Mom And The Photography Assignment

Note – When I wrote the story, my aim was to make it as realistic as possible and that is the reason why I ended up making it so long. But all the stuff really builds up to this story making it more erotic.
Please read it until the end, you’ll enjoy it a lot. (Stuff starts to happen after half the story, so don’t stop midway)

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This story happened 2 years ago when I was in South Dakota doing my Masters in Science. I was a keen student back when I was doing my bachelors and I wanted to sum it up by doing MS. Now just like every other student out there, I was filling various forms and doing the admission procedure in the beginning of the year. I had to select a few subjects to make up around 36 credit points. So I took all the subjects I needed and then there were 2 credits remaining at last. Now, these 2 credits were especially for unconventional and non-STEM subjects. Which meant that I had to select a subject which is not related to my field, which is Computer, or any other tech/science field. These were a specialized set of subjects given to empower arts and humanity. This thing was introduced a year before. Now for the life of me, I couldn’t decide what I wanted to take for the those 2 credits. The list was like this

Women Empowerment
History of Art
Workplace Psychology
Fine Arts
Digital Art Techniques
Cultural Studies
Political Philosophy

Now even though 2 credits is not a lot, it still meant that I had to pass on this subject separately. I thought a lot, I even compared the syllabus of each of these subjects and finally decided to go with Photography. This was because it was the only subject with the least amount of theory. And more importantly, it didn’t have a written test at the end. It only had a submission of assignments which could be done all year. This was perfect. I wouldn’t have to worry about it and then I could be able to focus on my main course. So finally, I filled my selection sheet up and then submitted it.

Almost a week passes and now all the classes were about to start. The computer classes were really fun because I had already done the stuff before and it was pretty interesting. What I was excited about, was the photography class. It started off with around only 17 of us sitting in a small classroom talking to each other and introducing ourselves. There were people from various countries and states. I hit it off with a Russian student named Dimitar Vokshalix. He was doing Mechanical Engineering and had selected photography for the same reason as I had, less hassle and fewer worries. There was also an African student Sabra Okafor from Nigeria who was doing Journalism and had selected photography because it would help him capture photos while working on an article.

Right when the entire classroom was mingling with each other, a slim and old woman barged into the classroom with a warm slim on her face. She wasn’t very tall and had cut her hair short. She stood right in front of the blackboard and wrote her name. It was Amanda Cloverfield. As soon as she wrote her name, she turned around and introduced herself. She was our photography professor and that she would be teaching us. Then she told us that she has two sets of students, one who are solely interested in a photography course and us 17. She took us to a new classroom which was very big. This had almost 70-80 students in it. She then told us that the original students were getting 4 credits while us 17 were getting 2 credits. Then she told us what I really liked, that “You 17 are exempted from attendance. However, you will have to give your assignments in between”. This was amazing. I didn’t have to attend this anymore now.

Around 2 months later I got a notification on my university app that I had to submit my Photography assignment next week. I was shocked. I completely forgot about the subject. I called up Dimitar and he told me that he had already submitted it and he was asked to do it again. Then I called up Sabra. Now Sabra had submitted his work and it was accepted. He guided me on what I should do. The assignment was to photograph a series of photos of any historical monument. I had no time for that. Moreover, it was February and there was snow out. I asked him about his work, he then told me that he actually had two good sets of photos and that he was willing to sell his other one to me. I said yes right away and paid him. I submitted the photos and they were accepted, I was relieved.

I thought to myself, this is not good, I should schedule the next assignments carefully. I saw the syllabus and there were a total of 4 assignments. I called up Sabra again and asked him about the next one. He told me he was going to perform it as soon as he gets the topics. I looked at my schedule and thought that if I were to pay so much attention to photography, I wouldn’t be able to focus on the alumni job fair (placements drive). I asked Sabra politely if he could do my assignments for a price. Sabra had a poor economic state. He was reluctant at first, but then he understood that he needed the money so he said yes. So it was decided, Sabra was going to my assignments.

