My Elder Sister Became My wife – Part I

Hi  this a real story which happened about 21 years back . My name is Raj ( not real one of course ).I was 18 years old and in first year BA . My elder sister Saroj was 7 years elder to me and married and had two children , She was very sexy with vital statistics 38-34-38 , she was 5’6″ tall fair in color and used to wear sexy clothes . She always wore her Saree below her navel. This happened during my summer break , I had gone to her house in morning to spend the day , but she was upset on seeing me. Her husband had gone for work and the two children were with their grandparents.

She asked me if I was staying because she wanted to go out. She had a big house with lots of rooms , so I said I will sleep in one room you can lock the house and go She agreed and left me at home. There was a portion of house which had another door to outside. She came back after some time thinking I was asleep  but she was not alone , one of the tenant of her big house name Ramlu was with her, he was wearing a lungi and shirt. I saw this from the window of my room which was closed partially. I was surprised to see her come back .

I slowly went out of the room to the other portion near the room she and Ramlu had entered . I could see in to the room. I was shocked to see that Ramlu was hugging my sister and both were kissing each other , while Ramlu was pressing her breasts she was rubbing his cock over the lungi .Ramlu was about 20 years old and well built , he was from a nearby village and was studying .After kissing each other for long , my sister pulled his lungi he was not wearing underwear , he had a thick black cock of 7″ and lots of pubic hair.

She started pulling his cock and rubbing his balls. Now Ramlu pulled her Saree and petticoat and removed her blouse and bra both of them were naked Ramlu started kissing and sucking her big breasts , and fingering her cunt. My sister said ” Ramlu now fuck my cunt I want your cock inside me , but he said first you suck my cock. She knelt between his legs and started sucking his cock he pulled her head and started fucking her mouth. After some time he pulled his cock out and asked her to lay down on bed and sat between her thigh

He first kissed her cunt and licked the wet pussy after 5 minutes my sister begged him to fuck him and not torture her any more . He suddenly pushed his cock in to her wet cunt , she cried out of pain, as his cock was thick , he then started humping her with steady strokes , pulling and pushing his cock in her cunt.He lay on her and started biting her lips and nipples while squeezing her big buttocks , she had raised her thighs in air and taking the cock into the depths of her womb. After fucking her for 15 minutes he started pumping her hard and fast.

And told her that he was coming, she also told him that she also was ready to cum, with this both of them ejaculated and Ramlu filled her cunt with his thick cock cream after laying over each other for 10 minutes they got up and dressed. My sister after letting him out came back to the portion of house where I was , I ran back to the room and pretended to sleep , but I was excited seeing my sister getting fucked and wanted to taste her cunt so when she came back , I asked her where she had gone, she said she had gone to some neighbor ,then I told her I have seen everything you did with Ramlu and that

I will tell her husband. She was terrified and started begging me not to tell anyone . She told me that her husband was not able to satisfy her hence she was having affair with outsider. She was weeping, so i went near her and kept my hand on her shoulder and said I will not tell this to anybody on one condition, She looked at me and said whatever you say , then I kept my hand on her breasts and said I want to fuck you . she was shocked and said ” I am your elder sister how can you even think of it “.

I said I don’t know anything if you do not let me fuck you I will tell her husband, she started crying and begged me not to do this to her . I got bold and started pressing her breasts and kissed her lips, she pushed me away and got angry and stood up  I said OK I will go now and come in the evening and tell her husband everything. At this she caught my hand and said I will give you money if you will keep quiet , I said I don’ want your money I want you .

She was defeated and said only this one time, I will let you have me , I said let us see , and pulled her to me and embraced her, she did not respond but I kept kissing her lips which she was avoiding, I pressed her buttocks and pulled her to my cock which was rock hard , she tried to push me but after feeling my hard cock , she reluctantly came near me and after few minutes allowed me to kiss her , I pushed my tongue in her mouth and pulled at her sari , she said don’t remove the sari do it by lifting it  I said no, I want to make you naked and then fuck you ,

After some persuasion she agreed and we both became naked. Once she saw my 8″ long and 3 ” thick cock  she was ready for the fuck. She said I did not know you have become so big, then she held my cock and said I had seen this when you were small now you have become a man, saying this she started running her hand over it, then she bent over and kissed the cock head which was dripping my pre cum. I asked her to lay on bed , and then kissed her cunt which was clean shaved.

I sucked the clitoris and vulva for 10 minutes after which between her thighs and raised them so that her cunt was fully exposed as was her ass , now I kept my cock head on her cunt hole and pushed it , as she had got fucked recently my cock slipped easily and then I started fucking her deep and hard , she also responded by pushing her hips and holding me close, I sucked her nipples and bit them . We fucked for 20 minutes and she had two orgasms then I told her that I was coming, and she said fuck me hard and give me your cock juice, she was on pills so she was not going to get pregnant.

After fucking her some more I shot my seed into her cunt and the we slept for 15 minutes, kissing each other. We then got up I asked her how she felt she said she liked my cock and the way I fucked I then asked her is this the only one time , she laughed and said no , you can have me any time you want . I am now yours for ever this continued for four years, I even fucked her during her periods, and she used to suck my cock and swallow my cock juice. I completed my education and went away to other city for job I came back later after 8 years and by then she had taken two more lovers who were fucking her regularly. That story in next episode, where she became my wife.

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