times I had seen both Mami and Mama going to bed and then some muffled voices and at times some sounds coming from the room….then I would hear Mami’s voice….shhhhh or hmmmm , or nahiiii. For the first year, it was understandable that they were madly in love. After some time Mami was pregnant. However, the sad thing was the baby died and she was unhappy. Within the next year (that is in 2003), she was pronounced preggy again. During both her pregnancies, she looked beautiful and even though she was fattening, she would look gorgeous. Our relationship and friendship increased during that period and we became more frank. On her seventh month of pregnancy, I asked her, “How does a girl come to know that she is pregnant, is it when she faints.” She laughed and told, “If she misses her period once or twice, she is pregnant”

I told her,” Even in pregnancy, you look gorgeous”

She smiled and said,” say that to her when you make her pregnant”

I made an innocent face and said,” I make her…pregnant, how will I make her pregnant”

She smiled and said,” you are such a kid, are u sure, you don’t know…”

I told her, Mami you are confusing me, and I will ask somebody else”

She stopped me and told me,” go to sleep now. Tomorrow we will talk and I will tell you how a girl becomes pregnant”

Mama is a bank officer; he does not have a fix place of work so used to move around. I went my mami and she told me Kunal, do not ask other guys about this all, let me tell you because I am experienced and I am a lady. Others will confuse you or give u wrong information. She told me about periods and sex in simple language. She told me that men have penises and women have vagina. She told me that men and women get sexually excited and he puts his penis in her vagina. She told me about the sperms, eggs, etc. She was emotional when she says nothing gives a greater joy to a married woman than being pregnant. The session was more like an education even though I was a PhD in sex through blue films and other sexy novels. She told me that she is feeling sleepy and come again tomorrow and we will talk. I did not know why she would teach me but I knew that she was bored and wanted to talk me about sex because in her eyes, I was not having much knowledge about sex and she cared for me to know everything.

Over a period of two months, she would talk to me and tell me about how sex is and I would ask questions. We would not talk everyday but whenever there was opportunity. I noted the fact that when Mama was there, she would not talk to me about it. Women are so intelligent and clever; they know when to open their mouths and when to act stupid.

After two months, she delivered a lovely looking kid. Mama was at home for some days and we would not talk about sex for a lot of day about a month. After pregnancy and in just one month, she got her figure back, her ass was fleshier, and her boobs became bigger and looked softer full of milk. She would suckle her kid in the bedroom and I would shyly avoid looking at her but in my mind, I wanted to share another boob.

I invited my friends to my home because the people and girls of my college wanted to see the kid. We named the boy Rahul. There was a small party in my place. Mama had gone out of station like always for his job for one month. My friends came to our place on the second day. She was wearing a tight pink saree and looking gorgeous. The saree was tightly wrapped around her ass and her big round ass mounds were visible as she moved. When she bends towards the girls to give drinks, she bends slightly and I saw that my friends (guys) were checking at her ass, which was nicely protruded towards their faces. Then she smiled and bends towards us to give us Pepsi. Her pallu dropped slightly and her one globe (breast) tightly covered in her blouse was straining lusciously. Even though she was wearing a bra, her nipple looked fat, visible, and pointing. Plus some cleavage and some part of her valley appeared, tantalizing the boys. I was feeling guilty as well as slightly aroused looking at her sexy display. She was telling us,” take more aur lo na…and I knew that the boys were taking it as double meaning.

As I went to drop my friends, my close friend Jaideep told me,” wow, yaar your mami is really gorgeous and sexy. Even after pregnancy, she retained such a figure, she gave us complex. The guys were checking her out”

I could not reply to her comment and feel a sexual thrill go in my body. When I came back Mami was washing the dishes, she asked me,” hi your friends are really cute, such innocent boys and girls.”

“Innocent”, I thought “the boys wanted to eat your ass” I told her,” Mami, they find you really lovely and beautiful” suddenly the baby cried and she went to give milk. During bedtime, she told me about a girl’s periods and how milk develops in breasts. I asked her,” how does a woman’s milk taste?”

She laughed and said,” I don’t know, I have never tasted my milk”

I commented,” may be your mama knows”

She looked at me with eyebrows raised and said,” he is not here to know how it tastes”

We didn’t talk for two minutes and then she told me,” after you get married, you will come to know how the milk tastes. Now go to sleep, it is late”

N the morning, I got up and went to the bathroom. Mami was shitting in the toilet. I already had a morning erection and thinking about her activity in the look made me mad with pleasure. I knew that I had a big erection. Suddenly I heard the flush running and in two minutes, she came out. She smiled at me,” good morning dear, did you brush with your teeth?” I told that I wanted to go to the look. She was in a cheerful mood,” go empty you”. I did not know whether it meant shitting or lowering my erection. My erection was so embarrassingly pointed towards her and prominent like a tent and I knew that she had seen it.

As I entered the look, there was the odor of my Mami’s shit lingering. I was feeling aroused because, my Mami had used it just some time ago. The toilet was abounding with her private smell and it almost smelled erotic not dirty. I finished my activity. My erection was still there, I thought about how my friends ogled at her, yesterday afternoon. I replayed the entire scene in my mind fantasized her being stripped of her saree and being nude, being fucked and being sucked by my horny friends. I began to pump warm semen out as it sprayed in my palm and leg. As I was climaxing, I almost cried out. I heard my Mami’s voice,” what happened Kunal?”