A year passed and I had now already given 3 assignments to Amanda, my photography teacher, but the work was all done by Sabra. Other things related to the course were going pretty good as well. And now my mother had come to visit me and was staying in my room. My father passed away when I was a kid so my mom was my only parent. I had no sibling either. My mother was well educated and quite fluent in English. She loved American and European shows. She had a strong sense of finance and loved to plan things. Moreover, she was quite modern in every sense. However, she loved wearing dresses and sarees instead of any other apparel.

Everything was going swiftly until I got a message from Amanda that I haven’t selected the topic for my last assignment and that I had to submit the assignment next week. She was sounding pretty furious. The next day I rushed to her cabin to talk to her. She saw me and looked shocked, she told me that the topics were distributed last month itself and that I didn’t even bother to come and take them. I was scared. I apologized to her and then she opened the files with the list of topics. Most of the topics were taken. The best ones like Food, Texture, Pattern, Pets, etc, were already being taken, the only remaining topics were – Gluttony, Erotica, and Tribal. I chose Tribal. But right after I did so, Amanda told me that I would have to go to the nearest tribal burial which is Angola in Indiana, which was around 200 miles south. I had no intentions of going there, so I ended up selecting ‘Erotica’.

So I thought to myself, let’s just focus on getting the internship today, and that I can worry about that photography assignment later as I had 5 more days. So the entire day I was at a firm giving interviews. This actually went on for next 3 days as I was being accepted to the next levels of interviews. Finally, I got the internship and this was one of the best companies one could get the job in. I was really happy. Until I remembered about my photo assignment.

I quickly called Sabra only to realize that he was out of America for his internship. He was back in his own country as he wanted to cover a topic there as his journalism project. I called Dimitar to see what he is up to. He told me how he had selected texture as his topic right on the day when the topics were given and he was at the park right now working on it. This meant that I had to now work on my own project. And I had ONLY TWO DAYS.

I went home quickly and sat down brainstorming. My mother was bored sitting idle as she nothing to do other than watch Gujarati serials on her smartphone. She saw me being tense and asked me what the problem was and I explained everything to her. She scolded me for not having to have done this before. But then again, started giving me ideas. She told me to get images from the internet and photoshop them. I told her that my teacher would spot that very easily. But that gave me an idea and I started searching. Almost all the topics were full of nudity but I found a series of them which were abstract and had no nudity. This was jackpot. I decided to imitate them.

I put a white bed-sheet on my bed and tucked it firmly. Next up, I brought my table lamp and made sure that there was ample studio lightning effect. Now the abstract photos of erotica were basically the ‘hands’ of a woman and a man with different props done creatively. So I asked mom to wash her hands neatly and to apply some lotion to cover her winter acne.

We started taking different photos of our hands together. It was weird but at that moment I was more scared than to feel something else. We used props like apple, book, knife, watch, bracelets, a red cloth, etc. We used these creatively enough, like for instance, we used the bracelet to tie the hands together showing the couple is together, then the red cloth to cover our hands up to our wrists so that our palms are on visible as if they are laying together. Finally, everything was done and I uploaded the photos one by one on the university assignment site. Finally, I hit submit and I was relieved.

I cleaned the bed and asked the mother to set up dinner. I had a nice bath feeling all relaxed and happy that I improvised and tackled a tough situation and also the fact that I got an internship. Later, I had an amazing dinner. Right after I was done with my dinner I took my phone to see any new messages and saw that Amanda had sent a message saying – “Meet me tomorrow ASAP”. I got a shiver. I knew this wasn’t going to be good.

Next day I went straight towards Amanda and asked her what had happened. She told me to sit down and was working something on her laptop. She looked like she found something and then she turned the laptop towards me. It was the same abstract set of photos I saw the previous day. She told me that I have taken the idea from here. I couldn’t lie. I said yes. She smiled a bit and said that the work is very famous in the photography world. It has been photographed by Wesley Bennington. One of the early 1960s photographer who wanted to depict platonic love between two people during war who wrote each other love letters but never met in person. I couldn’t say anything. I said that even though the idea might’ve been same, my content was different.

