My aunt menaxi

Hi gals this is jay this is my first story 4 iss hope u enjoy it. M kind a expert now with my experience in satisfying women…this is an incident 2 yrs ago i was 1 of d handsome hunk of my college and had one night stand wid most of d babes .i was jst bore of sex wid young girls then. Then cam d chance my mom and dad went 2 our native place and i was left 2 my young uncles'(dads’ younger brother)place .menaxi was his wife they had 2 children but dis 32yrs babe had maintained her figure quite well her huge tits and soft ass attracted me and i often clashed my hand unknowingly 2 feel her ass. So getting back 2 d story,her husband went early morning 8 am and cam back 10pm.her children went 2 summercamp leaving me and her alone. 3 days had already passed and since it was vacations all my g.f had went on vacations i was den hungry 4 sex and den made a plan of fucking my aunt who was 36-24-36.we selpt together in d sam bed in d evening.i started seeing a blue film on my mob and kept d vol full and kept it such a way dat she could also see it and it happened like that she was see it and den she all of a sudden stood up and went 2 bathroom & closed d door.i followed her went 2 d toilet and peeped in through d hole made 4 common blub. I saw her masturbating so my plan was going on a sucess.after some time she stopped den cam out i know she was hot so i jst cam out nude & stood in front of her she gazed at my penis & den ran away in d bedroom i follow her den i caught her

She tried 2 free herself i den touched my penis 2 her ass 2 make her feel by now she started breathing fast den i freed her she den again gazed at my penis at den holding it started 2 play with it.dis went on 4 quite a while & den i made her nude & started licking her ass she liked it very much.then i looked in her eyes she smiled & said”gand hi chatega ki kuch karega bhi”i was shocked dis made me hot i pressed both her breast as hard as i could and started giving her shots d whole bed started shaking as i was fucking her like a wild lion she seem 2 enjoy it as she roared ah ahh yeah …. Dis went on 4 next 20 min as i cummed in her. I selpt on her as we both slept nude.den after half an hour v wok up she stood up & thies she stood nude in front of me she said “bahut maza aaya chal abhi chai banati hoon.” & she went twds kitchen i saw her ass vibrating as she walked dis made my crazy i runned behind her grabing made her sit on her nees & started dog style. Den we again went on d bed and dis time i licked her juicy tits.dis continued 4 d whole week when my uncle was out and her started b’cuming desparate and addicted 2 my wild kinda sex.she has 3 child now .my uncle think it is his but it is mine .we hav now stopped having sex but v still help each other masturbate & i still enjoy licking her body any unsatisfied women wanna get fucked by a real guy mail me on [email protected] or send in ur mobile number ur nam(services only in mulund.)

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