I told her,”n–nothing”

I was feeling very guilty as boys feel after masturbation. But I was relieved that my erection had softened. I came out, I realized the front of my crotch was little wet because in excitement some semen had fallen on my trousers and now would appear as a patch. She looked and me and gave me a sexy smile and told me,” What were you doing so long, you also made a sound, was it from front or behind?”

I could not imagine my Mami saying that but since she was in cheerful mood, I told her,”woh pressure nahin aa raha tha that is why it took time”

She told me,” drink lots of water, I drink the first thing after getting up, and so I do not have problems with pressure. I get the urge to go the toilet immediately after drinking water and a little limejuice. And I don’t have to do zor lagake haiya like you. I just go in and things happen immediately. Now go eat your breakfast,” she was teasing me and I loved her talk.

I absolutely loved her frankness, whether she was educating me or sharing some information, I was turned on. But still I thought it is all in my mind and it is okay. I just hoped that mami had not thought that I got erection because of her. In the afternoon, after my classes went to watch some blue films with my friends. It was really a good movie with many sexy sensual scenes. There were some five different cocksucking scenes and you will be surprised that one woman had the same luscious lips and nose like my Mami. She was looking 60% similar to my Mami. I knew that my friends were also thinking in similar lines. I asked my friend to give me the cd for a day or two. He gave it to me.Mami met me and asked me,” what is it?”

I told it is my friend’s English film ka cd. She does not like English films, so she ignored it. In the evening she went to the market, I played the cd and watched the cd sitting with my trousers, underwear down, and my cobra out. I loved the scene in which my mami look alike was making sexy noises and sucking the cock with wild abandons. My semen shot from my dick at the exact time when the three men shot their group come on the porn female’s face. I almost cried my mami’s name as I climaxed. She came from the market after ten minutes.

In the night, there was a Hindi adult movie called ‘Julie’ starring neha dhupia. The baby cried in the middle, she excused herself to feed the baby and then joined me for the movie. There was lot of bold scenes for a Hindi movie in this film. She looked at me and told me,” how do you find neha, she really looks like a prostitute doesn’t she?”

There was a back less scenes and some lovemaking scenes in the movie. I knew that she was missing some sex. Towards the end of the movie, when it gets boring, she told me,” today girls have become so bold and they strip like anything for a role, but she acted well and looks sexy also” I told her,” yeah, her bum was nice and sexy”

She laughed and said,” You guys have nothing better to watch than her bum”

I said,” I have something better to watch”

She asked,” what?”

I told,” your bum”

Her eyebrows rose up and she asked me,”Chee, this is not the way to talk to your mami”

I told her,” what mami, be a little broadminded. Bums are a part of the body and something, which makes a woman look beautiful and sexy. You have a wonderful bum. You should be proud of it. I am just complimenting it. Yours are better than neha’s bums; hers are puski in front of you”

She looked at me directly in the eye and said,” looks like you are growing up. Thanks for the compliment…mami bum lover”

I asked,” what bum lover”

She told and giggled,”shutup, I said u love my bum” just jokingly like we joked allot

Since we had watched the movie, I cleverly shifted the topic about prostitution. Her views were that some women are tricked and some come for money but she said there are also women who join prostitution to enjoy the work, to pleasure men and get pleasure. She said that like Julie in the movie, there are some women who get pleasure in controlling men sexually, using their weakness and make them dance at their fingertips. I told her if somebody is as gorgeous like neha dhupia or has an ass like hers I would definitely go for her. I laughed and said,” The best thing I just discovered someone who has a sexier ass than neha dhupia”

She looked at me and said,” stop flirting with your mami, you sick boy” and giggled…

Suddenly my Mami farted; there was a slight burst of air type of sound like pusssssss and the smell lingered in the room. We both came to know of it and I looked at her accusingly. She was very embarrassed and blushing. I said,” now who is sick, chee, Mami, not in front of your nephew”

Her face had become pink with embarrassment. In fact, the smell was not offensive, just normal, funky, and funny but I was getting a sexual kick out of it and seeing her embarrassing beautiful gorgeous face, I felt like making offended face and teasing her more. In reality, I wanted to smooch her. She told me,” sorry about it. Everyone leaves occasionally. Even that bitch neha farts okay. Do not tease me like that. I do not like it. I did not ask you to sit and smell my fart. So many times you have done it, have I made fun of it…”

She was feeling angry, insulted, and a little sad, I comforted her and told her, “I was just kidding Mami, I was pulling your leg, you are such a wonderful Women, and we are such good friends. Didn’t I tell you, I am your lover of yours and I love everything of yours maybe even your ass, so I should obviously like something which comes out of it?”

“Chee…” she said,” you are disgusting”

I told her,” see now when I compliment your fart, you get insulted.”

