I stay with my wife a few blocks away from her parents. We stay with them every weekend. One sunday evening, My wife had gone to the beauty parlour to take care of her hair. My father-in-law had goes to his house every sunday and won”t be back till late night. I was left alone with my mother-in-law. At 51 she has the best ass in the town and the biggest tits. Time and again she would shake her ass a bit too much for anybody”s comfort when she walks in front of me, but absolutely innocently. She has the voice of a teenager and would sometimes giggle like a girl with her breasts dancing like soap bubbles bouncing on the floor. Her nighties could barely hold them. To feel some incest for her was just human. I was feeling bored. I put on the TV and was changing the channels without any interest when my mother-in-law came to the hall with coffee for me. As she was giving me the coffee she tripped over a magazine which had fallen on the floor earler. The Coffee spilt all over the floor. She brought some old cloth to wipe off the coffee on the part of the floor right in front me.

Her nightie”s top hook was open and unaware of it, she bend down to wipe. More than a quarter of her breasts were visible inside the bra and I couldn”t take my eyes off it. After a short while she saw my eyes on her bust and she suddenly withdraw back and turned to put on the hooks. I was embarrassed but didn”t want her to feel know it. Gathering some courage, I told her it is okay anyway, because they were beautiful and are inviting to be looked at. It is just that anybody, given a chance would love to caress them. She got angry and turned red at it. She turned around and swung her left arm at me to slap and I moved to a side. She tripped again on to the sofa, this time accidently opening the second hook of her nightie and her bra was fully visible.The sight was too much for me to handle. I cupped her right breast through the bra and my mother-in-law was too much in a shock to move. Before she could get a chance I kissed on the lips slowly cupping her other breast too. She tried to move away out, effectively pulling me on top of her. I pulled her by the hair and kissed ever more passionately.

It was evidently long since she made love. I knew she was thriving for it but her high morals were stopping her from forcing the issue with even her husband. Being a pious lady she would have never gone for anything sexually gratifying outside. But here she was right under me, my hands on the breasts and lips on hers. I kept caressing her breasts while licking her lips and suddenly I could feel her resistence melting. She started responding to my lip work and I could feel her tongue movement in my mouth. I slid my hand from down, into her nightie and slowly reached her thighs. I could hear her make a small moan. I lifted her nightie to bare her ass in her tight panties. I slid my fingers into the pantie and her moaning became more audible. I pulled down her panties and from the knee level she virtually kicked it off. Making her sit in the sofa, I buried myself into her sweet cunt which was surprisingly clean shaven. Her cunt lips were pink in color and she started shivering as my lips touched them. My tongue started searching inside her vaginal partings. It smelt better then the best fragarence from Egypt and in any case it looked like a beautiful, fully blossomed flower. My fingers kept wandering around her ass cheeks. She stared moving her hips as my licking became more speedy. She pushed me down and ripped My panty open and started rubbling around the bulge. She slowly freed my penis and moved the skin down. I told her to remove it and she Virtually tore off my brief. I felt she was going to eat away my Hardness as she pushed it deep into her mouth. It had grown to full length. She was licking from my balls to the tip of my penis. Her tongue was painstaikingly licking off the lubricating liquid that kept sneaking out of my penis. I felt I was going to come in her mouth and I pulled out to place it near her cunt. I teased her cunt by rubbing the tip of my penis on the lips of her cunt. I could she following it as I would withdraw my penis until I saw the sheen of her love honey oozing out of her cunt. It was the warmth of life that I felt there, as I slowly entered her cunt. Sucking her nipples, I started moving my penis up and down into her cunt. I lifted her legs up to enter her to the fullest and started thrusting her cunt deeper. I could see her breasts swing up and down each time I reached her deepness. Now I was fucking her with sheer power. I scrached her breasts with my finger nails and it was red all over. My fucking was speeding up and she started moving her hips in rythm.

She was mourning her life out until she climaxed together with me and collapsed into my arms.We were lying down nude together for a while before she slowly pulled herself out and went into her room. My love juice dripping out of her cunt as she walked shaking her big ass in an ever so seductive style. She didn”t come out from her room until my father-in-law knocked the door.After that we never made love again as she would avoid any situation to be alone with me. But my father-in-law looks more happier now and I am pretty sure she made him re-live his sexual life again, thanks to what I triggered. Good for him. Good for her.any suggestions, contact me on [email protected]

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