My aunty and uncle

Hello all. My name is Rani I am 34 married Punjabi female living in Canada. I am married my hubby is 35, he is also Punjabi. I been in Canada since 1973.Hubby been here since1976. I am 5.6” 36/30/36. My hubby is 5.10.Very nice body, we are very happy. I read many stories in iss site. Some of the stories are very good, some are ok. I enjoy incest and group stories. We also do lot of group sex too. I want to tell you how it all began. When I was 2 my dad came to Canada, I and my mom stayed back in Punjab. After 2 years dad brought us to Canada, I was 4 then. My dad was living with my uncle(mama) mom’s bro. Uncle use to play with me and use to take me to school. He use to tickle me and I use to tickle him he use to laugh a lot when I tickle him. I use to wrestle with him. The life was good.$ years after that Uncle moved out in his own apartment. He use to come to our home 2-3 times a week. He also use to bring his gf to our home. She is white woman, her name is Jen, very nice and beautiful girl. When I was 11 uncle got married to Jen. Jen I got along good. She use to take to shopping and parks.

One day my mom had her friends home for tea 4 other women. I was in other room the door were open. Mom was telling her friends about how dad make love to her. Mom was telling in details about how dad’s 9” rip her pussy, which mom loved it. Other women want to know more and more, She told them that she love to ride dad like she is ridding a horse. Mom specially loved when they were in 69, she said she could not take all of dad’s penis but she loved to suck it like a loli-pop. Other women were saying ooohhhh lalalala, you are very lucky that your hubby have 9”, mine has only 5” and other women said the same thing. That got me curious. I wanted to see his penis and feel it too. When I went to school I talked with my school friend’s girls, what my mom was talking about. All white girls. They said they have seen their dad naked and couple of them said they seen their dad having sex. That made me hot and horny. I tried to see dad naked but it did not happened hugged him and I did feel his penis it sure felt good. One time we went camping there dad had to pee and I saw his penis it was biiiig. I knew how mom would have felt with that in her pussy.

I use to stop over at my aunt house after school, their home was on my way home from the school. Aunt use to make me tea and cookies we use to talk and watch TV. She was very open with me. She asked me if I had bf, I said no I don’t have bf. She said why, are you lesbian, you have gf? I got red face, I said no I don’t have gf too. Aunt asked me if other girls and I touch each other, I said we kissed few times that’s all.(but we have had oral). One time aunt asked my mom if I could help her with yard work on sat. Mom said sure. On sat I went to her home, aunt told me that uncle is away for the week end. We worked in her garden for few hours. We had tea. Aunty asked me if I am tired, I said yes little bit. She said let me give you massage, she put mat on the floor and asked me to take my blouse off and lay on mat. I lies on my stomach aunty started to massage my back. she would start at my lower back and go up to my neck. On the way down she bring her hands on my side and touch side of my boobs, then her hands rest on my bum. She kneed my bum and slip her fingers under my pant and into my crack. She did that for 15 min, I was getting turned on and started to moan ooooohhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaa. She knew it is time to explore more of me. Aunty pulled my pants down and took them off now I only had my panty on. She massages my legs and her hands would come close to my pussy but she did not touch it. She was teasing me.

when her hands were close to my pussy I would move my bum side ways aaaaaaaaoooo. She took my panty off. She sat on my bum and started to massage my back harder and she pressed her pubic area on my bum and move it on my bum while her hands were on my side on my boobs, she would rub them and grind her pubic on my bum. I was on fire. She knew what to do she was very gentle yet hard. She moved back and started to lick my bum she had her tongue in my crack She spread my legs and started to lick my ass and go down to my pussy. I said That feel very good you are best. She turned me over and now I am on my back, She lay between my legs and lifted my legs up, I put my legs behind her head on her neck. She started licking my pussy and my ass, I have has couple of girls did me but they were no way near as good as aunt. She would push her tongue in my pussy in and out like she was fucking me. I must have cum few times. After 15 min she stopped. I just lay there, I was tired. She lay on my side and put her arm on my boobs and just gently started to rub on them, she would lick then now and then. It took me about 15 min to regain my senses. I thanked her, aunt said it her pleasure to do that. Aunty: Rani would you like to stay here for the night, your uncle is not here we can have lot of fun. Before I said any thing, she picked up the phone and called mom. Ask mom if Rani could say here for the night Sunil(uncle) is away for the night. Mom said ok.

We cooked food and we both ate it. Aunt told me that if I want to be on my good side with mom, then I should start helping my mom with her work cooking ,cleaning and washing cloths Then I can have it my way. She will know you take responsibility so she will trust you. I took her advice and it really worked out. After super we watched TV. she showed me girls porn I liked what I was watching, and learn few things from the movie. I asked aunt to teach me her way how to lick pussy. She showed me all the tricks. I started going to their home more often. Especially when uncle was not home. When ever we had time we lick each other. My mom kind of surprised that I was taking on lot of work on my self mom was happy that I am learning responsibility. After 6 months after that. Aunty: Rani, would you like to do 3some with us?