She smiled and said,” okay let us change the topic. I am reminded me of a joke.” she told me some toilet jokes. I never thought my Mami would come with such interesting ones. She was also lecturing me about farts; she told me there are two types of farts puskis and purkus. She told me,” the one I left accidentally right now was a puski, the silent deadly one”

I told her,” your puskis are amazing, smelly, and sexy”

She laughed and said,” the way you smelled it, I knew it that you liked it, you dog”

I laughed and said,” Thanks bitch, what about your purkus…”

She smiled and said,” no comments, you cannot predict your fart. Purkus shoot out when I am on the potty”

Then we transitioned into some sexy non-veg jokes. She amazed me with some interesting one. The time was one in the night. She told me,” okay devarji, bahut hogaya masti, go to sleep now”

I wanted to fuck her but I did not know have the guts even though we were frank that day. I agreed and said,”Goodnite Mami” she told me,” sorry if I talked nasty to you and sorry about the puski”

I laughed and kissed her on the head and said,” Bye see you tomorrow”

In the night I was thinking about her and her sudden frankness today, I masturbated again and slept again thanking her sweet smelling puski.

Next afternoon, I came from school and was sleeping in my room when I heard hush hush tones coming from the other room. My Mami was there sitting with my friend’s mother a 43-year-old woman with big breasts and tall lady… Both were talking about sex and fucking. I could not believe my eyes. The lady was telling,” my hubby fucks me thrice a week, apart from Sunday when Rajesh and Anisha go out to the chacha, he fucks me naked, and we do it again in Sunday night”

My mami was telling,” my hubby doesn’t fuck me at all he just fucked me 3times I never been even kissed…ungli andar dal ke pareshan ho gayee hoon”

I could not believe the words that were coming out of my Mami’s mouth. She was unsatisfied. Normally my Mami even though she has talked to me about sex, we used to talk decently. My Mami was telling her,” good that you enjoy sex. I just want to fuck he doesn’t even care for me yaar pyas bahut bad rahi hai”

Oh my god! I thought the words which she uttered right now; I could not believe that she was such a horny bitch. The word Lund from her mouth was sounding so erotic. You will not believe that my decent Mami can be so horny for a fuck. But I understood her horniness. She was not having her husband getting her job done. The neighbor was telling my Mami,” I know, for a married woman how it feels after getting fucked just 3times

The neighbor said,” He must be humping someone else so he doesn’t need you anymore I think”

My mami said,” I do not care but I cannot wait until he comes back, so I can seduce him and my pussy gets wet faster. I want to be kissed badly but he doesn’t like kissing and sexed by him or someone”

The neighbor touched my Mami’s kurta; I knew that she is feeling her pussy.” wait till your husband comes you talk to him how is your Nephew?”

Mami said,”arey baba, he is just a kid”

The neighbor said,” what kid, he is 17yrs old, that is not a kid, he will give you another kid

Mami said,” I know that baba; I had once seen with a huge erection in his shorts, that way he is big. I like him a lot. He is getting frank with me for someday. I think he is bholu about sex, he does not know much. I taught him about periods and how a baby is born. However, I cannot have sex with him. He is my nephew and for me he will always be a kid. But yesterday we watched Julie together”

The topic shifted to blue films. My Mami was telling her friend,” the lady asked “have you seen a blue film… my mami said I have not seen one

The lady told her,” my hubby gets it, we watch it after the children sleep, the blue films are very arousing…it makes you hot quickly,.

Both women laughed,

Mami said,” I want to watch blue films but I cannot in front of my Nephew…I do not want him to get wrong ideas. Give it to me I will watch when he goes to school”

The neighbor said,” and then you will fuck the brains of any marketing guy or post or gas delivery man who comes to your place”

Mami laughed and said,” you never know, when a woman doesn’t get a banana, nothing can stop her”

Then they discussed some other things and my neighbor went outside. Mami went to the toilet; I guess she went to masturbate after the steamy conversation. Even I was very much aroused.

My cock was getting hard and I knew that mami’s lusty cunt also might be weeping with pleasure. I completely understood the reason for her horniness. It was my Mama’s fault. He should fuck and satisfy her when she needs him. I cursed him. I told if he cannot give pleasure to his wife, I would give her. It is a different thing that she thinks of me as a kid but the kid will grow up tonight. I noted the fact that even though she told her friend about me and the movie Julie, she did not tell her about the comments on her ass and the wild jokes we shared. My Mami was intelligent; she did not even want to tell her closest friend that she and I were flirting. She wanted me ‘behind closed doors’.

That night, she breast-fed the baby and we thought of watching a movie. There was not an interesting film. I asked her,” have you ever watched a blue film” she said,” no just heard of it, have you?”

I told her, I watched one yesterday. “Remember the one cd, I showed you yesterday. I have it with me that was a sexy blue film. Should we watch it?”

I could see from her eyes that she was curious. She told me,” No I can’t watch it with you”

I asked her,” why?”

She said,” because you will feel sexual and then we might do wrong things”

I asked her,” what wrong things”

She said,” You know it”

I told her,” see you have been my sexual teacher and taught me so many things, what wrong is it in seeing some of the things you told me”

She said,” okay put it but you will not utter a word of it to your Mama, is that clear?”

I said,” promise Mami”

I put the cd and the scenes were very steamy and erotic. There was a heavy cunt licking scene, pleasurable scenes, smooches etc. She had never seen or done anything like that I was sitting close to my Mami with her right hip touching my left hip. She was squirming; I understood that she was getting slightly aroused. My cock was shifting and standing towards the left. She told me to reduce the volume because there were lot ofhmmmms, ooohhhs andaaahhhhsss”

She was commenting,” my god how can she take such a big cock in her”

I asked her,” why Mama’s thing is not so big…”

She nodded her head negatively looking at the screen. I told her,” but my cock is this big, see it”

Her eyes dropped down to my shorts for a moment, then looked at my eyes and then avoided my gaze.

