My Brother Lost Virginity To Our Mom – Part I

Hi My Darling Sexy Boy-Friends!!!! This is Yamuna age 23. After I got overwhelming response for my earlier three stories, I was about to write, how did my bro fucked our mom. But I am sorry for the delay as I was having a very busy schedule. I have been receiving lots of e-mails and to the best possible I am trying to reply to all. Your every kind of e-mails gives me a new boost and zeal. Thanks a lot.

Coming back to the story, after brilliant a fuck with my mom and bua, chachu left for his sasural, may be for fucking his mother-in-law or sister-in-law or someone else. Next night when chachu came back, our Kajal Bua was very anxiously waiting for him. My bro Raj knew that chachu would definitely be fucking Bua and hence he hid behind a curtain. Thereafter chachu came and Raj saw about 2 hours wild love game of chachu with bua. Bua was wildly taken in every possible way by chachu and ejaculated in her mouth which she drank fully. Raj was so excited and his dick was ready to burst. He immediately stood up and after gathering courage, he went towards bua’s face and loaded all his cum on her face and said “Saali Kutiya Bua, tujhe mai baad me chodta hu”. Saying it he cleaned his Dick with her neck and ran away from there. Bua and Chachu were very astonished as they never expected the all of a sudden attack by Raj. But chachu smiled and said Bua, ab tum kutiyo ke liye ek aur khandani Lund taiyyar ho gaya. Then Raj went to mom’s room with a firm thought that he will lose his virginity to his own mom only.

Upon reaching mom’s room, he found her room opened and she just came out from Bath Room after a bath. She was just wrapped in a towel only and the length of the towel was just above her nipples to just below her butts. Her maximum cleavage, full thighs and legs were visible. Raj suddenly ran to mom and fixing his face in between her cleavage, hugged her tight. Mom running her hands on his head and back asked, Kya huva Beta, kya baat hey. But Raj didn’t say anything. Instead, he inserted his face more in between her cleavage and started rubbing mom’s back over the towel. While running his hands over her back, he brought his hands on her butts and started rubbing there over the towel. After a couple of minutes, he lifted the towel a bit from the back and started rubbing her naked butts.

Mom smiled and said, Mera bacha shayad jawan hone ki koshish kar reha hey. Hey na beta? He didn’t say anything but rubbing his nose and lips on her naked cleavage, he started pressing her ass-cheeks. Then he brought his left hand towards her right thigh and he started rubbing her right thigh simultaneous to playing with her ass-cheeks by his right hand. Mom, with a smile on her face, was enjoying her son’s game and she was also running her fingers on his hair with love. He then slowly brought his left hand on her cunt and started pampering her cunt. Mom closed her eyes and started heavy breathing. Her heavy breathing resulted into more pressure of her cleavage on the face of my Bro Raj. The slowly he entered his left hand’s middle finger into her love-hole which is his birth-hole too and started a slow finger fucking. Mom moaned, AHHH… and bent a little. He now licking her cleavage brought another hand on her clit and started playing with it simultaneous to finger fucking. Mom started enjoying it. HHAAAAA…. Her cunt started lubricating.

Raj’s left middle finger was now with full of lubricant. He took out his left middle finger from her cunt and inserted his right middle finger and started finger fucking her cunt fast. Simultaneously, he inserted his left middle finger into her asshole and started finger fucking her asshole too. She started moaning bit loud spreading her legs. AAAHHHHH…… HAAA…. Holding his both the shoulders, she bent more.


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