My Baji

I am new to your club. I like to tell you a real incident of my life. This took place a few months back. I hail from a conservative family of India-Bangalore. I am 25 single. Fozi baji is 36 (eleven years elder to me). She has a kid of six. As our family bonds are very strong so she was too close to me since my childhood just like my real sister (she is my first cousins). Our friendship and affection grew stronger when sometimes back her husband was posted to my city. We were only two of our family in that region.

She is not having a very happy marital life. She was all-dependent on me for mental relief and being a younger brother I always tried to keep her smiling. I never had any bad intention about her but few months back her beauty made me think that, why on earth her husband was not interested in her.

Let me tell you she has the best figure. I have ever seen. Her big boobs keep trying to torn her shirt (qameez), she cannot hide them even in loose clothes. Her lips are too sexy to be ignored. Her big sad eyes are very attractive. However, the best of her body is her ass, which is so perfectly round. Her ass and the boobs actually polluted my thoughts and I started masturbating for her. I feel I cannot do justice to her beauty.

She of medium height (like Mumta Kulkarni) but is extremely sexy. Few months back my brother in law left the city for two days. I was called upon to stay with her. After her son had gone to bed we both were watching TV. She enjoys my company a lot and was joking and laughing. I asked her about her relation with her hubby.

The topic saddened her. She told me how indifferent his behavior was. Admiring her beauty for the first time. I said that he was an idle. Admiration of beauty in this way from younger brother was a bit strange for her, but I kept normal. Then I asked her to show me her hand, as I knew palmistry. I had held her hand thousand times but that day it was different. MTV GRIND had started. She tried to change the channel but taking some undue liberty I asked her to switch to same.

Pelvic gyrations of girls maddened me of lust. Libido was at its top. On the other hand she was hesitant even to watch such an erotic program with her brother. My cock was erect & the bulge of my loose pajamas was visible . I caught her staring at it. She really got embarassed, but I moved closer to her. Her glorious boobs were a few inches away.

First innocently I dropped my free hand to her thigh as if it was by chance. But she tried to move away then I took her hand to my rock hard tool and held it in “our” hands. It was a shock for her. She tried to run away but I held her to my body, and said baji KUCH NAHIN HO GA. She was speechless. I picked her up & took her to guest room (my room). She was motion less but by offering less resistance, she made me brave.

She was also sex less for months, but begged not to fuck her . She said “billo (as she calls me) kuch na karo, main tumhari baji hoin” she offered masturbation for me. I agreed but first undressed her and myself. Her naked sight had almost made me cum and with a few jerks of her soft hands. I ejaculated like a bull. We both were quiet; it was all over her hands and thighs. She went to bath room I followed her and requested her to wash my tool as well. With her touch it soon grew hard again and this time I took her to bed and laying straight over her put it in her cunt. She begged me to leave her but I didn’t. I fucked her real hard as she soon started loving it. We come together.

Then I started sucking her whole body starting from feet to the lips. Her lips were too sexy I requested her BAJI MEREY LUN KO BUS AIK MURTABA CHOOM LO she obliged. Watching her lips on my six inch long, thick cock made me cruel and I started putting it in her mouth, she resisted and I could only explore her mouth once.

I put it in her pussy and gave her the best ( as she said) fuck of her life. Then lying over her in bed. Then I slept right on top of her. After about an hour. I got up and thought of her as she was not there. I went to her room she was fast asleep facing the wall. Her ass was presenting a sight to watch.

Slowly I took position and dragged her shalwar down her ass bomb. In dim light I saw her ass crack wide and deep. I started sucking it. She got up but as if she was expecting me never moved. For an hour I sucked, kissed, slapped her ass and the inserted finger in it she cried out of pain, I loved it. Then putting my own sliva on my cock I started pushing it in.

Out of shock she just said “BILLO PECHAY SE NAHIN, dard ho ga” but who cares I pushed it in despite her cries and held it there for few minutes thinking and loving that I was in baji’s ass, the fluffy, the perfect butts, my own incest bums, her rear entrance was torn. I fucked her like a real bitch placing two pillows under her I had raised her ass for me. I came right in there. Next day I fucked her thrice and left.

Now I really love her body and want to sleep over her naked every night.

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