My Experiments – Part I

Dear friends!

One night I could hear a rocking sound. It was a full moon night and the rays of the moon come through the window. I tried to see around in the room. the beds were rocking, i could here moans and whispers.My Mother asked dad if he wanted to have a drink. I couldn’t see her. I then heard her say ”Drink my love , it’s all yours. I could hear the bed rock wild. I could see no one. I strained and saw somebody bending over. “You are really tasty, my love? Will we have to keep some for anisa?”

My dad bent over and I heard him suck. He was licking fast. Then he entered again. My mom was aroused wildly and I was aroused too. It was too much for me. I was careful to not to stir. I put both my arms between my legs and tightened them. I closed my eyes tightly. I heard the ramming and the sound and the arousal was so great that I could feel a throbbing on my pussy. My bladder was full. I did not want be caught. Unknowingly I was digging deep into my vagina and pussy to stop my piss from overflowing out. I was locking my legs tightly. I now could sense new feelings and urges as I controlled my natural longing to go pee. It was a different feeling.

I waited for the ramming and rocking sounds to stop. Till at last I heard them get dressed. I couldn’t control. The light breeze from the window was too much. Alisa, do you want something he asked lovingly stroking my hair. That’s it I came. I was in shivers when His loving hand stroked my head and face. I finally came.


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