Then there was an orgy scene where there were group fucking where one woman was sucking four cocks one by one before being fucked by them. The actress was the one who was looking like Mami. I told her,” she is looking like you” I was caressing my Mami’s thigh. She removed my hand from her thigh and told me,” kunal, you are aroused. Your thing has become very hard.”

I asked her,” my is hard”

She smiled and said,” your cock. Don’t sit in front of your mami like that”

I said,” but what can I do, it is so hard”

She told me,” go take a piss and come, it will become soft…”

I put my hand on her thigh and with the other hand I took it to my cock and placed it there,” feel the hardness, how can I piss when I am so hard”

I knew that she was started by my thickness, she took her hand out and said,” this is not the way to talk to your mami”

This time, I became a little angry…I told her,” enough mami, enough. You are also a human being, I know even you are aroused. However, you cannot openly expose your feeling to a person but I am your closest male friend. We have been so personal each other. What is wrong in having fun? My mama has not fucked you or satisfied you; it is not good to control your feelings. ” I was touching her cunt through her nightie caressing it,” when I see you giving milk to the baby, I get mad with lust, when I see your ass shaking when you walk, I get mad, I am addicted to you. Even your fart turned me on yesterday. I am tired of masturbating hundreds of time thinking of you…”

All the time, I was saying this, I was caressing her cunt through the nightie,” enough of the theory, let us do the practical. God knows how many times, I masturbated to this scene as the girl looks like you. I know I want you. Every single word let me be your husband. Let me fuck you, please do not stop me…I want to fuck you like crazy. I want to fuck and kiss your lips”

I whispered in her ears,” I want to make love to you” and blew air in her neck. I was caressing her cunt from the nightie. Her breathing became faster and I made her hand come and touch my erect bulge. She moaned,” I will allow if you promise me, you will not tell a soul about this. Please”

I knew that this bitch wanted sex as much as I did. I told her,” of course what is between us is between us, let us enjoy ourselves, I love you so much mami” since she was an lil experienced female, she touch the cock, felt the fatness and then reached inside my shorts and plucked my dick out. Her eyebrows was raised and she was looking at me questionably smiling sexily,” it is quite thick, kunal”

I knew it was bigger than husband’s was but I did not care. I was busy breathing the smell of my mami, feeling her sexiness. I licked her neck and sought her lips kissing her deeply. My left hands removed the pallu and squeeze her erotic spongy breast. Her nipple rose out of the blouse and I felt the hardness on my palm. Her hard nipple made my arousal even stronger. The right hand was fondling her pussy through the saree. Her expression was changing due to my caressing and patting of her cunt. My cock was throbbing hardly in her hand. We were lost in the kiss, as my tongue tasted her saliva. Suddenly she broke the kiss. We were aware of the fucking, which was going on in the TV. The girl was caressing and sucking three men’s erect dicks one by one as the men were moaning.

Looking my hesitant condition, my ravishing mami asked me what happened. Hesitantly, I told her about the condition and she smiled at my condition. She teased me,” you are such a horny dog”

I told her boldly,” you are such a sexy bitch”

She gave me a loving slap on the face,” let this bitch give you a lesson, you will never forget”

I thought she got angry but she stood up, went to the door, and locked it. Then, for my surprise, she began removing her sari. Soon she stood in her silk blouse and petticoat, giving me a lovely sight of her bare arms, a hint of cleavage and a bare midriff. Her bra was visible through the thin transparent blouse. I was unable to take my eyes from looking at the blouse. Her buttocks were sexy and they were killing me with the feeling of lust. She stood up, went to the door, and locked it. Then, for my surprise, she began removing her sari. Soon she stood in her silk blouse and petticoat, giving me a lovely sight of her bare arms, a hint of cleavage and a bare midriff. Her bra was visible through the thin transparent blouse. I was unable to take my eyes from looking at the blouse. Her buttocks were sexy and they were killing me with the feeling of lust. mami asked me,” What are you staring at?”

I said,” your ass”

She smiled and said,” Chee, this is not the way to talk about your mami”

I said,” Okay, I was watching your hot curvy fleshy round gand” I could not believe I was saying this, was it because I was aroused, or because I was frank with her or because of both?

She told me,” shut the movie, we don’t want it” then she came back and lay on the bed.

I closed the TV. She came close to me,” lower my petticoat” I could not believe my eyes.” c’mon beta, listen to what I say” with trembling hands, I unfastened the knot of her petticoat. However, it was still very hard for me to lower it. Then mami held my hands and made her petticoat lower with my hands, lower enough to make the straps of her panty visible. I was standing there – shocked! Her stomach was smooth, silky and flat with a little paunch around her belly button side the small mound had a big deep navel, it looks so sexy. It almost looks like a second vagina. It was inviting me to taste. I first blew some air on her belly button and looked at her expression as she was enjoying the tickle of air on her belly. I was dying to kiss her belly button.

It was very hard for me to resist myself from cleaning that big deep navel by licking. Somehow, I had some control over myself and I put one fingertip inside that deep hole and did a very slow move so that I could enjoy her wonderful navel. When I inserted my fingertip and moved it slowly, she hissed, “ohhhhhh…” and grabbed a handful of the bed sheet with her both hands. It was a heck of a sexy scene to watch! With that finger of mine, I felt the heat of her body.

