Mother’s Sister

This sister i am talking about is really older than my mother. At the time we did have our first sex, she was in the menopause stage, or just reaching it. She has a daughter, who has a son. She also has a son but because of some troubles, he was never married. Her life was miserable and we all pitied her. Their family was not rich and not poor either. My uncle was very old and religious. Even my aunt had turned religion out of the hardships she faced in life.

It only took me alone to convince her that she needed something apart from god in such a state. She was a buxom woman, as many are at her age but her face was pretty. However, i never took notice of her face because she obviously was not hot. She was slightly short and very talkative. My mother used to tell me that she had been very passionate about many things in her youth.

Now coming to the story. It was during my own brother’s marriage that we got close. All our family had come to our house and we were all supposed to go to delhi for the reception. She too was there with her husband and her son. I had seen her shake that huge ass of hers in the dances that all took part in. She was not the one i was keenly looking at, but she too caught my sight once or twice. I as usual was more interested in imagining other hotter aunts and sisters naked. In fact i was working this cousin of mine to get naughty with me.

My mother called me fix the music system as it had broken or something. I was doing computer engeneering, but she still thought i was a mechanic. So once i fixed it, i just sat their playing the songs and then came her song. She would dance very nicely and i began to think how she would look naked. I thought she would have this slabby stomach and a hairy pussy and saggy but big boobs. Later after the programme, she came to me and asked me to burn a cd for her songs. I acted all charming and casual and said ok. I told her that i would even come to her house to deliver it.

This delivery idea of mine was born out of complete sympathy for her but it turned out to be a wise one later. I went to her house in the evening. Her husband was out of station for work and her son was doing some job that he was supposed to do. She made me a cup of coffee and offered me some biscuits. Now i have already told you how chatty she is. She started talking from the moment i entered her house and kept on till i was finishing my coffee. Frankly i had no interest in listening to an ugly woman’s talk but i had no choice. She took the cup from my hand and moved towards the kitchen. I followed her as i wanted some water. She put the cup in the sink and turned around and i was standing right there. She was surprised a bit, looked me in the eye for a second and then turned away. I told her i wanted some water. She got on her toes to pull out a glass from the rack above.

She couldnt reach it and i had to help. I can not say if it was an accident or if i did it intentionally, but i touched her hand while getting the glass. I was almost sticking to her when this happened. She let out a sigh and her stomach touched me. What was a touch turned into something more, because i caught hold of her hand and brought it down to her waist. I picked a glass and with the other hand i kept a grip on her waist. She did not sherk of my hand and neither did she say anything about it. She just looked down. She even did not see the glass in my hand which i was holding in front of her face now to get some water. I broke the silence and said, “water?”

She seemed to break out of her dream said,”ah! Yes yes!” she filled my glass and i drank it right there with my eyes open wide and staring at her. It felt like i had the glass to my lips for ten minutes or so. I did not know what had got into me but i kept staring at her face. She too did the same and none of us spoke. When i was finished drinking, i could barely manage to say that i wanted another one. This time i knew what i was thinking and wanted to know what she was thinking. So when she kept the glass back i puller by her shoulders and planted a kiss on her lips.

This was like a glass shattering moment. Sme volcano should have erupted after it. Her face was red. It was not a blush, it was anger. She slapped me really hard. She asked me to get out. I felt like somebody had just chopped of my balls. She did not say anything apart from that and i couldnt dare to either. When i got home i did not have any dinner and just went to sleep. I dreamt about the slap and all the moments preceeding it. I resolved to appologize to her the next day, if she did not already tell my mom.

To my surprise and relief she said nothing about it. The whole day i was gone out of the house so that i would not have to face my aunt in front of all the other people. I told my mom i would be having dinner with my friends and will come late at night. I started towards my aunt;s house. My heart was feeling heavy. I made sure she was alone, and having done so i ringed the bell. She opened the door and smiled at me. She asked me,: tu aa gaya?” she was expecting me. This seemed to take some load of my mind. Before i even got i began to appologize to her. She did not listen to any word i said and just rushed inside the house. I began explaining how i had got carried away and followed her. She went inside and did not seem to hear anything that came from me, instead started drawing the curtains and opening her cupboards. She evn shut the door of her bed room while i was in the hall trying to say something foolish. After a few moments the lock opened and i rushed at the door.

As soon as the door was opened my jaw fell down. My breathing stopped, my eyes widened and i stopped making any sort of noise. I could have died of shock right at the moment. She broke the silence today,”so what was it exactly that made you kiss me yesterday?” i suddenly got out of the trance and seemed to speak something, but did not know what too. A part of me was getting horny, but the other part was dumbfounded. My aunt was standing stark naked in front of me.

