My Experiments – Part I

Dear friends!
One night I could hear a rocking sound. It was a full moon night and the rays of the moon come through the window. I tried to see around in the room. the beds were rocking, i could here moans and whispers.My Mother asked dad if he wanted to have a drink. I couldn’t see her. I then heard her say ”Drink my love , it’s all yours. I could hear the bed rock wild. I could see no one. I strained and saw somebody bending over. “You are really tasty, my love? Will we have to keep some for anisa?”

“No you needn’t. I’ll give her the bottle. It’s all yours for tonight.” Said my mom. Anise was my little sister. Their voices were so arousing. I could now hear sound of liquid and movement and ramming. I could hear hard kisses. It was dad. I could see him shadowy in the dark. I recognized him by his voice. How do you like it. Do you want some more?” asked Dad. My mother responded with a yes. She was shouting and letting out loud moans. I was scared. It was my first time to watch and hear all this. I was confused, scared and did not understand what was happening.

My mother was shouting out for more. “Good job!” she cried. “ Yes, that’s the why” devour me dear”. I was like what’s happening? I waited to hear more. I was getting excited. I needed to know about this. My parents are playing some sort of a game may be.

I heard more of kisses, sucking boobs and this thing was going on. It was as if endless. I heard my mother scream. My dad was continuously asking if she was liking it? She let out huge moans and my dad was worried if it was paining. She said it was good but wanted him to be a little slow. My dad was ramming her and she couldn’t bear it. I could feel the shivering through the sheets. Finally my dad collapsed on her full of sweat and tiredness.

My parents were being very gentle to each other. They were locked in hugs and kisses. My dad gave long kisses. My mother was kissing him all over the face. I saw their shadows. they got up and dressed . my father lay down beside her. it was only for a while. he then got up and came over to me and slept by me. I thought that my dad loved only me. but here I was in for a surprise. There were things I didn’t know and felt jealous.

The next night I acted as if I was sleeping. I didn’t know what sex was till then. My parents waited half hour after lights off. It was my turn to sleep next to my mother. I faked to be asleep. My father switched off the bed light. These scenes arouse me till today. It’s long past now. These stories are from the eighties but the memories make me masturbate till I cum 4 – 5 times in a day. This time it was my mom who started the conversation. as soon as the lights went off, she took courage to kiss my dad, hug and hold him tight. she knew kids were in bed and she has her husband all to herself to do whatever she wanted. “shall we start rubbing? ” — it was the key word or code they used.

” Do you want the rub now?” asked my dad teasingly and fondled her passionately. I could feel the sound of the sheets , the dress and then the elastic of the panty that let out the sound. And then I heard the pussy. I wondered what was happening with the pussy? Dad fingered mom and the juicy sounds were heard. She was all in moans. She asked him to come darling, come fast! I didn’t understand her vocabulary. He was so close to her, where did she want him to come? My Dad climbed onto her. I saw his shadows. He had removed his lunge and then put it over his back like a sheet. he was on top. His shadow looked as if he was riding her fast like a horse. Soon she was shouting and wanted him to be slow!.

He asked her how she felt? He sucked her wildly and squeezed her boobs. I got a good view. I turned over to her side and saw her in ecstasy. She wanted him to slow down but he was ramming her wild. I felt her shivers. My dad was shivering too. My mother started shouting enough. My dad collapsed finally. He continued to fondle her . He kissed her on her lips and caressed her boobs and sucked the milk till he was full. His dry throat needed it. My mom least expected. When I heard a rhythmic sound .

My Dad was beside her with one leg over her and one hand fondling her hair and breasts and the other in her pussy. She was not refusing. She was enjoying. I could see her face clearly with the moonlight right on her face. The sound increased. I thought my father was spanking her pussy rhythmically. It was a wet slapping sound. My mother was still wet and full of Dad’s juice inside her and also full of hers. My dad fingered her with his hand till she started moaning lightly. He then slowly moved over to her legs which were laid wide. My mom was shouting honey let’s rub quick.

My dad bent over and I heard him suck. He was licking fast. Then he entered again. My mom was aroused wildly and I was aroused too. It was too much for me. I was careful to not to stir. I put both my arms between my legs and tightened them. I closed my eyes tightly. I heard the ramming and the sound and the arousal was so great that I could feel a throbbing on my pussy. My bladder was full. I did not want be caught. Unknowingly I was digging deep into my vagina and pussy to stop my piss from overflowing out. I was locking my legs tightly. I now could sense new feelings and urges as I controlled my natural longing to go pee. It was a different feeling.

I waited for the ramming and rocking sounds to stop. Till at last I heard them get dressed. I couldn’t control. The light breeze from the window was too much. Alisa, do you want something he asked lovingly stroking my hair. That’s it I came. I was in shivers when His loving hand stroked my head and face. I finally came.

What did you think of this story??


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