Mom makes me Slave

When I was 19 years old this happened. Moms close friend Nagamani, 45 years lady Rang up to Mom and said she wanted a slave for house works for 7 days and whether I could be sent to her. Mom called me. Dad was pressing moms feet. She kept her feet on his shoulders. Mom caught hold of my nose and twisted it. She told me to go to Nagamani’s house immediately and work there for 7 days. I was shivered. Mom, I heard that Nagamani auty is very cruel. She punishes slaves very severely. Please leave me Mom.” I prayed. Mom laughed. “So what u bastard. You are just like creature. U dont have any value. Get lost u stupid.” she punched on my nose. I beg for moms pardon. I ran to Nagamani house.By the time I reached nagamani’s house, She and her lovers Venkatesh, Srinivas and Sailendra were totally nude under a tree in the compound. All males are standing. Nagamani sat between them. Their cocks are above 20 inches and fully erected. Nagamani was sucking Venkatesh and Srinivas dicks. Sailendra was kissing Nagamani’s nose. I ran and fell on the feet of Nagamani. All laughed. Nagamani held my nose and squeezed and slapped for 10 Minutes continuously. :You donkey, why so late? She questioned. “vayyo,vammo, Maharanee, banisanu, banisanubanisanu Maharanee (I am your slave mistress, dont beat me please) All four laughed biggerly. Naganani took a cane. She swished in the air, Big sound came. “Come on, show ur palm first.: she ordered. I showed my hand. Nagamani gave a big stroke. Ammo, I cried loudly.Nagamani laughed biggerly. Her sexy face became more sexy. Particularly, her nose resembles actress Laxmi’s nose(Narasimha, Jeans fame). It is very provocative.

Many times I masturbate on her nose thinking that “You are queen of noses Nagamani. Your nose is very sexy. Your nose..maharani nose” As soon as i think of her nose, my cock leakes. When she laughs biggerly, her nose wrinkes and provocates further. Venkatesh continuously kisses her nose every day. When he fuck her, he puts her nose in his mouth and fucks. Come on bow in front of me. I will peel of your hips she ordered,.I completely fell down and held her feet. No mistress, I am your slave. I am your shit eating slave. Forgive me mistress, Maharanee, please, please I was crying. Nagamani laughing loudly. Venkatesh Immediately kissed nagamani nose and put his long dick in her pussy. Srinivas put his dick in her ass hole. Nagamani was masturbting Sailendras dick. All people walking in the street were seeing their fuck and getting tempted. Nagamani was laughing seeing them. Their fuck continued for two hours. All people seeing their fuck thought themselves, Nagamani we are your slaves., you queen of noses, cut our nose. You queen of ass, cut our cocks. Make curry with our cocks, and noses. We are slaves, we are slaves. They also started masturbating.after the fuck, Nagamani took me into house holding my nose. Her hips are swinging like pillows. She took a cane and started bating and telling works. “you have to get up at 4 a.m (cane shot) Vammoo I cried. She was twisting my nose and laughing. You have to clean the house, wash utensils, clothes and then wake up me (cane shot) Yes Mistress vaammo, ayyooo. Dont beat, i am your slave vaaaaoo’ Nagamani laughing like Jayaprada. Till midnight 12 you have to work. Understand ” she twisted my nose extremely. Yes Mistress. I prayed.In the one week time, My mom visited her house every day and suggested more severe punishments. She told Nagamani our punishments should be remembered life long. Even if this bastard die, i dont mind. I want fuck of your lovers. Thats all. Dont give food except your shit to him.In the mean time, Venkatesh came. Three started fuck again. Send your opinions to e.mail [email protected] please.

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