My dad fucked me

My father was a sworn drunkard and a characterless person. He had many affairs which we were aware of. But none of us had the courage to protest as he was the only bread earner. One day when I returned from school I found my father already home. As usual he was drunk to the throat. He gave me a packet saying that he had brought some clothes for me and asked me to wear them. I thought that maybe he had brought some top-skirt or frock. When I went inside the bathroom and opened the packet I found a white colored almost transparent bra and a light pink colored elastic panty. As I used to oblige all of my fathers orders I wore them and came out of the toilet.

Daddy stared at me with wide eyes full of lust. He already had a hard-on as was visible through the only underwear that he was wearing. He came towards me and kissed my lips. That was such a nice feeing, the first kiss of my life. Then he pulled down the straps of my bra and kissed my breasts. I opened the hook of the bra from backwards and made it easy for daddy to have easy access to them. Daddy then took me and laid me on the bed. He been to kiss my lips once again, then went on kissing my throat and shoulders and finally began to lick and suck my nipples. After about 15 minutes of sucking he kissed my navel but skipped my panty.

Instead he began to kiss my toe and went upwards kissing and licking my calves of my legs, and further upwards on to my sexy thighs. I was overwhelmed with a sense of joy. Daddy then slowly pulled the hem of my panty up to my thighs, as I was folding them and then down towards my ankles and slid them out of my legs. I was completely naked before by dad. There was a moments silence when I found my daddy’s tongue inside my cleanly shaven cunt. Oh…. The joy was ecstatic. Daddy kept on licking and sucking my pussy for about another 15 minutes. I almost lost my sense with the pleasure when I felt something extremely tight and thick trying to enter my pussy. It was my daddy’s cock. The feeling was incredible, though I felt extreme pain at that moment. But I never wished to protest. Daddy kept on thrusting his cock inside my pussy. Then, the soft brushing of his pubic hair against the surroundings of my pussy indicated the complete penetration of his cock and its domination over me. His cock was almost 10 inches in length and its width almost the size of my wrist.

He kept on thumping with a slow pace at the start and after a few minutes when my pussy got accustomed to his cock he began to pull out and thrust in a faster pace. I could not say how long it went on but I enjoyed every moment of losing my virginity. I suppose my dad fucked my for about half an hour. Then I felt some thick liquid in my vagina bursting out and spreading like hot lava. It was my dad’s semen. Finally, my dad succeeded in deflowering me. After that night, I used to have a nice fuck with daddy every night. He brought me a lot of beautiful and sexy-looking bra and panty which used to wear at home. My daddy came home from work every evening, drinks a little wine after dinner and thereafter takes me to bed, rips off my bra and panty and fucks me. Any older person or uncle reading my story and wishing to have a short term relationship.

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