“I want to see your ass,” I said. She smiled and did not reply anything. She knew that I was an expert at foreplay by the belly action. She told me,” go step by step, don’t you want to see my breasts?”

She asked me to unfasten her blouse, which had three small hooks at the front. Again, I could not believe my ears! Then, with trembling hands, I unfastened the three hooks one by one and soon mami’s bra was revealed to me in its entirety. Mami then removed her blouse completely, showing me her armpits too. Her beautiful boobs were pushed in front. I was enjoying that lovely scene and suddenly mami stood up, letting the petticoat to fall on the ground. Mami stepped out of the petticoat and soon stood in just matching bra and panty. I was mesmerized with the lovely scene. Almost all the beauty of her body was now in front of me. Those shapely long legs and wonderful thighs were a great pleasure to my eyes. Then she looked at me and laughed loudly, watching my condition. She then opened her mouth, “oh! That dick of yours is swinging like crazy, I think if I shake my boobs, it will break”

Then she again lay on her stomach and her beautiful curvy back was in front of me. But the bra strap of the back was right on my work place. I held the strap a little upward and began my work. After a few moments, mami said, “looks like you are having some trouble. Wait! Let me undo my top, so you can get my whole back with no problem!” the next few seconds I watched her untie her straps and even helped her with the one on her back. By then I had lost my power to get surprised. At that moment, I had developed a hope. A hope to get what I had been dreaming for years – to taste the sexy body of 32-year-old Mami

Mami let the sides of her top drop down. I could see the sides of her tits. Boy! Did they look great! Then I picked up her hair off her neck, so I could work on her back easily. The sight was great! Her back was smooth and soft. Again, like her belly, I started rubbing slowly with my hand. Now she started moving her back in excitement and was moaning softly. Suddenly she turned to me and without giving me the chance to understand what was going on, she held my head and pushed my lips against hers.

Mami kissed me on the lips. Her mouth was not wide open. Her tongue was inside her mouth; but her mouth was not tightly closed either. My mouth dropped open as she kissed me, and instinctively my lips drew hers apart so my tongue could taste them. It took me a few minutes to finally accept the situation and my body seemed magnetically attached to hers. My arms were wrapped around her back, and my hands started caressing her smooth buttocks. Her arms were around my neck, and she pressed against me, her body surging against my booming, blood-engorged member. Mami kissed me back as her tongue danced into my mouth. It was a whole body kiss, vibrant with passion.

Mami and I held each other tightly, tongues and lips working with a fury of passion. I shifted my hand from her buttocks to her waist, and of its own mind, it slid up towards her breast. A few moments later, we got apart and our eyes opened. She looked at me like a deer startled by headlights and shook her head. She murmured, “Oh, kunal you felt what I felt. We both want it. We both need it. Fuck my brains out; I want to feel your dick fucking my hot pussy.”

Kissing me again, she pulled me close to her. She made me sit on the bed and she sat on my lap. We drew breath and kissed again, interlocking lips. I kicked off my shoes, and started unbuttoning my shirt. Then I felt her tugging at my belt buckle. She smiled at me, and undid it, then unsnapped the button. I caressed her breasts, weighing and evaluating them. Her breasts were beautiful, full, firm, with thimble-sized nipples, and brown areoles, as they swayed before my eyes. They were just of the perfect size. I kissed mami’s chin, then licked her neck, and delicately kissed her nipples, first the left, then the right. Her hand crept into my pants and held my penis, which gradually hardened in her warm grasp.

She shifted her hips back so that my cock was pressing against her ass cheeks. She got the idea, and twisted around and kissed me vigorously. My hands went to her breasts, and had free play with them, tickling, rubbing, massaging, twisting the nipples, and rubbing the good feelings into her entire chest and belly. She wiggled her ass against my cock, but was otherwise helpless in this position, and lay back with her head on my shoulder as I caressed her from shoulder to thighs.

After I was done with her beautiful breasts, I told her to get up and turn around. Then she straddled my lap, her legs resting on my hips, her hips resting on my thighs. She undid my shirt and pulled it off my chest and shoulders. I quickly undid the cuffs and the shirt dropped to the floor. She rubbed my chest with her hands, pinching my nipples. “Fair play,” she giggled. Then as she massaged my chest and abdomen, every occasionally, touching my rock-hard cock, she began to kiss my neck and earlobes. I reached around behind her and gripped both her firm buttocks with my hands, squeezing them like peaches. I moved my hands to her crack again, sliding up and down it as I felt her quivering flanks. She shivered as she licked my nipples and kissed them.

I picked up her upper body and gobbled up her boobs, licking and nipping them like a starving man. I was giggling, and she was squealing, “ohhhhh… Ummmmmm.” I stopped for a second, then again and teased her titties with my tongue for a while more. I took both her heavy breasts in my hands, pressed them together, and sucked both nipples at the same time. She went back, with her hips beating a pattern against my dick. Then my hands went to her round and slim buttocks and I savored the soft feel of the moons. I bent her at the waist and kissed the left orb and then the right moon, caressing her hanging boobs.

