My cute wife fucks my friend

Hai ISS telugu readers. This is a real incident happened in my life recently, which I would like to share this with all of you. I am 32, recently married to a village girl Sitha, 25 years, exceptional bueatiful lady. She has a white skin, long nose (pichhekkiche podavati mukku), big size boogs (kobbari bondala vanti sallu), Heavy hips (pita pita lade balisina pirralu), sweet cute smile. Her mom, Ramadevi, a widow about 47 years, a voloptuous beauty. I heard before marriage that she fucks with 50 to 60 youth in their village. Every youth fuck her. She accepts boys only who have more than 9 inches cock. Thats why i married to Sita without dowry.

In the first night, Sita entered into bed room. My rod was very hot by that time. I stood up, welcomed her and hugged her tightly. I kissed her cutest nose and chewed. She laughed and said ” I dont like sex with clothes. Let us be nude first.” she immediately removed her saree. She was completely nude. I tried to switch off the light. She said “no. I like sex in light. We should fuck whole night in the lights” with laugh. I agreed. She was like an angel. She removed my Lungi. She caught my dick and twisted. ‘What is this? Very small. It is just 5 inches. Not strong. One should have minimum 9 inches dick to fuck.” She pulled back my cocks foreskin. With her fingers like ladyfinger touch, my rod got leaked. Sperm came out. “Hey u impotent stupid, what is this? Just for touch if u cum, how can u fuck me bastard?” she held my nose and twisted to the right side. Unexpectedly, i bowed my head to right side. She slapped on my left cheek. Then she she twisted my nose to left side. I moved my head to left side. Sita slapped on my right cheek. Abbbaaaaaaaaa, I murmered with pain. Shut up you idiot, U are impotent,” again she twisted my nose to downwards. I bowed down my head. She slapped on my back. Wooooooooooooo, I cried with low voice. Sita laughed. She held my nose tightly and started walking in the room this side and that side. I was just following her like a pet dog. Her big hips were swinging. Pirralu vooguthunnai. Muddi kaipu ekkistunnadi.” Sita, I am your slave, Sita I am like your pet dog. Please leave me Sita, I am your slave Sita, I was saying. Sita squeezed my nose for one hour and make me to do 200 sit ups. Then she sat on the bed. I sat like a dog in between her legs. Enduku nee modda sariga levatam ledu? Adigindi Sitha. “Seetha nenu nee mukku chusi pelli chesukunna. Nee mukkuku banisanu.” (daily I used to masturbate 20 times from my age of 8. That’s why it is not erecting. I am slave to your cute nose, hips, armpits. I want some place under your asshole and sacred feet. I will be your slave.(Mukkuala maharannee,, nenu nee mukkukubansanu. Nee mukku, muddi, chankalu, paadale naku saranam. Nee penta thinta. Nannu daya thalchu Sita) I prayed.

She laughed and said ” Tommorrow onwards I will fuck any body. U should keep quiet. Infact I like 24 hrs fucking.” she twisted my nose again.

Ok sita, as u like” I said.

The next day, my friends Ramana and Murthy came to see us. I was in the hall. Sita was in bed room reading some sex books. I showed our marriage photo albums. Ramana, Murthy were seeing them. “what a wonderful nose” Ramana commented. I observed that their dicks were fully erected. He touched sita to her dick. I got shivered. In the mean time, Sita came out. Seeing her, my friends cocks were stood up. Sita also noticed that their cocks were strong. Then she held my nose and took me to bed room and slapped and said” I wantto fuck with them.” I shivered “how Sita” questioned. Then she twisted my nose again and said” there is no wrong in fucking others. It seems their cocks were swinging with full temper. I fucked number of boys before marriage. I suck cocks hours together. In fact my mom and me used to fuck with our neighbour Santaram. Go and make arrangements for our fuck you impotent”she twisted my nose with angry.

I immediately arranged and spread jasmines on the cot. Ramana and Murthy stood to go out. Sita became nude and came into the hall. They surprised. Ohhhhhhhhhhh wonderful nose queen. I like yur nose, Ramana hugged my wife and put her long nose in to his mouth and chewed. Murthy sucked her pussy. She licked their cocks till two hours. I was watching them giving them Cool drinks. Their fuck continued till mid night. Ramana also twisted my nose and slapped on my hips. All were laughing seeing me.

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