My handsome son

Hi everyone. I am Pravallika working in a software company in Australia. I want to share my experience with you. My family consists of 3 members. Me, husband Prasanna Kumar and son Siddharth. I call my son as siddu. By now you can understand about what I am going to share with you. My husband works in other MNC company. I want to say about my son. He is studying fashion designing in one of the colleges. He looks very handsome. Due to regular work out at gym he has very good body. As a lady I get aroused by seeing his body. As he was the only child for us, we behaved very closely with siddu. As a mother I gave him all the freedom. Siddu also behaved very close with us, especially me. He used to take me to disco and parties along with him. We behaved as if we are best friends.

As days passed I was attracted towards my son. I can’t share these feelings with any one. Few days I was unable to face siddu. So I thought of consulting a doctor. But I was afraid as I have to say the doctor about my attitude towards my son. So I dropped the idea of going to doctor. After some months I decided that I am in love with my son. As a mother I love my son but as a lady I want to make love with my son. So I decided to show my body beauties to him. So I used to wear low necked t-shirts and shorts which are up to the thigh. Now I want to say about myself. My figure is 38-30-36. The most attractive part of my body is my breasts. I want these breasts to be crushed between the hug of me and my son. My son kisses me on the cheeks when he leaves to college. So daily I used to wait for that time to get a kiss from my son. One after noon siddu came to my office. I asked him the reason for his visit. He said simply. I asked him the reason again as he won’t come to office even I asked him to come. He said to see you mom. I smiled at him and asked him have you come to take me for a party to night. He smiled and said yes mom. I said ok I will come with you; you go and wait at home. He said ok mom and left to home. I went early as siddu is waiting for me. As soon as he opened the door of the house he asked me to get ready for party. I asked give me 30 minutes. He said ok mom get ready soon. While I was going to my room siddu called me and said mom dress in the most beautiful way as I said proudly to my friends that my mom will be the beautiful lady in the party.

So please keep up my words. I said ok and left to room. I spend half an hour to select the dress. But I stopped at wearing the dresses. So I thought of wearing the sari. I went near the saris wardrobe to select the sari. I selected one green color sari and matching blouse and got ready to party. I opened the door and called siddu to my room. He came to my room and I asked him how I was. He kept his mouth wide open by seeing me. I tied the sari below the navel as it is common in foreign countries. My blouse is showing my beautiful back. I haven’t worn the bra because if I get a chance I can make my son horny. I asked him again how I was. He said you are very beautiful mom. More than beautiful you are sexy mom. He came near me and kissed me on the cheeks and said let’s go mom. He kept his hand around my waist and I placed my hand around his waist and moved towards the car. We went for the party and siddu introduced me to all his friends and to other guests. After spending some time with his friend’s siddu came towards me and said thanks mom. I asked why? Siddu said you kept my word. Every one in the party are looking at you and talking about you. He said mom I want to dance with you mom. I said ok and took his hand and went to dance floor. He was placing his hands around my waist and I was placing my hands around his neck. We are very close to each other. My breasts are touching his chest. He pulled me closer to him and I didn’t mind. He said you are looking sexy mom in this sari. I said any lady will look beautiful and sexy in saris. Then he said from tomorrow wear only saris mom. I asked for what. I want my mom to be beautiful always. I said ok and continued dancing. After the party we started to return home and siddu is driving the car. On the way he stopped the car at the beach side. I asked him why he stopped. He said I want to spend some time at the beach with you mom and got down of the car. So I too got down of the car and siddu is running down the steps.

There are some steps to go to the beach. By the time I reached near the steps he was at the last step. He asked come soon mom. So I too was getting down the steps fast. As I haven’t worn a bra my breasts are moving for every step I take and siddu is watching my breasts for every move. When I was on the last step he came towards me and hugged me. I too caught hold of him and asked what. He said as you are coming fast, you may fall down mom so I caught you. My breasts are crushing towards his chest. I laughed for his words and walked towards the beach. When I was talking he is watching my lips, when I was walking he is observing my butts. I felt happy as he is seeing the woman in his mom. Siddu’s cell phone rang and it was his dad calling. He said all the matter to his dad and said we will be coming in 45 minutes dad and kept the phone. After the call we started to move towards the car. When we came near the steps siddu stopped me and lifted me in his arms and walked towards the car. He dropped me at the car and said I Love You mom and hugged me. I patted on his back and said I Love you too ra. We sat in the car and siddu was about to start the car. I ran fingers through his hair and kissed him on the forehead and we moved to home. It was 10pm by the time we reached home. My husband is waiting for us in the hall. As soon as he saw me he said you are very beautiful. I said thanks and moved towards the bedroom and he followed me. As soon as we entered the room he closed the door and kissed me on the lips. We undressed each other. He pushed me on the bed and came over me. He sucked my breasts and inserted his pennis in my cunt and every thing was completed in 15 minutes. But as a lady I need more from my husband. After relaxing for 30 minutes I wrapped a turkey towel around my waist and came out of the room to have some water. I was drinking water and some one hugged me from behind. It won’t be my husband as he is sleeping. I thought it must be siddu and he is siddu. I turned towards him and asked what are you doing till now. He said it was only 10.30pm mom and I was watching TV in my room.

