Mom satisfies her son

Hi ISS fans, I am Stephen again. As I had shared my experience with my elder sister Annie, this is a continuation of the past story “ANNIE MY ANGEL”. After my sister flew to US. She called us after two months that she was pregnant. Mom and dad fed me sweet and said congrats to me and laughed. I was shocked and blinked innocently. My mom looked me through the corner of her eye and she smiled wickedly biting her lips. My mom Aeliamma school teacher of 35, got married in her 15th age and gave birth to two children, me and my elder sister Annie now I am 19 and my sister is 20. It was vocation for me and dad had gone to Dubai to acquire a security contract in ARAMCO Oil Company. (Dad is running a security service after serving from army and now he is 55) I wanted to ask mom about her laughing in Annie’s matter whether she had known any thing of our affairs in Moonar. My mother to describe – she is 35 but looked not more than 25. Her body size is 38-34-36 and weight 65 kg with a height of 5’3” wheatish color. As a school teacher she makes up well and wore breast poking bra and fit right blouse. She wore light colored transparent sari to school and satin nighty in the house which revealed each and every part of her body line.

Since my affair with my sister I did not bother about of mom or felt sexily. But the animal within me was awakened By Annie and I could not resist fantasizing mom in bed and in toilet when I masturbate. It was the fifth day of Annie’s phone call and the second day of my dad’s departure. I was viewing a porno cd in my player and lying on my back fondling the tool pushing its fore skin up and down and enjoying the cd fantasizing Annie. I was shocked by the sound “marvelous” from the door and saw my mom there smiling. It was 4.30 and mom had arrived from school. I immediately covered my tool and bend my head in shy. Mom asked why are you shy my Annie’s little master. I was again shocked and ran to her to ask why she is always using my sister Annie’s name. My mom ran to her bedroom and locked in. I knocked the door and said I will not move from this place until she answers me. I was waiting for mom to come out, mom came out wearing a towel which covered half of her breast and went down so far as to cover the pubic area. I was stunned and went near her and caught her hand and asked again my question. She again ran to the open roof centre of the house (Muttram) to take her evening bath.

As she stepped on the slippery marble floor she fell on her back, with the fall the towel opened in front revealing all her beauty. My eyes were hooked on her private parts, neatly shaven pussy and moon round bobs. She was moaning in pain that her buts and thighs had got cramps, she shouted that you naughty pig help me to the bed. I carried her to the bed at the time the wind blew fast and her towel split in front once again. Immediately I had a hard on and my member touched my mom’s side thigh. She had felt my cock and made a different moan. I laid her on the bed and asked her whether she was ok. She cried that her buts and upper thighs are paining and it needs a massage with kayathirumeni oil. I cooled her that our maid will come at 5.30 so wait for some time. Mom said that she is in leave for three days and she won’t come. I asked whether we can go to the vaidhyasala (ayurvedic hospital) and get treatment. She shyly ignored and said that the nearby vaidhyasala is run by a male and if they go there, she has to show her body to him and she would get ashamed to see him any more on the road. So I asked what your suggestion is.

She closed her eyes and said that as we two were in the house and you had seen her fully naked twice some time before so you my pleasing son can give me a massage. I was happy on hearing this and agreed to do her a good massage but before her she would answer my question. She gave a sexy smile and said that it was her plan to send us to Moonar and instructed Annie how to tease you but she told me all it happened in Moonar by accident. I asked her whether she told you all about it. She replied yes all, the stream, the dance and the alcohol and your marvelous size. I got shy and hung my head, she raised my head and said go and get the oil, I need your help more to relieve the pain. I ran to the other room and came back with the bottle of oil. By the time she had removed her towel and was lying on her stomach showing me all her nude back. By pressing of her bobs in the bed I could see its sides bulging out on either direction. I took oil in my palms and dripped through her ass crack drop by drop. My mom said that don’t pour oil on the sheet so I ran to dads room and brought a rubber sheet to put under her. At that time the tiny drops of oil which I had dripped reached her pussy and she had a sensation of thousand butterflies flying on her stomach.

