Mom Dad and me With Sister

My name is Tapas, age is 26. My sister name is Tanima, age is 24. My dad’s name is Tamal, age is 56 and my mom name is Madhumita age is 46 years. We stay in Kolkata. My father is a Businessman. I completed my Master degree last 2 years and help dad to his business. My sister Tanima doing her degree course. My mom is house wife. I never think this type of incident will happen but all credit goes to dad.

In the eve of kalipuja dad said mom that we go to degha for vacation. Mom agreed. And said me that all of family member will go to degha for 5th November 2007. As father decision we go to degha with our personal car. We book a hotel in new degha for 4 days. After driving the car I am tired and I said I don’t go sea beach for afternoon. Dad and sister were going to sea beach. I sleep in the bed. We book two rooms. One room is mine and mom dad and sister stay only one room. At 3pm sister and dad comes hotel. In the evening all we go to sea beach and spend up to 9 pm. And return hotel during this time no new incident was happened. In the morning no one call me to see sunrise view. After 9 am mom call me and I get up and asked why you not call me to sunrise view. Mom no explanation.

In the afternoon dad call me to go see beach for bath. I agree and all go to see beach. I wear a short pant and brief dad also same mom wear nighty and sister also wear nighty. In sea dad and sister goes in deep sea but mom stand on the knee level water I go in deep water. In water I flow dad and sister are very close sometimes. This dought able. I flow more than 15 minutes. I see dad press sister big boobs and also sister hands always under water and guess touch dads private part. After few minutes dad call me to carry your mom in the water. I flow dad’s order and call mom come to water and bath. Mom came with me up to shoulder level water. But my eye always flow dad and sister what they do? Mom also flow what I do? When big wave come hold me tightly with her both hand and mom big breast touch my chest. It’s so big and softy. After 5/6 wave mom come more closer to me.

Dad and sister also closer from first time. After few minutes Mom asked your father and sister where I said they in deep water. Mom said we go to them. I said ok mom lets go. I and mom go near dad sister. Dad said both of you come in this deep water. I said mom wants so I come. Dad said ok lets go back it’s more time spend. All of us come back return hotel. After eating we sleep about 5 pm. We go to sea beach in the evening. When we reach sea beach sister said papa my parts was in hotel. Dad said lets go to room and said me and mom to stay here. Mom and I stay sea beach. About one hour they did not come. I asked what they do. Mom said I don’t know. In the mean time they come. I asked how many time to take a parts. They change dresses. Sister said I change my dress and dad also change dresses so we late. I see sister makeup also change.

I doubt dad and sister doing something wrong. But mom has no objection so I keep silent. After spend few time and eat some snacks we return hotel at 9 pm. After dinner when I go to my room dad call me and said in this rooms bed is so small so you and your mom sleep in your room. I said as you like. I and mom come to my bed. After changes dress mom said my nighty is not brings. Please bring this from that room. I go and knocked the door and reply from inside who. I said me dad. After few minutes dad open the door. Sister in bed with cover her body by a bed sheet but her nighty and bra in the chair and dad wear only a towel. Dad said what happened I said mom’s nighty is here. Dad asked where I said I didn’t know. Dad asked sister where your mom nighty. Sister said in the bag. I said please give from the bag. Dad said your sister do not get. Dad finds and gives me. I return from their room. I give mom the nighty, mom change sharee in front of me. My mom figure is gorgeous.

She is fat her size may be 42-36-44dd. After change her dress she normally come to my bed and asked your father and sister is sleep. I said no they ready for sleeping. Mom said ok now sleeps. I asked mom, sister and dad doing something wrong do you think. Mom asked what? I said in the sea dad and sister are very close and in the evening they spend in hotel about one hour so it is doubtable. Mom said no no. I said mom, dad and sister now sleep with only under garments. Mom said really. I said yes. Mom said nothing. I said mom do something otherwise it go wrong position. Mom said no it do not go wrong because you dad and sister are matured they keep it close. I understand mom know everything. I said mom you have no objection. Mom said no. I said I mean you know everything. Mom said what? I said dad and sister do physical relation.

Mom yes I know your dad take permission from me. I said what do you say? Mom said normal nobody will not know it and new feeling each other and your sister is full adult and she keep our control. I said oh but you think only for sister but about me. Mom said your sister is advance so she allow your dad. If you think about this we think about you. I said I need. Mom said ok I discuss with your dad tomorrow. I said no now. Mom said your sister and dad now busy I can’t disturb them. I said if dad and sister do then I do now. Mom said your sister with your dad not today she will do tomorrow with you. Mail ne at [email protected]

Nsxt part coming soon……

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