My Aunty Breastfeeding Me

Hi it’s me Vicky and it my nick name, I from Mumbai, I am fan of the ISS form the STD of IX th and currently im a graduate student, after reading all stories in this website.

I was in need of sex and I am fan of incest and teacher stories I going to share an experience which took during my XII Std at the age of 19. I am sorry if any mistake made as it is my 1st story in ISS send me the your precious comment on [email protected]

Now let go to the story without wasting time my aunty name was Babitha fake name she is fare and looks cute and her age was 27, she is the mother of two child both are girls and she is my Moms brother wife and at that time.

I was in the studying and so one day there was a big family problem in my mama family with his younger brother so my mama decided to go and settle in their native place which is in Tamilnadu on that day at night my mama came to my home

And he said that he is going to leave Mumbai permanently so he wants to make arrangement in native of school and home and he asked my mom to leave me to his home at every night to for doing some work and for secure as she has a new born baby just 6 months old and my mom gave me

The permission to sleep in my aunty home every night and at that time and I was not having any intension of having sex with her and that day passed my mama had gone to native as it was my still studying and it was near to exam I took some of my books and went to my aunt home.

I opened the door and she was not there so I went to kitchen and it was attached to the bathroom and her sound came from it, it was her she was washing her baby cloth it was a gorgeous scene her cleavage was beautiful and this is the time.

I got impressed by her, but I gone to hall and it was just two room home, and played with the elder child and my aunty came she sat with me made some chat about my school I was having tea and it was almost night 11 ‘o’ clock so she had gone to sleep.

She was sleeping with his younger child who is breast feeding and the elder child was in sleeping near me beside the bed in floor I took my book and started studying by the time of 12

I gone into deep sleep without knowing me so I got at 12.15 and got up to washroom got fresh and I came to room to start studying and at that time my eye gone to bed what a scene it was the child was playing with my aunts big boobs I got surprise by seeing it and I see my aunty is in deep sleep

I gone near to bed and watching the child playing without my knowledge I also started playing with it and I touched the big melon it was really so soft with big nipple like 1rupee coin. I touched it I was getting a good fell which I never got in before it the first time

I seeing I nude boob and touching it. I slightly pressed it with my right hand and I squeezed it really soft and at that time she whispered little as ahhaa I got frighten and moved far from the bed and I switched off the light and gone to washroom and masturbate and gone to bed.

Next day I thought that it was the perfect time to seduce her, so I gone to her home early she was in blue sari busy with her house hold work she welcomed me with a smile and asked me have you studied last night well by hearing this

I got little fear and said ‘yes’ and gone to bed and took my notes and started study suddenly she called by my name and I ran in to kitchen she was in floor said I felt down so I helped in getting up and she put her hands in my shoulder her breast crushed into my chest but I didn’t take care of it


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