She moaned in pleasure and I started to massage her buts first I rolled my both hands on her buts standing by her legs. I could view her shit hole and some part of her pussy while I was massaging and spreading her but crack. She was moaning in pleasure and I started to insert my massaging hands to her inner thighs and I could feel the wetness of her pussy. By this time she began to spread her thighs to give me a better assess. I rubbed her pussy lips with both my thumps and rubbed my index finger on her ass hole she moaned loudly and began to murmur ugly words. I got courage and turned her on her back by twisting her legs. She was wide spread and I began to give her a front massage starting from her legs. She was holding her breasts and squeezing it vigorously. I raised my position and was massaging her thighs very close to her cunt. Then I put one hand on her pubic mount and the other on her stomach and moved it towards her breast. At that time that happened. She caught my cock which was unknowing peeping out of my shorts through its bottom and began to roll its fore skin. I shouted KARTHAVE, oh Jesus. Jerking my cock she managed to slip to the side of the bed and kissed the tip of my cock and started to lick it from top to bottom.

Mom said “I was thinking to give me to you as a gift for making Annie pregnant, but it’s happening accidentally”. Mom said that I like climbing on top and due to my hip pain I could not do that so you do me as you wish and lied on her back and spread her legs. I got on my knees between her legs and took her legs on my shoulders and brushed the tip of the cock on the pussy opening. She moaned “I am already hot and wet due to my horny massage so no need to heating up further. Put your thing deep in to my pussy and shut the fire burning for past 15 years” and she pulled my hip. I started to hump my mom softly and finally I was about to cum and said mom about it. She told to fill the entire load inside her hot cunt and cool her. She got up from the bed and by my massage and fuck she was relaxed more and could manage to walk. I seated her on the bed and said that nobody will disturb you for three days so be still on bed naked and get oil massage all the day and night. She laughed and asked what about our food. I said that we can buy it from the hotel. She agreed and made her hand as garland and put on my neck and pulled me to give a French kiss and asked how about your mom is she old. I said no my beauty you are as young and tight as Annie.

She told that “I was missing fuck for 15 years since our dad had lost his manhood in a terrorist landmine attack when we were in Assam. His pole does not get up and so he uses his tongue and fingers to satisfy me. I in return put his soft cock in my mouth through out the night. He is officer outside and I am boss in the home. I had said about you and Annie to him so only he also laughed at you on hearing Annie’s pregnant. He suggested me that if I wish I can lye with you and cool my cunt” I was shocked on hearing this and asked why you are all thinking like this. Mom said it’s not wrong to keep secrets within the family. If some one go out in need of fuck it will damage our personal and family image. I asked her whether I can fuck her after dad comes from Dubai. She said definitely and your dad had also asked me to record our play in our handy cam for him and he can view the play at any time if I did not accept to fuck her before dad. I said nice, why I want to go out for sex where my two ladies of home are ready to spread their legs. I asked her to take a bath with warm water. I took her nude to the Muttram and opened the solar heated water. I took the cup and poured water all over her body and applied soap giving importance to her bobs and pussy.

She pulled the string of my Bermudas and it fell on the floor. She was sitting on a short stool and I was standing in front of her pouring water. She pulled me closer, took my tool in her mouth and sucked until I came in her mouth she didn’t waste even a drop. But I was worried and asked her whether he can regain energy for the second round. She told that as she had sucked her cum it will stand a long time sop both can enjoy a lot. Then I wiped her and applied body lotion and whatever makeup she does before school but I did not allow her to wear any inners but only a see through nighty. She wore jasmine flowers in her head wore all her 150 sovereigns jewel and came to the bed room with a cup of milk and a cup of home made wine. I asked whether the two drinks match but she told that the milk is for me to regain energy and wine for her to defend my shots. I took her on my arms and took the wine in my hand and fed her she took the milk and fed me. I said hat I want more milk, she put me on her lap and inserted her nipple in my mouth and asked me to drink the invisible milk which she and me had in mind. I sucked one and rolled the other nipple.

She was moaning in pleasure and asked to go in 69 position and jammed her pussy in my mouth. I sucked my entrance to world as much I wanted. She then got on me and made our traditional fuck. I helped her that she had cramps on her thigh and buts so I held her by her bobs and supported her jumping. She was climaxed thrice but I did not let her to get up until I came in her hole. This continued for three days and she had to go to the school and I had to go to the college. But at night mom and I used the same bed and continued our fucking session until dad arrived from Dubai. Friends the story will continue with threesome adding with my dad. So for encouragement please send me comments but don’t mail me because we had promised to keep it in our family as family secret but reading your comments I will mail you and come to your place and satisfy your mom or sister and even you if you are a girl or cock sucker.

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