She smiled again and said that, “No, my dear, almost half of the photos are similar”, and then she put them in front of me. Then she said something which terrified me. She said “Listen, I cannot accept this as it will be very wrong on my part. I wouldn’t have accepted it even if it was done in a professional way. The other students have done some very good work.” And I saw their stuff. Now even though I cannot understand photography, I could understand that it was top notch work and that my photos looked incredibly amateur. I told Amanda about the interview and that I had to do it somehow. She said that if she accepts my submission, the authorities will question her as to why and she cannot favor a student like this. It would jeopardize her decision skills. She then told me to calm down and to simply go ahead and take erotic photos of me and my girlfriend.

To which I replied that I didn’t have one. She then went forward and said that I can go and request any female friends of mine or even male friends to perform some erotic gesture for me to photograph. Before I could tell her that I don’t have any female friends that close, she went forward and showed me her past year student who had taken erotic as the topic. And I saw the photos, they were basically HIGH QUALITY PORN PICS. I was shocked. The photos had oral, anal, various positions, and whatnot. What shocked me more was that it was graded B, not even a B+. Amanda told me that this student had hired two of her friends to make this photoshoot back in New York. This scared me. First of all, where I am going to find a female to do this. If not a female, where do I find a couple? Next up, what kind of photos would I have to take to make that happen? But while I was deeply thinking, Amanda said something even scarier. She said, “If you fail to submit this tomorrow, I will have to flunk you, I would have no other choice. I am so sorry.”.

I was finally home. My feet were a bit trembling. If I fail photography, I would have to stay six more months without job or internship doing nothing just to pass photography again. I got an idea, I quickly searched on the internet for the escort services near me. There was only one website which somewhat looked like a scam and was demanding 400$. That was a lot. I couldn’t pay someone so much. Next, I searched for local prostitutes, there was no data. I was in a town in South Dakota, there were all happy families here, no prostitutes. Lastly, I gave a call to a Korean girl I had befriended. I was on a call with her for around 20 minutes. I explained her everything and even showed her my current work but she refused because her parents were in town and they would find it very suspicious. She said she could send some of her own portraits but I knew Amanda wouldn’t accept amateur photos like selfies. I thanked her and put the phone down. I had tried all the options now, there was nothing more I could think of.

My mother was observing me while this was happening, she came near me and asked me what had happened. I told her everything and finally, I told her that I will probably take the next 6 months off and use them to do something else. I was telling her how I would take up the job near the electronics shop to get money because 6 months in America meant more money spent. She was listening calmly. She then started asking me questions. She asked if the photos would be given anywhere other than my teacher. I said no. She then asked me that will the photos be stored there in the college’s archives. I said that they are only stored if the student wants them to be stored for the future generation of the students. Next, she asked me if the photos didn’t have nudity, will I fail. And I replied, yes. The photos had to have nudity to fully show Erotica. Then mom said something which was probably the biggest shock I have ever gotten in my life, she said, “What if I become the female model and you the male?”

I went on the internet to show the mother the different pictures of how erotica photography works. There was sex and nudity all over it. She said ok, you’re my son, it is one family member helping out the other in need. We just have to take photos. We are not having sex to enjoy ourselves. We are doing it for this particular task, nothing more. I then went forward and told her the photos the previous year student had taken and how they had a lot of stuff and yet still they were graded B. She then got raged a bit and started yelling at me that if I sit at home for another 6 months, we would be losing a lot of money. And flunking would mean that I won’t be able to attend the internship I got. I would have to abandon it. Moreover, after those six months of sitting idle, I would have only 20 days to get an internship. And if I don’t get one in that period, I would have to go back to India and that would mean I won’t be able to pay my education loans. I had to calm her down. She then said, we are doing this and you are not failing. I said ok. She then asked me to look at the best way photograph erotica on the internet while she would get ready my applying some cold cream on her body to make it shine.

After a series of searches, I found a perfect way to handle this. I made my bed into the photo studio by adding various lights and spreading these lights through sheets of cloths to make it look more photo studio like. The bed sheet was neatly spread out and there was nothing on the floor. The room was now perfect.