Meanwhile, she grabbed my cock and held on to it as if it was giving her utmost pleasure in holding a hard staff. She removed her hand and watched it vibrating funnily as it stood erect pointing the ceiling she looked up and winked at me and touched the tip with her index finger, then tasted her finger with her tongue. “Mmmm. Nice!” she said. “Will you suck it?” She smiled, caressed my head, and nodded.

Mami kneeled before me, and smiled up at me as she held my prick. “I love it so much, I never thought you have such a big one”, saying this, she licked the bottom of my cock from the base to its head, and then swirled her tongue around the head. Then she slid it into her mouth, encompassing it with her wet kiss. She reached around and grabbed my ass-cheeks with her hands, then held me still as she began to slide her mouth up and down on my shaft.

“I can taste the pre-come on the tip of your cock, kunal,” she licked the shaft then sucked on the head. I ran my fingers through her hair as she sucked on my prick, “how do you like it, mami?” she took her mouth off and said,” how dare you call me mami I am your lover, your girl friend call me your wife

I laughed and said,” it is feeling so good love u are you my

Sexy girlfriend

She laughed and said; yes, I am your sexy teenage girlfriend and said, “I love your cock. It tastes and feels so sexy sliding in and out. It’s making me so horny.” my mami slid my

Penis past the sweet lips I had kissed. As she bobbed her head on my shaft, I started fucking her warm and wet mouth. She encouraged me by pulling my ass cheeks towards her. I fucked even deeper, and felt my cock in her throat. She gulped my meat lustily. She caressed my thighs and balls. “I will eat these”, she screamed. My mami

Surely knew how to give a blowjob, and it was not long before I was ready to blow.

“Ooh! I am going to come. “, I said.” mmmmf,” mami pumped her lips and tongue even faster on my cock. One hand moved to my balls, and she fondled them as she pulled my butt to her and deep-throated my cock. “Oh, mami ahh I’m going to shoot a huge…” I came. I shot jets of sperm into her throat and mouth. She sucked my shaft deeply and swallowed all the juices that I spattered in her. She fondled my balls, coaxing all the come out of them, as she sucked me. She continued sucking as my legs became weak and my shaft became sensitive. Then she sucked beyond the sensitivity as I maintained my erection in her warm, wet mouth.

Leaned my head back and wiped my brow, “Mami you gave one hell of a blowjob. You are a wonderful cocksucker. I mean that as a compliment. Your mouth was even better than I dreamt it could be.” she licked the shaft and head again, then smiled up at me and said, “It’s your turn now, kunal

. Eat me. Eat my juicy pussy. Give me your love.”

My mamiaopened her sweet mouth. Grasping her waist, I drew her towards me and kissed her. I held on to her waist and pressed my lips to hers strongly. She relaxed and put her arms around me and gave her lips to me to taste. We kissed for five minutes and then sank back into the bed, breathing heavily. I was thrilled. I started rubbing her cheeks first, kissed her eyes, nose, came to lips, and kissed her upper lip and lower lips and my tongue was out to brush her teeth. I kissed on every part of the face of that angel and by this kissing, she was so wet! I again hugged her and kissed her passionately on her lips. When our lips parted, I went a little lower. I took her warm breast in my mouth and gently pressed it with my lips and tongue. Then I cupped her other breast in my hand and started caressing it. She hugged me closer to her and I became aware of her heavy breathing.

Then I pressed my nostrils in her two roomy armpits, which had a lovely erotic odor in them. I put my hand on her belly and started rubbing very slowly. The touch was just like an electric shock and I felt a sudden shiver going through her body. Her nipples were standing erect. I pressed the nipple with my figures and with my fingernails; I just started slowly scratching her nipples. She hissed, “Oh! Yesssssssss!” then I began to get lower, kissing all the way. I kissed her belly and her beautiful deep navel while I took her panty off and threw it away.

There was the wonderful love-hole. I moved my hand over her cunt. It was clean; no hair on it. I moved one finger along the length of her cunt lips. Touch of her juice on the cunt lips and touch of her cunt-petals were giving most exciting pleasure. She was just closing her eyes and enjoying. With my nails, I touched her clit she was feeling great, “oohhhhhhhhh nilesh! I love you! You are doing great shhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhh! Where have you been this long!” my fingers were playing with cunt petals and clit. I took clit between two fingers and messed it slowly. She moaned. I continued with moving my fingers along cunt petals and messing with the clit. She increased moaning.

She pulled my head towards her. I started licking her lower tummy with my finger inside her cunt. While licking, I inserted three fingers in her cunt. She spread her thighs. With her own hands, she parted the lip petals of her cunt. I had the first view of the most loveable and sought after cunt in the country. I kissed the pink area of cunt; removed her hand and spread lips further apart. It was all pink and juices were all around. I put my tongue on the lips and moved along the length of cunt. mami moaned and pushed my head down. I licked the cunt, took the clit between two lips, and kept pressing it. Her hip started moving up and down.

With the clit in between my lips, I pushed the first one and then three fingers in her cunt. I moved my fingers in her cunt fast so the lips also moved over clit faster. She was moaning and then she started talking dirty, “fuck me, you motherfucker, put your dick inside, my pussy is burning, put your water! Bastard! What are you waiting for!” her words made me more excited and the movement of her hip increased very fast. I lift my head and slid over her body. I placed my lips on her, took one breast in hand, and pressed it hard. With other hand, I took hold of my dick, placed it on her cunt hole, and pushed hard.

