My amma

I’m Prasanna from Chennai. This is my first experience after reading all the stories I am publishing my experience with my mother (Amma). My amma name is Nirmala (Nimmi). “Nimmi” What a sexy name? She is 40D sized cup round ass and wide waist looks like typical Indian lady.

My amma is a beautiful lady. She is 38 now and I am 19. But she looks like 28 years lady. Because she doing exercise regularly without fail. My amma is whitish, with good sized boobs and bottom. I get excited by her breasts and plump buttocks. She dresses very casually at home and sometimes doesn’t wear any bra underneath her blouse. Once when she wore a cream colored blouse I could make out the outlines of her areolas of her breasts. And I use to masturbate of imagining her.

My father works in Srilanka. At night I sleep with my amma in the bedroom as she is afraid of sleeping alone. I lie close to her often putting my arms over her and she doesn’t mind it. Amma removes her sari and wears only her blouse and petticoat while sleeping. While my father comes from Srilanka, she sleeps with him. A few months after my father came amma became pregnant. Around this time father took a few months leave from Srilanka and we all moved into a new apartment. The new apartment had only one bed room. My father and amma slept on one bed and I use to sleep at the hall on the mattress in the floor. My younger sister was born in October. While my amma breast fed the baby, I saw the full breasts of my amma. Those milk pots excited me. One night as I was sleeping, the baby woke up and started crying. Amma woke up and unbuttoned the blouse and started feeding the baby. After seeing amma’s breast my penis instantly got erected. At this time father got up from the bed and went to the bathroom and returned. I lay motionless on the mattress. Father sat on the bed next to amma and watched her feed the baby. Amma teasingly asked father whether he too was hungry.

Amma, then put the baby on the cradle and rocked it till my sister slept. Then she returned to the bed and switched off the bed lamp. In the faint light I saw my father moving towards my amma. He placed his hand on her belly and moved upwards. On reaching the blouse he started to caress the breasts. He started unhooking the blouse buttons and then amma got up and helped father to remove the blouse. Father took one nipple in his mouth and started sucking while he played with the other breast. Amma let out a soft moan. I got very excited. I was only a few feet away from all this action. I could hear the moans from of my papa and my loving amma. They must have assumed that I was asleep. I held my breath and waited for more action.

My father then untied the knot of ammas petticoat and slid it down her leg. Then he tore off his lungi. He then moved down the bed and put his head between my ammas thighs. I was unable to make out what he was doing there. Amma seemed very excited during this period. He started rubbing this place vigorously and amma started making a ‘OOOOHHHHH’ sound. Father then crept over her body and started kissing amma all over the face, neck and chest. After all this kissing he got up from the bed, pulled amma towards the edge of the bed, spread her legs apart and slowly pushed his penis into her cunt. At the first time amma complained of some pain, father then took something from the shelf and applied it on his penis and between ammas thighs and said to amma ‘Now it will be fine’ and slowly inserted his penis into her. Slowly he started it ramming in and out and I heard the ‘plop plop’ sound along with ammas soft ‘AAAHHH AAAAHHH’ moans. Amma started moaning wildly as father increased speed. After sometime father stopped pumping and took his thing out of her cunt and amma started to fiddle with it. Later both went to the bathroom and returned after about half an hour.

Next morning amma was very cheerful. I waited for more action in the next couple of days, but I was disappointed. I had a very good session in my dreams fucking my amma

A few weeks later my father left for Srilanka. Amma seemed itchy after he left. I continued to sleep with amma in the same bed. One night, after dinner I was helping my amma that time my baby sister started crying. Amma took the baby, asked me to hold her for a minute. She then removed the part of the sari over her breast and started opening the blouse buttons. I got an immediate erection. She then took the baby and started feeding her. My mind was away from the work and I wanted to see her nipples. She caught me staring at her breasts and she didn’t seem to mind. She asked me “R u finished your work?” I nodded and went to bed and lay down there. After putting the baby in the cradle, amma came to the bed and lay next to me. I put one leg over her body and she came close to me and asked “What is it, Prasanna?” She then turned towards me. It was then I noticed that her blouse was partially open in the front. I could see a nipple. She caught me again staring at her breast. She smiled and asked me. “Do you too want my milk”? I blushed. Slowly she pulled up one side of her blouse and exposed one of her breast completely and said to me” The baby is not taking enough milk these days. My breasts feel very sore” and started squeezing her nipple. A drop of milk emerged.

I placed my hand on her breast and asked “Is it painful?” She said “A bit” I couldn’t wait for long. I placed my mouth on the nipple and started sucking. OHH MAA. Sweet warm milk filled my mouth. This is not a dream … I thought. I asked her can i call u by your name she accepted immediately. Nimmi then asked me to wait, while she removed her blouse. Now two full breasts waited in front of me to be sucked. I played with one while I sucked the other. Nimmi (amma) seemed happy. Meanwhile my penis was erect like a baton. It was poking on Nimmi (amma). She said ‘Prasanna, what do you have there in your shorts, Let me see “. Amma slid down the shorts and was quick to hold on my erect member. Amma started pushing its skin up and down. Amma then slid down her petty coat and lay naked on the bed. She spread out her legs and I saw the unshaven pussy. She took my head and placed it over her pussy. I inserted my finger into the hole and moved it in and out. Soon juices started flowing out her cunt. Amma got up again, raised her bottom a bit and placed a small pillow below her bottom and lay over it and spread over her legs. She then asked me to climb over her and helped me to insert me prick into her hole. Her hands guided by inexperienced shaft into her hole. It went into the hole easily. I could feel the warm cunt walls. Then she slowly pushed me back and forth. I finally got the rhythm and pushed the penis in and out of the wet hole. Amma was wild with excitement. Meanwhile I played with her full breasts. I couldn’t hold out for long and I pumped the entire cum inside her.

Next time I was able to hold out for more time. Over the next few days amma gave me lots of new experiences. She took my organ in her mouth and licked me to ecstasy. I licked her cunt until she was satisfied on another night. I showed her a picture of a girl being fucked through her anus. Amma agreed to try out this one also. Initially it was very painful. But she mastered the act in no time and took me into new heights of ecstasy.

She says that she won’t get pregnant anymore since she is taking pills. I like to satisfy my ammas needs. Still we do our show daily. After your feedback I will post my another experience. Any mothers, aunties who need to be satisfied can contact me at [email protected]

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