Mother and Her Daughter Both Fucked

very beautiful though she was in her early fifties her complexion was white and body well shaped say 36 32 38 height was average 5’8″her name was Senthiani Bandarwal her daughter’s name was kutti and her husband’s name was Gihalu Bandarwal.

One day the woman was on the road collecting cow dung but was wearing only a saree as she had no blouse or petticoat due to their poverty while she lean to collect cow dung her saree slipped from her top and her bulky boobs exposed. Her areola was very large around 4″diameter with thick and one and half inches long nipples and to her luck by that time a Muslim man was going on his bicycle and saw her boobs.

The man halted for a minute by keeping his left leg on the ground and other leg on the paddle. He came and told the woman her boobs are very good and she looks more beautiful in her open boobs. The woman got ashamed but the man told there is nothing as it is very common. He asked her why she is collecting cow dung as she looks so beautiful and seems to have come from a good family.

The woman narrated her pitiable conditions. To this he expressed his deep regret and came with her to her rented house but found it was in dilapidated condition. He saw her husband as a old man in his early sixty and her daughter to be in her teen age but very sexy and grown up having 32 28 34 size body round face and 5’3″ height. He asked their name and told his name to be Chodu khan.

The woman asked it seems to be Hindu name but he told his mother a Hindu lady and his father a Muslim his father had took her mother by force and married her without her consent. That is why his name is mixed one. A Hindu name with a Muslim title and they talked for half an hour and after that he took the old Brahmin to his hotel and engaged him to supervise with a lump sum salary so that they can maintain easily.

He also gave some amount for their immediate use. The Brahmin family thanked him very much and requested him to visit them as and when possible. He told he will come daily. The next day he came but the Brahmin was in his hotel as his worker. He gave some grocery items and rice and vegetables. He told it will be sufficient for their fifteen days flooding.

The family became overwhelmed and termed him as their demigod. He went assuring them to come daily. He came daily for a week and gossip very gentle. The family believed him in total but next day he came with a sealed packet and told the woman that he had brought something for her which he can open only when she is alone. The woman understood something and asked him for how much time she will send her daughter outside.

He told minimum half an hour and then the woman told her daughter to go outside in the name of paying a courtesy visit to one of her neighbour with a distance of 500 feet but she should not tell about the coming of chodu khan. She may tell her mother is cooking and she has some leisure time. She may come only after half an hour her daughter went away.

The woman told he may give her gifts but Chodu Khan told her to close the door. He told he himself like to dress her in his own hand So she should remove her saree from her top. Out of good believe she removed her saree but her boobs opened naked. He saw her boobs and nipples and slide his tongue on his lips. He came to the woman and asked her to raise her hands and close her eyes.

Opening a blouse he put is on his shoulders and squeezed and sucked her boobs till she became very sexy and water started flowing from her cunt. He wear the blouse after kneading her boobs for another five minutes and told her to open her eyes and see. The woman became very happy looking at the beautiful sequined blouse though she was feeling some unwanted torture still than she expressed happiness


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