It was very tight. With the third hard push, my dick slid into her tunnel. There was fire all around inside. My cock was feeling heat and immediately I started moving slowly. I then took mami’

So both breasts in each hand. “I feel your cock! It is hard and strong. Aaaaaaaaah! It is nice! Push hard! Keep pushing hard! Yes like that!” she lifted one thigh and placed it on my shoulder. She was screaming, “My name loud

, keep fucking me! I will give you maximum pleasure! Whatever you want! You can fuck your mami you wife your girlfriend

Any time you want!” the she lifted her other thigh also and placed it on my other shoulder. Now I was able see my cock going deep in her tight tunnel.

I was unable to stop. I increased my speed. She stretched her hands and held my hip. She was meeting my thrusts faster. She was moving her hips very fast. Few times, I pushed my dick in her vagina very fast and very hard and then pulled out my tool to the entrance of her cunt hole. She kept thumping her hips. “Why you stop, you bastard! Now I am in the verge of ecstasy! Please continue! Please don’t stop!” she cried out. I kept still for sometimes and then with full force, I pushed my dick deep inside. She stretched her body, lifted her hip, and then came down. She stopped moving. I knew she got her orgasm. I felt very proud to be able to satisfy this sexy bitch! However, I was not in a condition to think of anything more.

I continued and increased my speed. Her vagina was eating my dick tightly! My balls were being rammed against her hip. My maMI ‘s tight, satisfied cunt was giving me extreme satisfaction. I moved and pushed my cock faster in her pussy. Then with a sudden shiver, I exploded in her pussy. I felt our juices oozing out of the cunt. I collapsed on her beautiful sexy body. I put my lips on her lips and took hold of breast.

It was four in the morning. We were both nude lying next to each other. My wet cock bathed with her juices touching her left thighs. She said,” let us watch the movie”

I put on the movie. She was watching the movie and soon she was turned on again. I just went down on her fingered her pussy and sucked her clit. She could not control herself and pressed my face on her hairy pussy as I licked her wet juices and sucked her clit button flicking it with the right pressure. She screamed herself and bit her lips as she climaxed. The movie was over.

MY new wife was totally flushed. She told me,” you are such an expert, you don’t need my training, and you made your Mami your wife

In one night”

I told,” No mami, I got to learn a lot from you, you are such a sexy lover”

She smiled and kissed me,” promise me, you won’t tell about this to anybody, not even to your close friend”

I told her,” I might write about this on the net but I won’t tell anybody whom we know”

She agreed,” I forget all my character and morals when you fuck me, did I scream a lot, hope nobody heard it”

I told her,” no mami no one heard my girlfriends voice

, while we are sexed up, it happens. You had an orgasm?”

She smiled and said,” why do you think I was moaning, even you had an orgasm, didn’t you?”

I said,” my sperm is in your cunt, Mami”

She kissed me and said,” You know your mama never gave me pleasure like this, I have rarely sucked his penis, and he had never even licked my cunt” or kissed my lips” I love being kissed by you”

I told her,” your cunt tastes better than gulab jamun, mami”

She said,” so quit eating gulab jamun eat mee everytime and said

Enough of this mami

Shit, you fucked me like anything and you are calling me mamii. MAMI

Is like a mother, you know that. Have you known what wrong you have done?”

I told her,” arey, Mami is like a mother, it is good to drink mother’s milk, so I would love to drink your milk”

She smiled,” you are very smart huh, would u really drink my milk?”

I said,” yes wifey

She said,” okay”

I went to her breast. She said,” Take the left one”

I sucked and felt her milk flowing richly through the breast. It had no taste but it was warm and felt nice, I drank for two minutes and I developed an erection. I shoved two fingers in her cunt as I drank her milk fucking her with my fingers. She reached down and fisted my cock. She did it vigorously masturbating me with her hand. I moaned for a moment and some milk from her breast spilled from my mouth on her nipple as I climaxed on her palm.

She looked at my tired condition after drinking her milk, she smiled and said,” milk should give you energy and you are tired…?”

I said,” You removed my milk from down what to do?”

She teased me,” milk versus milk, if you take my milk, I will take your milk, then she kissed me and said,” go to sleep honey, I will just go to the bathroom and come”

I heard her walking naked to the toilet for a piss and freshening up. I heard the flush running and then she came. She smelled fresh. I wanted to fuck her again but I decided to wait until morning. She told me,” you didn’t sleep….”

I was waiting for you, I said. I told her about what I heard about her discussion with gokul’s mother. She said,” She is having such a good sex life, I wonder if I would get from my husband”

I kissed her and said, “don’t worry, you have taught me so much in sex and I am doing practical with you. Am I a good student?”

She laughed and said,” you have impressed your teacher. As a gurudakshina, I want a baby from you.”

I told her,” but what will you tells mama?

She said,” he will never know, in these areas, we women are smart.”

We discussed so many things before sleeping. I do not want you to bore you people with the details.

The next day, I felt some kind of funny feeling around my crotch. As usual my dick was bulging because of morning hardness( you women should know how horny we guys feel in the morning), I was amazed to find my lovely mamii’s palming in my pajama fondling my erection.