My mom entered my room. She was wearing nothing but her bra and her underpants. I was overwhelmed. She was in her mid-50s with size C cups which were very slightly sagging and she had a little belly. He ass was round and had a very tiny bit of wrinkles here and there but it was tight and not saggy at all. She removed her bra and I was now able to see her boobs. I was awestruck for a while. I couldn’t believe this was happening. She then looked at me while unhooking the rest of her bra and said “Come on, remove your clothes, we need to submit this quickly, in case she wants something done again”. So I now concentrated on removing every piece of cloth I had on. I saw towards mom. She was completely naked and checking her phone. My penis still wasn’t erected. (It was around 5 and 3/4 inches when erected). I then looked at the list given by Amanda to help me do this. She had given me a list of things I should do one by one with some explanation below.

The first item on the list was to sit a little apart and kiss. This was there to show the first connection between the couple. So I told mom her position and she sat there and I sat a little far and then we both leaned a little in for a kiss. The kiss was just lips, no tongue whatsoever. Thankfully the first photo was done.

Next up the list was a more sensual kiss with woman looking comfortable, my mom read that and told me that she can hold my penis while taking the photo. So we sat again and I told mom that sensual kiss had to be more. And the kiss needed a little tongue. She had never tongue kissed before. I taught her that in the simplest manner, I told her to take her tongue out only up till the lips and then kiss me. So I leaned in again and tried to show her the tongue position with my mouth and then I kissed her and I waggled my tongue inside to show her. She understood what had to be done. Unfortunately, out of pressure, my penis wasn’t erect. Mom saw it and she said, “Sorry for yelling before. See you need to do this for your own good. Also if you are not relaxed, your penis wont be erected.” She then laid down on the bed asking me to lay down too. Which I did looking puzzled.

Now she then asked me sleep on top of her and then to rub my penis on her so that it can get erect. I felt weird and told her that it would be weird to do that. She then said, “Look kid, you need to do this. Sorry for yelling earlier but doing this will solve a lot of problems. Also most importantly, we aren’t doing anything violent or dangerous that would hurt either us or someone else”. I listened to that and replied, “But you are my mom, I can’t think of you that way”. She then stood up and grabbed the laptop. Now my mother loved to read different researches and articles of random topics. That is how she spent her time after retiring. Then she came up with an article showing a research paper of a study of a community found in the middle-east where a son has sex with the mother a couple of times before marrying a girl just to learn how to do it neatly. Moreover it also stated that the son and mother had sex if they felt like having it for the sheer pleasure. Mom then said “Imagine we are from this community and we want to have sex because we have nothing else to do. Imagine that we just saw porn and now I am teaching you how to have it neatly while we both enjoy”.

With so much explanation, I just went with it and started rubbing it on her vagina while standing up. Her calming me down and the rubbing did the trick, I was getting erect now. Still it of course did feel a bit weird. My mom sensed that and while I was rubbing her she said, “Fuck me” but as soon as she said it, both of us started laughing. Once we calmed down, she said, “That is how they say in the porn right?” To which I asked, “You watch porn too mom?” and she replied, “Not for pleasure, I was watching because I was curious. But let that be, I was saying ‘Fuck me’ to make sure you are aroused. But seriously speaking, I am not in pain or disgust. I am comfortable and I can quite well enjoy this as well”. This last statement was like the medicine to my stress. I said ok to her and then started running my penis on her a bit in a fast manner. I had a full blown boner and pre-cum had come out of it for lubrication and because my rubbing I had smeared it all across mom’s legs. Now was the time for the photograph, we took our positions and starting tongue kissing and this time mother was holding my dick.

Me and mother both looked at the third one and knew this was going to be difficult. The third tip just said, “add something oral”. I told mom about blowjobs and also told her that I can get a slim condom right from below the street. She instantly said no as it was pretty late and the shopkeeper knew my mother was in town, he would be suspicious of what’s happening. I said, “Ok, but would you like to practice first to see how it works?”. Mom said yes and tried to bend in on my crotch while sitting right next to me. I asked her to wait and then I stood up and put my crotch near her face and told her to do it slowly and comfortably. She looked at it and then said to me, “Back in our day, we had no porn and we never figured out a blowjob, you people are given so much by the internet”. She first kissed it gently and I could feel her trying to smell it. It was a bit weird. Then she went ahead and licked it a little. Right after she did so, she said, “It’s a bit salty”.

