Mom fucked by uncle

hi friends this is my first story to iss.This incident occured about two years back.Mom and I had gone to my uncle’s place as they had invited us.My mom is 48 years old and looks like a typical indian housewife.Their house is quite far away from ours.When we reached there it was late evening and found their house locked.They had a neighbour whose name was Venu.He was around 55years old and divorced.My uncle had left a message with him.

He told us that since my aunt was not feeling well they had gone to hospital and would be coming back the next day.Venu uncle asked us to spend the night with him as he was staying alone.We agreed since it was already too late.His house had one room and a kitchen.Mom was feeling quite comfortable with uncle.Uncle was telling how he got divorced and had been living alone for the last five years.They were sitting and talking in the kitchen and i was sitting in the drawing room reading newspaper.Suddenly i was shocked after what i heard.Uncle was telling mom that he hadn’t had sex since last five years and that my mom reminded him of his wife.I knew his intention was to fuck mom.At first i was angry but then i got exited about the prospect of seeing mom have sex with another man.The moment finally arrived.After dinner we were getting ready to sleep.Uncle asked us to sleep on the bed and he will sleep on the floor.We agreed and went to sleep.

At around midnight i woke up and heard some noises.Mom was not on bed and uncle was not there too.The light in the kitchen was on.I knew something was going on.

I quietly got up and peeped into the kitchen and was shocked and exicted by what i saw.Uncle was hugging mom and telling mom to be his wife for one resisted a bit but then gave in.He started removing her clothes one by one.Mom was completely naked and uncle was caressing her boobs and pussy.He was still wearing his underwear but it was bulging.He started licking her pussy and was saying that he was waiting for such a chance.The licking became stronger and harder.He then asked her to turn around,opened her ass cheeks and started licking her asshole.iwas getting turned on watching all this.Mom was also enjoying it a lot.Then uncle removed his undies and his pole stuck out.It was thick and black and about 8 inches long.Uncle was raring to fuck here.Mom asked him to wear a condom which uncle agreed to.Both of them lied down on the floor and uncle again started licking her pussy and asshole.

He was sucking her boobs like a child.The moment i was waiting for finally arrived.Uncle placed his huge dick on my mom’s wet pussy and started stroking slowly at first and then faster and faster.Both were really enjoying.Finally uncle increased his pace and both of them reached orgasm.They lay still for some time after which they got up and cleaned themselves.Uncle was still caressing her.He was even watching her pee.When she came out of the toilet he went down and licked her pussy again.He said he really loved it.he turned her around and licked her asshole for around ten minutes.Both of them started dressing and i quickly went to bed.Soon both of them came and slept together on the floor.

They were hugging and kissing.I just couldn’t sleep hearing all these.I knew something was about to happen but fell asleep.At around five in the morning i was woken up by loud breathing sounds.I looked down on the floor and saw both of them fucking once again.The night lamp was on and i could clearly see him fucking her like hell.It lasted for around ten minutes and both went quiet.Uncle was telling her that since we would be leaving in the morning he wanted on more session.Mom said that she was very tired.But uncle wouldn’t listen.He wanted to fuck her ass.Mom was scared and said she hadn’t done it before.Uncle said that it will be fine and he bought some oil from the kitchen and applied on her asshole.He raised her waist and slowly inserted his penis.I could here her scream.Uncle told her to be quiet or else i will wake up.Finally he was completely inside her and loaded her after five minutes.They lay there kissing for some time and then cleaned up.When i finally woke up i couldn’t find both of them.

I peeped into the kitchen.Mom was in the toilet and uncle was enjoying the action.He even cleaned her up.Mom then had her bath with door open and uncle enjoying every bit.When she came out of the bathroom she was wearing only a towel around her waist and her boobs were exposed.Uncle started caressing it for the final time.He even licked her pussy and asshole once again.

I had an absolutely wonderful time that night.Finally it was time to leave.Uncle was very sad but he will have his chance once again.That will be for some other time.

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