My father in law and Mother in law

I wish you guys enjoy this true experience of mine..My inlaws are from a village in Andhra. I am around 30 y.o. During December I was going to a village beyond their village. I decided to stop over for a night. I went to their house around 3 pm. Now to describe my in laws. My father in law is around 58 and my mother in law was around 45. My father in law is pretty young looking for his age. And my mother in law is awesome. She has got that flowing body and clean features with a dusky skin around 5 ft plus and 60 kgs. I had my lunch and thought i will check out a movie and while going through the CD collection i saw a lot of porn there it was their personal collection and most of it was about group and a few on gay. Suddenly it stuck me how it would be to have them both. My mil was cleaning the kitchen and she was all wet. I delibrately went to the kitchen and started talking to her. I went near her and started brushing her in the pretext of helping her. Initially she was a bit skeptical and later she just did not mind. By evening 6 my father in law came home and he was lightly drunk. I told him lets have some more and i took the bottle in my car. I changed into a micro shorts and with a thin t shirt. He was in his dhoti and a cotton shirt. Mom in law made some food and was serving us the snacks I told him has she ever had a drink and he said no. Than I told him we should ask her to try once and that should be today. He also started forcing her and in the process I got up and held her by her hip and made her sit with us and right next to me. My father in law was watching this and I saw his dhoti getting disturbed between his legs. I immediately realized he was having a hard on. And i mixed a drink for my mother in law.I took a sip and asked her to sip from the glass and told my fill let me feed her and I was on her right side. So i held her hips with my left hand tight and started keeping the glass in her mouth. I could see my father in laws hard on really well it started swelling> I gently started caressing her hips and she was trying to push my hand away.

In a friendly manner i told my fill see she is not allowing me to hold her and he should come near us and help me he just told her to leave me free and he pulled his chair near us and he went outside to lock the gate and I knew I have succeed. Before he came in I adjusted my hard on right in front of my mother in law to make it visible. And she was like blushing. Than when my father in law came in he came sat very near to our sofa set and asked me to mix one more drink for her. While i was doing he was rubbing her thighs over her saree. She was saying no I turned and started rubbing her other thigh and both of us started pulling the legs towards us. She was closing her eyes and put her head down. I bent and lifted her saree over her knees and started rubbing her skin on the thighs. Same time my father in law also started doing the same . He pulled her saree down and asked me to feel her breasts. I started squeezing them he was watching with so much glitter in his eyes he took her hand and kept it over my hard on. I took her other hand and kept it over his hard on and slowly she was squeezing us both. Her eyes were still closed. I unhooked her blouse and started sucking her nipples hard. And my father in law was caressing my head.I looked at him and i removed my t shirt he was caressing my nipples for a long time by that time my finger was exploring her private parts inside out and she was moaning. My father in law took his dhoti off and stood in front of her asking her to suck it and slowly she started inserting it in her mouth. I immediately could feel her wetness increase a few folds. I started putting in three fingers. My fills tool was almost 11 inches and very thick. And she was sucking on it. My tool looked like a baby at 7 inches. I was almost embarrased. He told me that is very good size for the back side. He asked her to get Up and got to the bedroom. He was damn high by this time. He asked her to bend and she refused. He asked me to bring some oil while i went outside i heard a rap and when i went in she was crying but bent over the bed. He took the oil from my hand and started rubbing over her arse hole real rough and he turned and started rubbing on my tool too. He inserted his middle finger as much as he could and started making it smooth and my mil was crying all the time. He asked me to try now he said do not worry and she will enjoy every minute of it. I started inserting and he went and sat in the bed next to her and started mercilessly to squeeze her breasts. I realized that she was actually enjoying it to the core. I inserted with great difficulty and started pumping her. Real hard. And when touched I felt her holes oozing with the liquid. Suddenly my father in law came and knelt near her arse bent his head and started licking her voraciously. With my balls slapping his face. .He was squeezing my balls too. I could see his tool stiff and hard and shinning. He asked me to hold for some time and made me sit on the bed while his wife was on me with mine inside her arse. He bent and started inserting in her cunt and she was almost screaming with pain and pleasure. And he started humping her i was just sitting and i could feel my balls starting to boil. He was humping her like mad and started slapping her face I held her tight and tried to defend her and got two slaps in the process and within minutes i was out and was holding her tight for the convulsions to subside and he started offloading inside her. No one knows how many orgasms she had during the whole episode and then she slowly got up and sat in the floor corner. My fill just went to the bed and slept. I went near her and started consoling her. She said no its very common. He was forcing me to sleep with his friends but i feel you are better than that he was angry because of that. She started hugging me and crying i took her to the hall and gently mad love for the next 2 hours. And she went to sleep in my arms. Now a days i try to go there as often as possible and whenever i go there we have a great time. Now I have taught him to enjoy a lot without violence and my mil is very happy. Nowadays the moment i go in we both hug like crazy right in front of my fill and she goes down on her knees and starts sucking me out. While he sits and watches with utmost satisfaction. Once I have come in her mouth he will take her there on the floor just like that. I think that turns him on real well. He later told me that he still has sex with his sister who is around 52 and her husband who is impotent. The husband just watches. He promised to bring them home one day for a group. That different story guys.

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