And then she opened her mouth wide and gulped in the entire frontal shaft. But it was as if she was just covering it and not really touching it. I told her this has to look professional an erotic. So after showing her a picture, she tried to imitate it and then she closed in and I could feel her tongue on my shaft. It was rolling a bit. She took my penis out for a while. Then spit a little and then took the penis in her mouth up again. This time she was doing it correctly. I told her the to and fro position. She asked me how should we take the photos. I told her to keep doing it and I will take photos quickly. I also advised her to suck it as if she was sucking a lollipop to make it look more realistic. So now there she was sucking my penis with her eyes opened and wide. I then told her to act a bit happy and as if she’s enjoying. She laughed instantly and said, “I never knew I would be working as a porn star after retiring” and she gulped up my penis again. And there it was. She was now trying to show the happiness on her face and it was making me very hard.

The fourth one was a casual intercourse picture. I figured out that the most casual would be the missionary position, so I went forward. We set up the camera and bed was ready. Mom came on the bed and laid on her back. She said she was ready and then I rose on top of her and gently put my penis inside her vagina. Goodness, it felt good. And to make it even more erotic, I saw that my mom put her hands on my butt trying to pull it inwards. As if she was assisting me help pump her. And the photo was taken. I quickly got up and checked the photos, they were good. Now for the last item.

The last item was the most tricky one. It said that “show some real sexual intimacy, like a rim job or a facial.”. I told mom about both of them and that we had to choose one. My mom was baffled looking at the pictures. She questioned me how people today have so many positions yet there is less intimacy between the partners. She said, “Facial would mean that the cum would fall on my face and inside my mouth, which sounds dirty. Rimjob doesn’t have any wet can be done quicker than facial”. So after thinking about it, we decided that facial would be a tad bit dirty and Rimjob even though dirty can be taken care of neatly.

So to practice a bit, I got up on the bed and stood on all fours like as in doggystyle and asked mom to do it whenever she is comfortable. And now I am waiting for it to happen and I feel a tiny wind gushing on my ass and see that mother is just gushing her winds out and I asked her is everything okay, and she said no problem and then she held my ass with both her hands and leaned in but all she could do was put a small lip kiss, peck of lips on the asshole. And then she said “No, I can’t lick it, it seems something which would be done out of a lot of excitement”. Let’s do the facial one. I said okay.

I was now looking for porn on my laptop to masturbate to. I couldn’t find anything worth it. It took me 10 minutes and then mom came barging in asking me to do it quickly as we have very less time. Then she said come here, I have a better idea. She then said, “How about we have sex in different positions so that you can get orgasm quickly and you get more photos to show ensuring that you don’t fail.”. I loved the idea. I said and then I set the camera on auto capture and we were trying a new position every minute. It was doggy first, then cowgirl, then reverse cowgirl, then sideways, then the sitting one, I told her about 69 and we did that too after adjusting a few our positions. Finally, I knew I was about to cum. I then arranged the camera to mother’s face and set it to record a high res video so that I don’t miss the cumshot. I started stroking the dick and slowly climbed on top of my mother who was sleeping and I was on top of her chest. I asked mother to open her mouth, she said no.

But after explaining it to her how the shot needs to intimate, she opened it up. After a few seconds of stroking, it was time. I looked at the camera to make sure the view is correct, then I asked mom to open her mouth wide and whoosh, it came out. It landed half inside her mouth and a half on her chin, her left cheek and her neck. She had an agitated look on her face but I told her to stop. I then took a few pics of her having the cum in her mouth and then I slowly inserted my penis shaft into her mouth and took a few pics. Finally, she rose up quickly and rushed to the bathroom. I opened the video on the camera and took a screenshot where the cum is almost on her face and inside her mouth.

The photos were then sent the Amanda the next day. She loved them. She asked me a lot of questions following up like who is that and what were the light settings, and if she could keep them. I politely said no and then told her that the lady was an Indian neighbor who came for help.

I wish I could say that this was the last sexual event I had with my mother, but I can’t. But that’s a story for another day.

Thanks for reading the story.

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