Mother’s Sister

This sister i am talking about is really older than my mother. At the time we did have our first sex, she was in the menopause stage, or just reaching it. She has a daughter, who has a son. She also has a son but because of some troubles, he was never married. Her life was miserable and we all pitied her. Their family was not rich and not poor either. My uncle was very old and religious. Even my aunt had turned religion out of the hardships she faced in life.

It only took me alone to convince her that she needed something apart from god in such a state. She was a buxom woman, as many are at her age but her face was pretty. However, i never took notice of her face because she obviously was not hot. She was slightly short and very talkative. My mother used to tell me that she had been very passionate about many things in her youth.

Now coming to the story. It was during my own brother’s marriage that we got close. All our family had come to our house and we were all supposed to go to delhi for the reception. She too was there with her husband and her son. I had seen her shake that huge ass of hers in the dances that all took part in. She was not the one i was keenly looking at, but she too caught my sight once or twice. I as usual was more interested in imagining other hotter aunts and sisters naked. In fact i was working this cousin of mine to get naughty with me.

My mother called me fix the music system as it had broken or something. I was doing computer engeneering, but she still thought i was a mechanic. So once i fixed it, i just sat their playing the songs and then came her song. She would dance very nicely and i began to think how she would look naked. I thought she would have this slabby stomach and a hairy pussy and saggy but big boobs. Later after the programme, she came to me and asked me to burn a cd for her songs. I acted all charming and casual and said ok. I told her that i would even come to her house to deliver it.

This delivery idea of mine was born out of complete sympathy for her but it turned out to be a wise one later. I went to her house in the evening. Her husband was out of station for work and her son was doing some job that he was supposed to do. She made me a cup of coffee and offered me some biscuits. Now i have already told you how chatty she is. She started talking from the moment i entered her house and kept on till i was finishing my coffee. Frankly i had no interest in listening to an ugly woman’s talk but i had no choice. She took the cup from my hand and moved towards the kitchen. I followed her as i wanted some water. She put the cup in the sink and turned around and i was standing right there. She was surprised a bit, looked me in the eye for a second and then turned away. I told her i wanted some water. She got on her toes to pull out a glass from the rack above.

She couldnt reach it and i had to help. I can not say if it was an accident or if i did it intentionally, but i touched her hand while getting the glass. I was almost sticking to her when this happened. She let out a sigh and her stomach touched me. What was a touch turned into something more, because i caught hold of her hand and brought it down to her waist. I picked a glass and with the other hand i kept a grip on her waist. She did not sherk of my hand and neither did she say anything about it. She just looked down. She even did not see the glass in my hand which i was holding in front of her face now to get some water. I broke the silence and said, “water?”


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