My Aunty And Shobha Fucked Me

I am a 23 year old boy when I got a job and once I had to visit my uncle’s house. My Aunty was so beautiful and sexy but very younger to my uncle. She always had naughty look on me. That night there was a program in school and uncle was the committee chief and he had to be in the school till late night as soon as we all went to watch the program in the school my aunty was not feeling well.

My uncle told me to take my aunty and go home and she is not well for help one of Aunty’s friend Shobha also came in a friends car to drop us home. I was sitting behind in the car and Shobha and aunty also in the back seat. Suddenly Aunty lied on my lap with her head on my dick. It was dark in the car and I could feel she wanted to smell and byte my dick. It came rock hard, she was alright it was her idea to spend some time alone with me because I was leaving back next day after the visit.

Shobha also undetstood my aunty’s need and she was eqaually supportive of aunty, thinking that she will also get a chance to play with my rod as soon as the car dropped us near uncles house and my aunty acted tired and she held my shoulder and with both hands clung to me pressing her hard boobs on my chest. I could smell her hot breath near my mouth and it was intoxicating. Shobha and I took her to bedroom and Shobha told me remove aunty’s saree and all and she needs some fresh air.

She is sweating while she brings some warm water for aunty. So I removed her saree, and my aunty was moaning as if she is not well. I could see her shape of her bobs and naked blly inviting me to enjoy. She asked me remove my Jeans and wear the Dothi. I obeyed suddenly she moved my Dothi and brought her hand inside my underwear and caught my dick hard and started playing with it. I was worried about Shobha coming, but aunty told me ever since Shobha saw me in the morning.

She is asking aunty, why such a golden chance my aunty is not using to get a good fuck from this young boy. I was shy but the thought of two aunty’s giving me a treat in next two-three hours gave me a real thrill by this time Shobha came with warm water, and saw what aunty was catching my dick under the dothi. Aunty did not bother to take out her hand. Suddenly shobha moved aunty’s hand and just opened my Dothi took my tool in her mouth and started sucking my dick vigorously.

She is only 24 years, so beautiful, fair color with hard boobs and tight thighs and big eyes, she had a small mouth, and she was sucking my tool as if she was having a ice cream. I could not resist and I started pressing her boobs and my aunty started kissing in my lips within no time they undressed me completely and stared licking all over my hairy body. I started kissing my aunt’s pussy and got wild. No matter I wanted to move, Shobha will not leave

My cock from her mouth and my aunty also started licking my balls and begged Shobha to give the cock for her to suck. Shobha gave it for my aunty saying just for two minutes, and my aunty’s warm mouth started sucking my red hot cock, Shobha started licking my balls, ass and all my inner parts. I was getting close to orgasm and held tight my aunty’s boobs with other hand I played with Shobhas cunt and put my finger in deep in her and started finger fucking.

She got wild and helped my dick into my aunty’s cunt and asked me to first fuck aunty and gives her a good fuck, then you fuck me and next three hours we will not give any rest to your cock, we both want, we are so hungry for such a young and strong dick. Aunty started biting my lips, while my shaft started going deep in her up and down, by this time the telephone rang and my aunty took the phone. It was uncle calling to check how she is. I enjoyed my fuck while she was talking to my uncle.

She screamed with my shaft going up and down in her hard, she told my uncle, she has pain in stomach, so she is screaming uncle asked her to take rest and asked for me. I took the phone and told aunty is somewaht ok and mysel and Shobha are taking care of her and while I was talking to uncle aunty took my tool in her mouth and started sucking, and she suddenly bit it, I scremed with pain, uncle asked what happended.

I told I twisted my leg and it is paining. Somehow I disconnected the phone and Shobha started kissing my lips passionately both these young ladies are so sexy, togther they started licking my whole body again, I also started licking there whole body and then again my tool was hard rock, shobha opened her cunt and asked me to go in without wasting one second I strated to fuck her with full force. It was such a nice treat for me. I was in seventh heaven fucking this film actress type beauty girl.

My aunty put her thighs and cunt in my face and ordered me to tung fuck her, I was enjoying both, lying on my back, shobha was on top of me pushing and circling her hip with my strong dick inside her tight hole, while aunty’s pussy was in my face and it was even difficult for me to breath. Her hot juice was all over my face. Shobha said, when it is ready to come, she wants to drink to let her know, aunty also said I want also to drink it.

I said it is about to come both the girls brought their mouth near my tool and eagerly started licking one by one. It splashed with a moaning aunty drank the first thrush, then next thrush Shobha put her mouth and then aunt again they were sharing my cum equally, even some drops fell down Shobha licked it from the floor, my dick was fully wet but all cum they wiped with thier thursty tung and then aunty squeezed my told, little left out came out as honey she even licked it from the top of my dick.

Both of them kissed passionately and both of them were so happy. Aunty went to the kitchen and brought some red wine and we all drank for ten minutes and I was ready for the next session in that 3 hours I fucked both girls turn by turn enjoyed so much and slept tired around 12 midnight. Uncle must have come after that early morning I got up had a shower and was in the work area and Shobha came and asked me to come to the corner.

She kissed me and sat down I took the rod in her mouth and gave a good blowjob, until a load of sperm jetted out in her mouthful and drank. My aunty did the same again when my uncle went to to take the shower after half an hour in a hurry she also managed to squeeze out the next load in her mouth and very satisfied. I caught both boobs as much as I wanted and kissed both ladies pussy and enjoyed for the last time and left to work with uncle. This is a real incident happened few years back.

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