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Hello everyone, myself Anupama(changed)a Punjabi housewife’s stay in Delhi, my husband is a renounced businessman and I have a son of 14years, I am,38years,5.3.,55kgs,fair ,longs hair .my stats are 36_32_36,this incident is the one which I got engaged with my young son, hope you all like it. It happened in last year summer.

As my hubby travels a lot I really miss him. I was feeling the physical need. After few days of self masturbation I was frustrated suddenly a net friend suggested about my son ,at first I totally rejected him and scolded him, but as days passed it became irresistible so I decided to give it a try. But I had to careful so I chatted to my net friend n chalked out a plan it was a Friday evening the climate was hot I was wearing a black sari with black bra, black petticoat and blue g string panty which I bought to seduce my hubby. It was around 7pm.

My son Rohit was in his usual shorts n tee working out homework in his room .but I was afraid I told my friend I cannot do it but with great courage I started the plan that evening I wore a lot of gold bangles, earrings, applied long sandbur and did full make up I called Rohit, Rohit come to my room he came after sometime I asked him to sit on the bed, he brought his books and sat I sat on the chair and began surfing the net, my friend on the other side was directing me.

I asked Rohit how was your day? Good mom he asked yours? I said not O.k. Why mom? I am missing your father a lot he nodded his head, but my dumbo son was not getting me I became restless Rohit I want to talk to you come here ,he came and sat in the sofa I asked him who your favorite actress is he said tat he likes Katrina a lot I asked him why he was quite..I asked him how I am he was surprised, ahh leave it mom,, and I asked am I sexier than Katrina? Rohit said ohh mom you’re like her but since you don’t expose like her I can’t judge.

I got a clue now..I stood up n asked him u want to see me like tat but Rohit was so dumb he nodded and ran to his room that night we had dinner together and then we went to different rooms to sleep, after some time I called Rohit I asked Rohit will you please massage my head it’s paining a lot I was surprised to see him .he was wearing only shorts, he took the balm and came behind my chair..slowly he began massaging my forehead..

Ahhh yes it feels good mom why are you so well dressed today? He asked I said why you don’t like me? No mom you are very good then I was getting aroused and began breathing heavily purposely removed pallu so that Rohit will get I view of my cleavage. My deep cleavage activated the volcano,, I could feel his semi erect cock behind the netted chair..

What happened Rohit why are you nervous? Come in front of me ..I could now clearly see the impression of his semi erect cock Rohit please massage my legs also and be careful don’t spoil my sari and I lifted my sari till my knees,, his hands were trembling while massaging my feet..what happened Rohit why are you nervous? Mom is sorry I got to go,, but why son tell me I will help you. After initial hesitation he told me tat my cock is paining. Oh don’t worry Rohit I will help it, sit on the bed.

He sat me went few steps back now let me see what the problem is and slowly dropped my entire pallu how is it feeling I asked .mom what are you doing??Just watch me am sexier than your Katrina. Hearing this he put his head down, I came near him and gave him a tight slap..are you a fool or what am teaching you to sex just enjoy the moment he nodded to yes then I went back and slowly removed my entire sari,, then I came to him asked him Rohit will you please open my hooks as they are at my back,, he followed his fingers were trembling but soon slowly opened my blouse.

His fingers brushed my bra strap I asked him to come to front open his pant and be seated..he did so oh Rohit you don’t shave your penis, I love that, his cock was now pointing towards me, but I wanted to play a long game,, then slowly I removed my blouse and petticoat, now I was in bra n panty only I went close to him, Rohit touch my boobs play with them his cold hand brushed over my bra and I was feeling turned on, ohh mom they are so soft,, yes baby you like them have them, he slowly put his fingers on my cleavage and began to rub my nipples.

I was getting hard on, my nipples were bursting through my bra and I quickly opened my bra, my 36b conical boobs with puffy nipples and big black circular areola was visible to him he knew no more direction,, oh mom can I eat these? Yes baby today these are all yours do what you like, ,he began sucking my right nipples and pinching my left..oh Rohit you are an expert ohh yes ufff how did you learn, he said that adult films taught him that, he was sucking my boobs like a mad dog biting them few times I had to push his mouth away to stop the biting,, my boobs were red with few starches on them, with my one hand I rolled his scortum they became really hard.

I pushed him aside and kneeled down I was surprised to see a 7inch cock,, the fore skin was really tight, I pushed the foreskin and he moaned ahhh ,,then began rolling my tongue on his red cock,, ohh mom am feeling so good, yes son I will make you reach heaven, uff I cant control, with my one hand I was fingering my self and rolling a sons dick in and out, then I took it in my mouth and began sucking ..uff mom is slow ahhh, common, am coming mom ohhh I would not talk since his dick was inside my mouth..within few minutes he cummed inside my mouth, he was so great in taste.

He cummed and cummed so much tat few drops fell on floor, I took his dick out of my mouth and rubbed it on my boobs oh he bargained cummed all over my boobs ,his cum was dripping down till my belly but I didn’t clean it, we both slept hugging each other, but I wanted to see his performance inside me, so after 30minutes he was sleepy woke up went to cupboard took the Viagra pills which his father used gave him a tablet of 300mg..went to the PC and played an adult clip, soon his cock grew in size this time I told him Rohit don’t you want to fuck me he nodded.

I went to bed and lied in missionary position spread my legs apart on Rohit shoulders my shaved pussy was dripping wet. He asked mom how you want to be fucked. I said I love the wild one..he soon went over me and I grabbed him totally and pushed him towards me with my legs. In one push his dick was inside my wet pussy, oh slow Rohit he began pushing his dick in and out..oh yes baby do it, a tickling sensation filled my pussy..I took his hands and placed them on my boobs, ohh mom you are so soft yes baby..ohh yes, fuck me faster.

He was banging me deep and deep and even the bed was moving, yes mom ,,ohh Rohit, ahhh uffff darling don’t stop affff, mom I cant control am coming ohh yes do it, ahh ufffffffffI can feel my juices inside me coming out, don’t stop Rohit fuck me harder his cock was completely inside me ,and I was getting an orgasm ohhh Rohit yes baby, my bite his neck and he was holding me tightly, ohh mom I am cumming again, yes baby it feels great, maaa, uffff, ohh yes we were holding tightly unless his dick became limp. I pushed him aside and said.

Oh Rohit you learn so well want to see your juice I spread my legs and opened my pussy lips wider his juice slowly came down, I took it and applied it over my boobs we hugged each other an slept. Next morning he woke up and said mom you are the best. I notice scratch marks on my boobs he said sorry, I also saw several marks which my bangles and nails caused in his back and asked mom you are so great.

Thanks Rohit, mom will you teach me like this every night? I said no. Only when you do something good praise worthy I will give you to fuck me, we went to our rooms I looked at myself in mirror found tat I looked same the first time I was fucked by his father on my suhag raat. My sindur was all over my face, my hairs were disarranged, my lipstick allover my mouth, Rohit cum was soiled on my boobs, naval, legs, bath and behaved as everything is normal.

Till now it is really great fucked by hubby and my now experienced son. Rohit gave me this site and asked me to post this story even when I am typing he is fondling my boobs. Hope today I’ll have a great session and all readers will also enjoy this..mail me your reviews at [email protected]

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