It took me, who i thought was very spontaneous, sever minutes to realise what was going on. Yes, i had managed to seduce my sunt, the really old and religious aunt. I finally smiled and she got near me. She opened my shirt and pulled me in her bedroom. She made me sit on her bed and asked me what all did i know. I, getting back my ability to speak, told her to come near me. I made her sit on my lap and planted a kiss on her lips. She seemed to respond well but was very rustic. I knew she was out of practice, and that is something similar to being a virgin. I kissed her full now and she kissed me too. I told her that i might do somethings she does not know about, but all of it is going to be fine. She said she was up for everything. I then laid her on the bed and started removing my pants.

I got my penis out which, frankly wasnt erect. I lay on her and kissed her lips again. I cucked her tongue and asked her to do the same. I asked her to lick my ears and nick and chest. She might not have been doing it correctly, but she was making me horny. I asked her to take my penis in her mouth. She looked up at me to find out if i was joking, but i wasnt. She put her mouth on my cock and did not do anything. Then she got up and asked me what was she supposed to do. I gave out a laughter. I explained to her what a blowjob was and then asked her to rub my cock with her mouth. She was doing pretty fine for a 55 year old. Meanwhile i scuffled her hair. I had decided earlier only that i was going to make it pleasurable for and not her. She was new to it and i could use that to advantage. She sucked for a long time and i had no worries about cumming soon. She eventually got tired of it and asked me what next.

I asked her what she knew about sex. She told me that she was to take my penis in her choot, and that i was to come inside her. I told her that i would love to cum inside her because i dont want her pregnant now. She told me she was at menopause and i was excited. I told her that she should sit on me and move up and down. She got to the job and trust me she was better at it that giving blowjobs. She did it with all the strength an 55 year old lady could muster. Now i was getting erected. She was also making sound like i had never heard before or imagined of while having sex. It was weird but i was enjoying it.

She was so sweet that she even asked me if i was liking it? I was so happy that i thought of making her happy now. I thought it would be selfish of me to take advantage of my aunt like that. So not i told her to lie down. I went down on her. I licked her hairy pussy and told her that next time she should shave it properly. She promised she would and i said i would shave my dick too. She liked the idea. I slurped her pussy juices while she moaned in excitement. I knew she had never had a time like this in her life. When i started sucking her saggy boobs she was very quiet. I did not know why she was not making any sounds. I thought it was only porn where women would make such noise. So i asked her what changed her mind. She started telling me that she slapped me yesterday because it was not right for an aunt and nephew to have sex. I was sucking at her breasts and only making hmm noises to show that i was listening and understanding. She then told me that she has been thinking about it all night and found something very strange.

She had been worshiping god all her life and still her life was so miserable. I got up and told her that i felt really sorry for her. She told me it was alright and i got back to sucking her boobs. She then thought that her life was not going to get any better, so why should she miss out on what is there to enjoy. She smiled at this and i asked her if she still believed in god. She said she believed in religion as much as before, only now she was willing to do the sin of having sex with her nephew if that made her happy. I found this very strange and wanted to talk about it. I knew i could have her anytime now so i wanted to get to know her like a lady. I slept by her side and made her roll over me and pulled a pillow under my head so that we could talk. I asked her what was she gonna tell her husband if he found out.

She slapped me lightly and told me that would be a terrible disaster and she would never let that happen. I told her i would keep it the best secret of my life. I asked her if she was gonna have sex with her son like she is having with me right now. This seemed to trigger a thought in her mind but she said no after some thinking. I asked why. She said that her son was already having trouble finding a woman and if she would give him sex like this, he would never be able to find a woman; also her son was half as bold as me and he would never dare to touch her like i do. I cannot hide the fact that i got a kick out of it. I kissed her lips and she kissed me back. I thought of asking a few more questions but then decided to get on with it.

I rolled over once again and she was under me now. I placed my cock on her cunt and started to stuff it. She was tight as hell but her age made the muscles loose. So once i managed to get it, it was all very smooth. I was doing her very slowly. The advantage of doing with an old woman is that she likes the slow rhythm too. She was enjoying it and i could see her. She was laughing and saying yes yes. I got excited by it and started thrusting hardly. She was screaming in pain. I told her this could be painful tomorrow. She dd not mind it. I thrusted her very hard, almost shaking the bed. I picked her legs up and put them on my shoulder. I held her saggy breasts and fucked her brains out.

She made my dick so wet that i lasted longer than i expected. Ultimately she told me that i should get up now as her son was about to come. I said she should wait for me to come too. She said hurry up then and i came in the next three strokes. She did not let me lie there on her and we both rushed to the bathroom. We kissed while we bathed and finally we got dressed. I asked her to give me the bra she had been wearing and stuffed it in my pocket. I kissed her for the last time that day and left for my house, more satisfied than ever.

On my way out of her street i met her son and we exchanged some words. I told him that i had come to give a dvd to his mom and he said that i should come and stay for a while. I said i would love too but then i had to get home. He said fine. I so wished to tell him that he has a hot mom and he should look after her needs, but something stopped me and that was it for my first time with her

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