He also said I heard some one walking outside and came to see who it was. It was you and came to threaten you. I asked him what he was watching. He said HBO mom. What film? At 10.45 Stephen King’s Sleepwalkers will be coming mom. It was a nice horror movie, see it along with me. I said I will dress up and come. Siddu said this dress is nice. I said idiot I will come in 5 minutes and went to my room to wear short and t-shirt. I went to siddu’s room in 5 minutes. We watched the movie till the end. I liked the movie because in the movie son and mom want to make love with each other but due to the circumstances they can’t. After seeing the movie we slept in the same room. Next morning my husband came to wake us and asked me why I slept here and siddu told the matter to him. My husband asked me to get up and asked to prepare coffee. I took my time to get up from the bed. As soon as I got up from the bed siddu hugged me from behind and kissed me on my cheeks and said good morning mom. I turned towards him and wished him and left to bathroom to brush my teeth. Siddu went to swim in the swimming pool which we have in the house. I prepared coffee for 3 of us and took it near the swimming pool as siddu and his father are also there. As soon as siddu saw me he asked me to join him. I said after having coffee I will join you and asked siddu to come and have coffee. He came out of the swimming pool and I was seeing him as his whole body is visible as he is on underwear. We had our coffee. As it was a Saturday I asked my husband to prepare the breakfast. He agreed and left to kitchen. As soon as siddu finished his coffee he lifted me and went near the pool and jumped into the pool along with me. After spending some time in the pool I came out of the pool and siddu is staring at me. As I haven’t worn a bra the size of my breasts are clearly visible to siddu.

As I was leaving I asked him to come out soon to have the breakfast. He said ok mom and I left to bedroom to change my clothes. As siddu asked me to wear saris I wore a light blue color sari and came out of the room. Siddu and his father are ready at the table waiting for me. I tied the sari showing my navel button. As I was walking towards the table siddu is staring at me. After having the breakfast siddu father said he was there in the recruitment team going on in his office and he has to leave to office. I asked siddu to get ready for college and he said no college today mom. I felt happy as I have time to spend time with my son. After 30 minutes my husband left to office. As soon as his dad left siddu caught hold of me from behind and said you are very beautiful mom in this blue color sari. I turned towards him and said so you are spending your time with mom. He said yes mom. I asked him to help me in the kitchen and he followed me to the kitchen. Siddu is observing my body from all the angles possible. He was watching the side view of my breasts. As I was cutting the vegetables I asked him whether he has girl friends. He said yes mom. I asked him are they beautiful. He came towards me and hugged me from behind and said not as beautiful as you are mom. I turned towards him and asked am I beautiful. He said you are always beautiful mom and kissed me on the lips slightly. He moved his head back in few seconds. This time I moved forward and kissed him on the lips. We are kissing each other with great speed and passion. He lifted me from the ground by keeping hands around me. We moved towards the wall and I was leaning on the wall and kissing each other. After tasting our saliva siddu started to move down. My sari slipped from its place. Siddu kissed me inch by inch till the navel button. While he was kissing the navel button I ran fingers through his hair. Then he stood up and lifted me in his arms and moved towards his bedroom. He placed me on the bed and asked mom I want to see your breasts and pressed them over the blouse. As it was a low necked blouse he kissed me between the breasts. I asked him to remove the clothes and be naked in front of me. He stood in front of me and removed his jeans pant. I went near him and removed his underwear.