“Uto hero, get up” she said with a warm sexy smile. She was looking gorgeous, in her nightgown. “Oh mami” I moaned. She went down and began to suck my penis. I was seeing stars as my dick was sucked and relished by my mami. I began to come her mouth. I thought maybe she would remove her mouth from my pumping pipe. However, I could feel her taking my warm thick semen inside. Some sperms hit her on the cheek, some on her chin and most of it went in her stomach.

Her taking my warm thick semen inside. Some sperms hit her on the cheek, some on her chin and most of it went in her stomach. My dream of fucking my mami in the mouth had become true. So I say believe in your dreams. It can happen. I cupped hers full bosom and kissed her. “Hmmmmm,” she said,” you are so big down there, it was poking in your pajama like a crazy banana”

I told her,” you suck better than that blue film girl”

She blushed and said,”Cmon get up now and go brush your teeth” she was like my mami now, instructing me to do something.

“okay mami,” I said,” did you brush your teeth”

She said,” of course, I even had tea, you should know how to wake up on time” I asked can we brush together she said “chee”

I told her,” wake me up every day by sucking my….”

She laughed and said,” not when my hubby is there. But what will you do?”

I said,” I will put u to sleep by sucking your chooth”

She smiled and said,” not when my hubby is there, now go wash your face”

I laughed and said,” Why just because you had a mouthwash?”

She didn’t understand,” what?”

“Did not you get water from my cock now to wash your mouth and face?”

She said,” You are really a filthy dog”

I was trying to push her nightgown up and fondle her cunt,”please nilesh, do it later, go freshen yourself, even I have to go the toilet”

“Is it urgent?”

She nodded.” yes, kunal

“You can pee in my mouth baby,” I said.

She said, “it is no.2, I can’t do that in your mouth, can I?”

I said,” please let me lick u, you can go afterward”

She said,” I will keep farting, then…|”

I said,” I will love to smell them, anything of yours is hot”

She smiled,” okay sexy lover, it is enough, let me go”

She kissed me and I kissed her back and fondled her ass. She got up and went to the toilet. I looked at my cock. It was soft and became a mess of sperm matted on the tip of it.

She tied her hair in the bun fashion and was moving towards the look. I was filled with a lust to fuck her in her jingling ass as she went to the toilet; I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth. I

Used her brush which she had kept for me after brushing her teeth. Came and I then out, and washed my face thoroughly and thought of taking bath first but my attention was diverted to the look. The door was ajar. I called out,” mamii, I wanna piss”

She said from inside,” wait I will come out in a moment”

I told her,” I can’t, it is urgent”

I could hear a faint giggle from inside,” let me finish”

I found the door was not locked. She had trust in me that I would not barge in her privacy. But I was too strong a lover for that. I entered in and saw my lovely MAMI

On the western commode sitting and shitting. The room was filled with the intoxicating aroma of the rich smell of her turds. The smell was not offensive, yes, it was stinky, but it was more of wicked and funny than disgusting. For me it was erotic because it was my ravishing aunt

She was blushing and telling me,” please go out,”

“No I won’t,” I said,” I have to pee, Mami move or I will have to do on your face”

She smiled accusingly and said,” your cock is a major problem, whether it is standing or sleeping, when it sleeps, it wants to piss and when it stands it wants to fuck”

She got up and suddenly realized that her shit was lying on the closet.

She said,” oh shit! Let me flush” I laughed and told her,” don’t bother, watch me”. I was amazed at the quantity and quality of her no.2 even her turds looked shiny, beautiful, orangish brown in color. One of the pieces looked 12 inches long and coiling, I could not imagine such gorgeous huge ones emerged out of her asshole. I opened my short to one side and began to pee on her shitload. My stream was aimed at her turds; she looked at my peeing cock with curiosity. The force of my pee water bathed her turds and one of them got flushed down. I said,” see, I said don’t worry about the flush” after I finished peeing, I went up to her and said,” I want to fuck you, my wife she said I want to pee too I said I would love to drink it she said” chee I put my mouth in her cunt n begged finally she agreed she all her pee was in my mouth it tasted salty but good experience then I cupped her breast through the gown and the other hand caressed her bum. I whispered on her ear as I licked the side of her neck,” you are so gorgeous mami, even your shit turned me on, everything about your ass is sexy, I want to kiss it”

Went down and went behind her bums. I lifted her gowns and saw her bewitching mounds of pleasure. Her buttery complexion bums can even give a cat a hard on. I began to kiss her soft and full heavy ass full-mouthed wet kissed. I put my middle left finger in the crack and felt the slimy wetness of her anus. I sniffed her earthy smelly anus and began to lick the side of her crack. I even felt the taste of her shit but I was too much consumed by lust to notice it. She was really turned on and then I lifted my tongue and face out of her ass.

I took her hand and placed on my growing cock, she did not know how to react. She told me,” let me finish and get freshened up and then I will come”

I asked her,” is there more?”

She smiled and said,” You interrupted me”

I said,” Sorry madam, you can continue”

She said,”kunal, wait outside, let me come there”

I said,” I want you to come here, let me make you come”

After this, this turned out to be a regular feature for us. We would regularly grope or fuck around when time was there for us. Whenever she used to offer me drink like tea or serve me food she always used to contaminate it with her saliva or piss we had long affair until I got married I gave her a child and allot more pleasure

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