Mom Cares For Me When I’m ill

This happened a few days ago, I just turned 21 and caught the flu virus and was extremely sick. I was coughing throughout the day and all through the night.

I live in Essex, England with my mom, dad, little sister and little brother.

The 3rd day of the flu I couldn’t take it anymore and started tearing up. I’m a well-built guy with a good physical body. My mother is a beautiful 38-year old who has recently lost a lot of weight and looks amazing. I have had fantasies of her when I was a teenager but recently have never had the time to look at her in any other way but that of a son but that night was different.

I was tearing in pain in bed covering my eyes to hide my tears when my brother heard me sob and called our mother. My mother ran upstairs to my room and came inside and asked: ” what’s wrong dear why are you crying “.

I replied in tears – “I don’t feel well”
She replied – “Aw my baby come here, move over let me in”

I moved over not knowing my mother is getting in bed with me as I lay in bed flat on my back with my front facing the top and my mom cuddled in with me in my single bed.

She started stroking my hair and said “Don’t worry dear, you’ll get better”

“It’s ok mom you can go” I replied
“No it’s fine, you are my baby” – she said

Bear in mind, the last time I fell ill and my mother stroked my hair to sleep was when I was 9 or 10. I had grown to be a finely built man now.

At first, when my mom was stroking my hair, it was all innocent until a slight dirty thought entered my head..As she continued stroking this thought grew and grew and with it so did my penis. I was shocked I could think this way and my dick could rise while my mom was cuddling right next to me. I tried to stop the erection at first but an even nastier thought came inside – “Why don’t I let my erection grow and see what happens?”…..

So now my eyes are closed and my hands are covering my eyes so nothing looks fishy, my mom is stroking my hair, I have a great fever and my body is shivering and I now have an erection.

At first, she didn’t realize my erection and now started rubbing my chest over my shirt. My eyes were closed and I could feel my mom’s breathing getting heavier..Even I started breathing heavy. Slowly..Slowly..She lowered her hands rubbing along the way from my chest..Down to my belly and now she was very low..Too low..I twitched a little and pretended to be fast asleep already.Moaning a little in pain from the fever.

What happened next changed everything…

I could feel my mom’s warm hands enter into my tracksuit bottoms.Through my boxers and touch my hard 8inch cock…I jolted a little and she grasped it. I opened my eyes and she looked into mine. I saw my mother’s eyes and stared at it while she slowly started to rub my cock.

I stared deeper into her eyes as she stroked harder and harder.

Then I heard my dad coming up the stairs from the ground floor to the second floor (my bedroom is in the third-floor attic/loft) I panicked but mom kept stroking. Ugh…What pleasure I had.

She kept stroking. Up and down.Up and down up and down.Faster and then slower and we kept looking at each other…Until I started moaning and she understood my intention..She kissed my forehead…Stopped jerking me off..Rubbed my forehead.She started to get up from the bed but I decided I couldn’t stop now, I kicked off the duvet unleashing my hard erect cock and started stroking it in front of my mom who didn’t know where to look at..My dick or my face. I kept looking at her face…And then I started stroking harder and harder…Up and down.Up and down.And then she fell on to me.I pulled her over me completely and positioned her butt with my hands.She lay over me looking into me while my hard dick pressed on her salwar. I placed both my hands on her arse and kept rocking it up and down across my dick.

She started kissing my forehead.Her chest was in front of my face and so I slowly started to kiss her neck that was bare and went lower down to the beginning of her chest…She was as fair as milk.I went as low as my neck could go until she positioned herself as she got up while sitting now on my laps in cowgirl position. She tied her hair into a bun and took her top off..I did the same. She then started kissing my neck and went all the way down to my belly.

I pulled her arms up and started kissing her lips.Ummmh…Oh..Shit..That was the best…We kissed what felt like hours.Getting lost in each other’s mouths.Making loud slurping noises.Ummhgh…I whispered in her ear “Oh mum..I wanna fuck you so bad..”…She said “Oh baby…We can’t”.. I continued to kiss her and then flipped her over so that now she was lying on the bed and me on top of her..And then I kept kissing her…Running my hand through her hair…And then I went down her neck and then the side of her neck.And then I came to her lovely breasts.I took the white lace bra off to reveal gorgeous white fluffy boobs with a large dark brown areola..I started to suck on her breasts.And then licked the sweat under them.And went down her belly where there was a natural line that went all the way down to her pussy.She was still wearing a salwar and I didn’t intend to open it or perform sex.

I only wanted to kiss her…I got up on the bed.And started to jack off standing on the bed looking down at her..She got up and took the dick into her mouth.The bed started to rock now.And was making a lot of noise.We were too loud..

I told my mom “Mum everyone will hear us”.She realized this and stopped.Licked her lips and got off my bed.Wore her top. She then left my room without a word.

I did not ejaculate that night.But the intense orgasmic experience and the fever I already had made me out of breath.Before I knew it.I knocked out and fell asleep.

The next morning I woke up with mom yelling from downstairs “I’m going to work baby, keep warm and come downstairs” .Was it all a dream?….

What did you think of this story??


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