Mom,son and daughter

Hi my name is samidha. I am a 40 years housewife and introducing you to worlds most beautiful moments hidden in everyone’s life. I have a small but sweet family, my hubby samar, son sarth and daughter shalini. We are very lucky b’cause all our fours names start with letter ‘s’. We love each other very neatly, my hubby and me fullfills each others sex desire very well, but one day my hubby died in accident and god opens new door giving ultimate change in my life.. I am professionally a teacher and both of my childs are students of 11th science. It was possible for me to handle my family without my hubby b’cause of government job, but the main problem was my sex desire..though i am 40 years old i look very sexy and attractive. In my college there are minimum ten seniour students who proposed me still knowing that i m married…can u belive that? Leave it, my actual problem was i need sex at least twice a week but i am well societed woman that’s why i am not going to fullfill my wish at outside.

And i push down my sex desire for my childrens. I stop masturbating too.. But at one sunday when i was taking homework of my childs, i saw my childs are completing homework of biology. I say both of them were involved solving some problem.. They are in same class that’s why they never left each other alone. I observed that my sons having a bulg in his pant that’s why i check what did they are studying and to my surprise they were studing about human sexual organs. I was comletely unknown about their bio-syllabus but after knowing that i started to observe them carefully both were so easy talking with each other on this subject..suddenly they blocked on one thing, they were unable to know meaning of ‘pubic hairs’ and they asked me about that. I felt so shy on their question. And finally tell them that the hairs on our sex organs are known as pubic hair. My son understands that b’cause he have them but my daughter couldn’t understand that b’cause she doesn’t have pubic hairs still…

My son and me both tried a lot to simpify my meaning but she refused both our sentence, and for my shockingness my son uncovered his pant and show my daughter his manhood with the load of pubic hairs. I was totally shocked but seeing his longest manhood my sex desire wakes up again and i ran towards bathroom leaving them alone. I started to undress myself and start masturbating that timr i squarted atleast three time and after teking a cold water shower bath i come out of the bathroom thinking of my innocent childs. When i back in my childs bedroom i saw a new shocking thing that my son and daughter are half naked from waist and observing each others sex organs very deeply. I saw my daughters pussy first time after her grandmothers death when she was just 8years old. It was not sign of pubic hair on her pussy. I understood quickly why was she refusing to my meaning. I was very angry at seeing them but suddenly a thing came in my mind that why shouldn’t i use my own son as my sex slut?? I was alreay read about incest on intertnet and i know it is the thing mostly happen in many families but i was firstly experiencing the thing. I go near them and helped them to uncover each other neatly. After their observation my daughter asked me why she not have pubic hairs?? Is it any desease to her or womens not have pubic hairs? I told her that she is alright and not having any desease.. But she asked again ..then i pick the advantage of her question and lifted my saree in front of both of them. They were shocked looking my still young pussy having small layer of hairs on it. I released my saree and said her that if she is satisfied or not?? She was speechless for two minutes..

I laughed at both of then and say that today i am going to teach you advanced biology.. But remember don’t teach it to anyone else…and ordered both of them to undress theirseves. I also undressed myself. After seeing my huge melons my sons cock started to become rock hard. My daughter look at his cock and asked me again what is happening to his cock? I answered her that it is being ready to learn advanced biology sweety, now lets just see what we do and then you try to do the same thing. O.k??

She agreed, i tell my son to speep on bed and i come upwards him and targeted his cock toward my pussy and slowly i sat down on his cock his cock was fully inside of me and now i started enjoying myself. A small tone of moaning comes out of my mouth my daughter feared again, i realesed her saying it is natural thin baby let see other, my son also started slowly stroking me. I increesed my speed and my moaning become larger, my son also start moaning b’cause his cock was still new in this game, his cock started bleeding but he was enjoying and we don’t stop after few minutes he squarted his load in my pussy, i was not satisfied but i don’t show it, i called my daughter and asked her to suck his cock hardly till it gets ready again to fuck. She started to suck. I slowly put my middle finger on her pussy and started to rub first she refused but then she started enjoying. I was looking for chance i tell her to have full cock in mouth. As soon as she did it i inserted my two fingers in her pussy. She hurted but could not cry loudly b’cause of cock in mouth, i fastly started masturbate her and in two minutes she forgot the pain and started to enjoy masturbation. Thus my sons cock stands again this time i positioned my daughter sleeped on bed and my son having strike from the end side of the bed. He slowly inserted hi scock half in her love hole and she started crying to not to do that, it hurts to much, suddenly i placed my pussy on her mouth and ask her for suck it and she started to suck it, my boy completes his mission in second strike and started to give strokes to her, she also now started to enjoy. After few minutes both ejected their cum, i licked both of them and we three go to the bath together. Next day i arranged some blue film cd’s and watch them together now my both son and daughter are professional in satisfing each other and their mom.. My son fucks me two times in day and five times in night. I have forced him to join a jym and collect some body to fuck her mother more strongly, my daughters boyfriend also included in us. He provide us bliefilms cd’s. And increase our desire….this is my sweet and sexy family..

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