Mother and neighbor situation made by son

Hi i am vinoth(incestthevidia). I like to say the real story about my mother. First of all i like to intro about my mother. My mother is like middle heroine deepa. Her size is36-34-40. Her age is 40.she is also like a normal housewife. I think she did not have sex with my father nearby five years. She did not bother about it that is the truth. I am also a lovable son of my parents. They are very lovable to me.but i have a basic thinking of the situation that is my mother is being fucked by another this time my father loses job. My father thinks losing of job is due to astrological father has a new friend named sathyakumar.who knew astrology my father also know some astrology. My father bring him to our house one day. They talk seriously about astrological mother gave him tea.this continues some days.there is no changes noted in sathya’s views on my mother. But after somedays his views changes i notice it because i know the views by reading iss he also notices the views from me about him. One day i got some courage and talk him about his views on my mother. He hear all the questions from me about views on my mother that viewed by him. And he finally says one thing i know the whole about u vinoth and also about your fantasy about your mother. I am astonishing about his talking about me. Then he says he know thantras then also he says he got all information abt my fantasy from thantras i say don’t fool me but he confirmly says that u r fantasizing your mother is fucking with another persons then he says am i right.then he also says if i help him he helps me to regain my fantasy into truth then he also promise me its totally secret on hearing these words i slowly got guts and say ok to him. Then i ask him who is going to fuck my mother without gap he says its me then he also says don’t worry i will give your mother a good fuck because i am having a long lund which was waiting for my mother then we plan the situations of clearing of my father by giving another job for him in his friends company in a good salary my father also tells ok due to good salary and good circumstances. In the meantime i ask one doubt if my mother says ok to the fuck . For that sathya says i made her to say ok and also he says that is in my hand hearing this i am afraid then he consoles me that i just want to collect her unwashed kerchief,hair. After hearing these only i came into the normal conditions. Even i have no confidence on him. Sathya does all the matter my father goes for work .

Finally the day comes he call me in the phone to set me back in house the bell rangs he comes in i opened the door. He smiled at me i am smiling on him with curiosity and fear. He gives some ritual water to drink to my mother she also drinks with bakti then he calls me separately now u r going to see ur mother hear all the words said by me. Now also i am in confusion. After sometime it is cleared by him. He called my mom by her name. She also come and he asks her to sit before him she immediately sit before him without any angry.sathya turns to me and asks me if its ok i also say ok then

I ask him not to fuck her in house he also agreed and he ordered her to come to his house i also agreed the same thing

I ,sathya and my mother went in auto to his house nobody was there. He ask me to close the door. He look at me and says your dreams are going to become true. I am in horny mood.sathya first talk her in rubbish words in the meaning of fucking her in front of her son. I also enjoyed the words.then he slowly remove his clothes.he is now nude in front of me even i am a man i am totally astonishing on his lund size which was above 12 inches i am totally happy because i am going to see a good fuck of my mother

He ordered my mother to remove her cloths she remove immediately like a toy my mother is nude infront of her son first of all he says my mother to suck his cock. What a pleasent my mother is sucking a monster cock fully deepthroated. He ejaculated cum inside her mouth he smiled at me very proudly while my mother sucking his cock. He ordered her to laid down she laid down he aparted her legs i clearly see my birth place now he says is it visible to see ur mothers cunt i am saying ok in a horny manner.then he exclaims now i am going to enter your birth place to see how long is your mothers cunt is i am very much joy in this words. He is inserting his monster cock in my mother cunt like a bullet from a gun she totally shivers in that action from him he continues the thrusts like a horny mother is screaming in pain and tears are coming from my mother eyes. He once again ejaculated in my mothers cunt now he turns her back my mother is lying in her chest. Sathya ordered her to lift her ass. In this place i like to say about my mother ass l saw many types of asses in live and in net but my mother ass is very sexy when compared to all. Now the monster cock of sathya entered my mothers plump ass like a drilling machine in the first thrust half of the cock only inside my mothers ass but after the following thrusts sathya’s monster totally disappear inside my mother asshole. From this action my mother is crying but he follow his thrusts by scolding me and my mother in badword. He pressed my mother’s balls like auto horn.the pumping of ass continues for half an hour. She got tired of that action of fucking like a bull. After sometime sathya asks me to help him to lift her for another fast and furious fuck. Eventhough she has a massive pain she responds like a slut on the next fuck the fucking session continues for nearly 1 hour with the help of me by lifting her legs which allow sathya to fuck her in all positions i am also getting tired and we all slept together then the fucking sessions continued by sathya and then by his friends that i will continued in coming stories.

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