Mom’s Anger Reveals Her Secret

Well this is a true story…

My name is Rahul and I live with my dad, mom and elder bother. We are a middle class family. My mum and dad have been married for almost 30 years now. My dad used to run away from the house every now and then leaving my mum to take care of us. Mum used to take care of us we used to take care of mom too. But sometimes mom would call us to help her with her bra strap cos we were small boys.

Mum has big tits and its difficult for her to strap her bra hook sometimes. As we grew up me and my bro developed a secret dark fantasy towards mum. My bro caught me looking at mum changing and things changed from then on. We were jointly together in this now.

Mum developed a drinking habit because of the problems and used to be in a drunken sleep almost every night. Me n my brother would then unbutton mum’s nighty and see her boobs and massage them as she would not know anything. We did this for quite sometime even masturbating while looking at mum’s boobs and massaging hem with one hand.

It was heaven for quite sometime till I had to go to hostel. My brother continued to study at our hometown. Whenever we used to meet I used to ask him how far he got with mum. He said dad has returned from his escapades so he does not get much of a chance. I dropped the topic after sometime too.

One day my brother called me and said that mum and dad had a big fight and mum got drunk and tore her dress. In her drunken mode she came and slept in my brothers bed cos she din’t want to sleep in the same room as dad. She was still wearing her torn dress with nothing underneath the dress. My bro too removed his shirt and slept hugging mum in just his boxers.

Once mum went into her drunken sleep all he had to was lift her dress from one side and she was stark naked in his bed. He fondled he boobs and masturbated rubbing his cock between her ass cheeks. He did it as long as he could and came four times on her ass that night.

He cleaned his mess with a wet towel and slept hugging her the whole night with his bixers on. In the morning when he woke up mum wasn’t in the bed she was preparing breakfast. She never knew a thing cos she was really drunk and my bro acted normal.

My brother never spoke of anything after that but i noticed mum and his behavior changing towards each other. They were acting like real close friends. I never thought anything of it but one day bro announced that he found a girl he wants to marry who is not from our religion.

Mum got flipped to and started crying and in her anger she told my brother if I tell your younger brother about the thing you did to me, You mite commit suicide. Now u want to marry this girl what I have done for you no mother will ever do for you. Why can’t you listen to me and marry a girl from our religion of my choice? My brother just walked out of the house just like my father. By the way my dad ran off again so it was only me and mum on this psyched out day.

Mum got drunk that night and started shouting on me about my smoking habits and all. I asked her about what my bro had done to her. She was a lil drunk and started saying i just said that in my anger. I told her common mum I saw bro’s face he was scared about what you mite say next. She bit her lip and with trembling lips told me that she has allowed only two men in her life to sleep with her my dad and my brother. It was a shocker but i wanted to know more.


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