Mother’s Lustful Incest Relation With Her Two Sons – Part 1

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Hello everyone, I am Siva 23 years (2016) from a Town near to South Indian City Kurnool.

I have been looking to write the sex life of my mom Ramya Reddy (we call her Ramya) with Kiran (Elder brother) and me (Siva) since 8-9 months but got time to write now after mom’s approval. Ramya agreed with me to share our life with everyone to encourage you all to have strong Incest relation with your own mother’s as that we have with Ramya.We have the best sex every day with mom and I have to say that, she is so strongly bonded with us that she acts like a pure horny and wild woman with us which you all will realize after knowing our life.

We are three in the family, Mom- Ramya Reddy (44 yrs), Brother- Kiran (25) and me- Siva (23) now and this is the living experiences of my mom (Ramya) with me and my elder brother (Kiran). Ramya (32-28-34) is very fair and slim and she looks very beautiful for her age and even to this day after fucking her for 2.5 years I lust for her even more for sex. My dad had divorced my mom 3 years back when she was 41 years old because of an affair he had with the other lady for her money and moved to London with her. We are self-sufficient with our business (Marbles & Tiles) which my brother takes care off now along with me.

Ramya got married at 18 years, Kiran was born when she was 19 and me @ 23 years. At the time of divorce, we used to stay in Kurnool city and Kiran used to go to the factory which was near our town (our own lands). During the early stages of divorce, Ramya was struggling to get on with life as she could not be with dad as he left for another woman for money. None of our relatives know that as we kept it a secret and did not want others to know about it. As time passed by (5 months), I have found changes in the behavior of my mom and could not find much about that. I was doing my engineering 1 st year then.

In 1 month I have seen a lot of change in my brother’s (Kiran) attitude as he and mom were not around in the house for several hours day which was not common before. I was not regular to college and I used to go to our farm several times a week during evening time to watch porn and masturbate in our small 2 room house in the middle of the field which was isolated from other agriculture lands by fencing. One day I was very horny and left college to the farm to watch porn and masturbate.

By the time I reached our farm and found that the gate was closed but open. I wondered who could it be at this time (no one had access) and parked my bike outside and walked inside the gate. Behind the house, there were full of trees and hay spread on the corner at the back side.

I saw the house was locked and started walking towards the back side of the house where I found my brothers car and there were sounds of moaning from the hay blocks at the corner. I thought that my brother was having sex with some girl and wanted to go back at first. I stayed there for a while and got excited hearing moaning and wanted to look at my brother having sex and walked slowly towards the hay blocks.

As I came closer and stayed low near the car and saw my brother was fucking a woman in doggy style. I wanted to know who she was and stayed put for some time. after 3- 4min I was totally horny looking at my brother fucking a woman and was stroking my dick through my jeans.

Kiran then stopped and asked the woman to change position to come on top of him and what I saw was the earth shattering view of my life. It was my mom (Ramya) totally nude and she came on top of my brother as he laid on top of the hay blocks stocked at some height. I was dumbfounded and totally shocked to what I was seeing and could not react for a while seeing mom getting fucked by brother and they were totally horny as I could see mom moaning while Kiran was holding her hips and fucking mom’s pussy very fast.

After 5 min I came back to my senses and saw that I already came in my jeans seeing my mom fucking my brother and I was horny as fuck. It is then I came to understand why my mom and brother are not at home several hours a day as they were having sex here during the afternoon as I would not be here at the farm.

I was so horny and I too wanted to fuck my mom as I already had been fascinating about mom after her divorce. I could not hold back and all of a sudden came in front of them and called my brother what he was doing here once mom saw me she was shocked and both of them separated and tried to cover with whatever they found nearby.

Kiran and mom went into the room and came back in 5 min and was standing near the room facing away from me.Everything was silent and it was like a desert feeling until mom broke the silence asking me she will explain me everything to what I saw.

I was very horny and acted as shocked and angry looking at mom. Mom tried to talk and Kiran was about to leave the place when mom asked him not to leave and she wanted me to know everything as there is nothing to hide from me now.

To know what happened with me, mom and ran I would have to post it in the part-2 once I receive enough responses from the Incest lovers here. I want to know how excited you people are to know my mom’s horny life with us.

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