I: what? What u mean 3some?who is the third person?

Aunty: your uncle.

I: how can this be, he is my uncle, what will he think of me, what if he tell mom?

Aunty: he is the one who is asking for it, why would he will tell your mom if he want you.

I: still it is right to do with uncle, or is it?(in my mind I was secretly wishing for it)

Aunty: I think it be ok, that is only if you feel comfortable, not wish to force you any way at all. Can I think about it; Sure said aunty.

Next few days at school I asked my friends about it, They already knew that I was doing with aunt. All 3 friends said it will be wild, go ahead and do it. Lorry said one of her friend in the other city was doing with her twin brother. I said really? It must be exciting to do with brother,( don’t have bro or sis).They told me that many people do incest, with uncle it is common thing and also with brother. I did not know it then. Next time I was with aunt, I said it is ok with me, he won’t hurt me? Aunt said I will be there with you and make sure he won’t hurt you. He is very good at it, you will love it. That time she showed me his pic of his penis, it did not look big, must been about 5.5” normal thick. Nothing like dad! Aunty made plan for the week end and asked my mom if Rani could stay for the week end , because Sulin is out of town .Mom said sure it is ok that Rani stay over with you. I went to their home on Friday after school. Uncle was not home yet. Aunty made tea and we talked few things. I was nervous. Aunty was very helpful calming me. At 6pm Uncle came home. He kissed aunt and hugged me. We had super at 7pm.

Aunt: Rani lets go to room I followed her to the room, uncle was still in the kitchen washing plates. In the room aunt put on the porn, we got naked and got on bed. There was jar of key jelly on the table.

She started kissing me and lay me down on bed she got on top of me and we were in 69. I did not knew when uncle came in the room. Aunt lifted her head and I felt another tongue on my pussy. I knew it must been uncle. I kind of tensed aunty said it is ok just relax. I started licking her pussy. The tongue that was licking my pussy was even better then aunt; I could not believe that uncle could lick that good. After few min I was real wet and ready for the real thing. Mine and uncle’s eyes met I try to turn to side to avoid uncle’s eyes. Uncle: you are real beautiful girl, since I saw you last time.

Aunt: look at her boobs Sunil, small but nice, You have been fantasying about her now she is waiting for you, she is all yours , Are you not, Rani? I just nodded my head. Still shy. Aunt sucked uncle penis and got it hard, then she took key jelly and put it on his penis and put lot of it on, in my pussy. Uncle got close to my pussy aunty spread my legs for him to get closer. Aunt was holding my legs and uncle put his penis on my pussy. He rubbed it on my pussy spread the key jelly on my pussy. He then put the head on my pussy lips. Aunty spread the lips of my pussy to help the penis get in. Uncle pushed it in just a little; it did hurt bit but not much. He pushed bit more, now it started to hurt. Aunt started to rub my boobs and my clit and told me to take deep breath and relax. Uncle pushed bit more. He was taking it easy. I was in pain he would stop till I get relax then push more. It took about 5 min to get all of his penis in my pussy. Then he started to push in and out while aunty was sucking my boobs

Aunty: yes now you should enjoy it Rani, move to meet uncles thrust, Sunil take it easy with baby, She have small pussy. I started to move my pussy to meet uncle’s thrust it was wonderful feeling, warm penis ripping in my pussy

Mama ji fuck me now give me all of it yes I want it all in my pussy, my dear uncle do it. Aunty; yes Sunil fuck your dream girl, You wanted to fuck him for long time, Now show me how you fuck your beti (daughter.)

Uncle: come on beti get my cock squeeze my cock squeeze my cum from it, ohh beeeeeeti.

I: I am ready to cum uncle now fuck me harder and harder faster mamaji faster, mamaji I love you ooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Aunty suck my boobs .

My legs were behind uncle back I was pulling him into me. Uncle fucked me for 20 min. I was soar after that. But I loved it. We rested for a while. I said to uncle I want to try sucking your penis. Uncle: sure beti, but call it cock. Ok mamaji give me your cock and fuck my mouth. He lay on bed and I got on top of him we were in 69. I start to suck mamaji’s lund. It was real nice feeling warm cock in mouth while he was licking my cunt.

Aunt: Rani let me suck Sunil’s cock too don’t just keep it to your self. I and aunty both sucked his cock 2 tongues on his cock drove him crazy.

Uncle: Come on Jen Let Rani see how I fuck you. Aunty lay on bed and uncle got his cock in aunt’s cunt. Aunt asked me to put my cunt on her face so she can lick it.

While I was on top of aunt, uncle pulled my head down to aunt’s pussy and he took his cock out and pushed it in my mouth. He would fuck my mouth 3-4 times then fuck aunt. He repeated it many times. I likes the taste of aunt on uncle’s cock. We fucked all week end My uncle fucked me 5 times on that week end. That’s how I started doing with aunt/uncle. There are many other experience that I shell write next time like ass and they shared me with their friends. Send me email with your moment’s [email protected]

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