Mom son in bathroom to bedroom

Hi all I am bunny and I am 19yrs old my mom is 40yrs with hug boobs and big Ass with little fat I love my mom very much so much that I want her as my wife my dad is a hope less man always out of station and enjoying with other women once in a month he comes to us meet and go so no one is there with us expect we both in our home I enjoy watching pro movies when ever I get time one day after watching I saw my mom was going to have bath so I thought of seeing her having bath so I waited until she went inside and closed the door than she called me bunny no soap inside please give me soap than I took and called mom take she opened the door and give I said even I want to have bath with you she said ok come I went inside I shocked what I saw mom was wearing only bra and panty I see mom like that my dick come hard and after that

Then mom told me to remove my shots I look mom ask me not to fear it will happen all peoples then mom unzip my shorts at that time I am not wearing underwear my shorts came down mom saw my dick mom told me “its great to see ur dick is so hard ur hather has to so big” I didn’t say any thing than mom take my dick into here hand. And do up and down first time in my life its feel soo good mom ask me” how was it ” told” I am in heaven mom” than mom stand and give me a kiss on my lips our tongue locked

Than mom move back and remove here bra and panty mom ask me how is it I told mom that ur soo beautiful than mom be move bra and come neat and I take my hand to moms breast it s so soft mom ask me to take it in mouth mom eyes was close and after some times mom remove hers panties also I ask mom can I see there mom lay on the floor and move her both legs I think my mom has shaved last week because there are some hears there its not do black and not red mom told me to put my hand there and mom leads me to put its soft in my mind I want to bite there I am soo crazy to see there are juice it slip my finger into the hole I do inside and outside fore a long time at last mom ask me to stop then mom came down and take my dick into moms hand ad take it to here mouth and give a good blowjob after some times I told mom that mine is coming mom didn’t take it mine flows into mom’s mouth mom bring it I told mom I also want moms pussy into my mouth mom lay there and I go down I can feel the aroma of my moms pussy I kiss there mom told me to link all there I links all my moms pussy inside and outside mom ask me to put my finger and do and at the same time link all I do what mom told after some time mom told me mom is coming it all fall in my mouth and face its some bitter taste but I like it more what all.

Than mom ask me to wash all. Mine come hard mom laugh at me and ask me did I like all we done I told more I like than mom ask me to go to her bedroom and lay on the bed I do mom come up and sat on my dick it is hard mom guide my dick into moms pussy it slip inside moms pussy I also separate my leg to go full inside mom sit and do up and down then after some times mom lay and I do after doing hard I told mom that mine is coming mom ask me to fill it in moms pussy I was shocked mom told me don’t worry mom will never become pregnant because mom remove it. At that time mine comes inside mom’s Pussy. Mom told me mom never fell like this its soo wonderful felling mom told me mom wants me every day I also told mom that same after that we wash and went for sleep after that day me and mom do every day. Mail [email protected] Any girls and moms like to mail me plz sent to my mail.

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