It was very exciting to see his pennis. It was 7 to 8 inches long. I stood in front of him and he removed all my clothes. Now I was naked in front of my son. He said mom I love your breasts and touched them with his hands. He pushed me on the bed and came over me and took one of my nipples in his mouth and caressed the other breast with his hand. He sucked my breasts one after another for 15 minutes and moved towards the navel. After 10 minutes he moved towards my cunt. He spread my legs apart and kept kissing on the cunt. Then he slowly started sucking it and slowly increased the intensity of sucking it. I was feeling like in heaven when he is sucking my cunt. He sucked my cunt for 20 minutes. I caught his pennis in my hand and asked him to insert it into my cunt. He inserted it and moved slowly. After some time he increased the rhythm and making power strokes. I was moaning with both pleasure and pain. After sometime he cum in me and was on top of me for some time. I caught hold of him by placing hands around his chest. After some time he slept by my side and relaxed. After 30 minutes I went to the bathroom to clean myself and siddu was still sleeping. By the time I came out of the bathroom siddu was sitting on the bed and he was covered with blanket up to his waist. As soon as I came out of the bathroom we smiled at each other. I went near the bed and he pulled me on to the bed. He slept by the side of me and said you are wonderful mom on bed and started to caress the cunt with his hand. He said I need you every day mom. I said whether you need me every day or not I don’t know but I need you every night. I want your love making and kissed him on the lips. We kissed for sometime and went to have lunch. After having lunch I asked siddu to take me to movie and he took me to a movie “Unfaithful”. I was very aroused by seeing the first half of the movie. It was so erotic. While romantic scenes are coming he kept his hand on my cunt over the jeans pant and used to caress it till the scene finishes. After the movie we went to the car parking and kissed each other in the car for 5 minutes only as some one could see. From there we went to shopping to buy the house hold necessaries. While shopping siddu is holding me by keeping his hand around my waist. He stopped me at one place and said you need to buy this mom.

I turned my head to see what it was. It was carefree and smiled seeing siddu. I said I have enough of them at home and moved from that place. After spending some time in shopping we moved towards the car. On the way siddu stopped at one shop and bought some thing. As soon as he entered the car I asked him what it was. He showed me the packet and said these are necessary for us mom. It was condoms packet and we reached home. As soon as we entered the house siddu started to press my breasts over the tight t-shirt by holding me from behind. I was holding all the packets we purchased in my hands. While pressing my breasts he said I wanted you when I finished watching the movie and I controlled till now. After hearing his words I dropped the packets in my hand and turned towards him and kissed him on the lips. He lifted me by placing hands on my waist. I caught hold of him by placing legs around him. We kept kissing each other and he took me towards his bedroom. He took me near the bed and slept on the bed kissing. We were still kissing. We decided to move forward in love making and the door bell rang. We have to part as it will be my husband. We went to the hall and I was picking up the packets that fell down and siddu went to open the door. As we expected it was my hubby. We all greeted each other with smiles. By seeing the packets he understood that we went for shopping and asked what we bought. After talking for some time I went to the kitchen to prepare dinner. I and siddu are waiting for the midnight to make love. After dinner siddu went to sleep. I and my husband went to our bedroom to sleep. Siddu came and knocked the door and came in. I asked him what? He said I was afraid to sleep lonely mom as I saw a horror movie afternoon. My husband laughed for what he said and said you are grown up and you shouldn’t be afraid. But siddu pretended that he was afraid and asked me to come and sleep in my room. I said if I was with him for 2 days he won’t be afraid. My hubby agreed and I went to his room to sleep. While we are leaving the room we said goodnight to my hubby. As soon as we entered siddu’s room we locked it from inside.

As soon as we locked the door siddu started to remove my shot standing in front of me. After removing the shot he lifted me and I caught hold of him by placing my legs around his waist and my breasts are near to his mouth. He sucked the nipples over the t-shirt for few seconds and asked me to remove the t-shirt and I did. He dropped me on the bed and removed his shot and came over me. He kissed me all over my body and sucked the breasts for some time and said I love your breasts very much mom. Then he moved towards my cunt and started caressing it with the tongue and fingers. He asked me to take the condoms packet from the drawer which was near the bed. I removed the condom packet and kept it in my hand. I asked siddu to lie on the bed and started kissing and sucking his body. I bite his nipples and moved towards his navel. I kissed it and moved towards his manhood. I kissed it and took it in my hands and said I love this very much and bite it. I made my tongue roam around his pennis and covered it with the condom in my hand. Now I sat on his waist and made his pennis insert in my cunt and started to move in rhythm. While I was moving in rhythm he was pressing my breasts with his hands. After some time he made me lie on the bed and came on top of me and increased the intensity of moving the pennis and cum in me and laid on me.

From then on we made love when ever it is possible. I use to go his room at midnight to make love with out the knowledge of my husband. Even if he knows he thinks of motherly love towards his son. Whenever we made love we never forgot to lock the door from inside and cover the keyhole with something. So till now my husband doesn’t know about our relationship.

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