Mom And Son Abbas


Abbas a 19 year old boy always had fantasies for his mother Sara a 38 year old hosewife who is a good looking woman with a little fat on her body and good breasts. She always cared about her body and would go for a morning walk daily. His father Anwar aged 45 years is a businessman and owns a very big shop of electrical equipments He has one brother aged 11 years and two sisters aged 6 years and an infant 9 months only. Abbas is in an engineering college and pursuing 2nd year computer science degree.

He had hots for his mother from last 3 years, when he saw his mother taking a bath, keeping the door open. From that day onwards he began to masturbate on thoughts of fucking his own mom. Then one night while masturbating he thought of how would her mom look while having sex, when someone fucked her hardly. So he decided to peep into his parents room when they enjoy their privacy.

His parents always had an active sex life. They usually fuck for 2 or 3 nights in one week. One day he broke a little piece of glass from the corner of the window of his parents room from where he can see most of the room and the side view of entire queen size bed kept there. There was a separate room for the children. At that time he had only one bro and one sis, who usually slept with parents as they were small and Abbas slept alone in his room.

Whenever Anwar and Sara, Abbas parents would do their lovemaking sessions, they make all the children sleep in the children room along with Abbas, so that they don’t get disturb while having sex. So Abbas knew when he had to peep into the parents room. Whenever his mom would ask the children to sleep together he knew that he was going to see his parents totally nude having sex. And he was successful in his job. He was seeing his father fucking his mother hardly and his mother moaning and shouting in response. He enjoyed this a lot and wanted. this to never end. Even when they got finished, they wont wear the clothes and slept naked in each other arms. Abbas still sat there at window and stare at his mom’s beauty. This went on for more than 2 and a half year. Now Abbas is a 19 year old boy who still has desires of fucking his mom.

As abbas father runs a shop, he would go to buy the goods for his shop from delhi once in a month on weekend; and return after 3 days. During one such time, his father left on Friday afternoon. On that night, abbas mom said him to sleep in her room that night. Abbas didn’t understand why his mom asked him to sleep in her room. Now as both his bro and sis were grown up, they slept separately. When both the children were slept, abbas, his mom and youngest sister went to the parents room to sleep. The little lot was already slept and was put into the cradle by mom. Then mom went and locked the door, and came near abbas. First she started to talk about his studies.

Mom said–“abbas, how are your studies going on”.

Abbas said–“good”

Mom said –“when are your exams scheduled for”.

Abbas said –“after 3 months”.

Then she slowly changed the topic.

Mom said –“I want to talk to you for a long time but……….”

Abbas said –“what happened mom”

Mom said –“why don’t you keep your underwear clean”.

Abbas said –“which one, mom”

Mom said –“all of them”.

Abbas said –“what happened”

Mom said –“while washing I find stains on them, Dirty stains.”

Abbas said –“what stains”

Mom said –“you know what I am talking about. The stains of sss……….SPERMS”

Abbas said –“sorry mom. Actually I ……….”

Mom said –“don’t give me silly excuses. I know why you do it.”

Abbas was really worried hearing this.

Mom said –“why you do this”

Abbas said –“what mom.”

Mom said –“if you think that I don’t know anything, then you are wrong.”

Mom said –“I know that you peep into our room when your dad and I …..make love.”

Abbas understood that this topic will go for a long time and he may also be scolded for this.

Abbas said –“I am very sorry mom. I did it just once.”

Mom said –“don’t lie. I know that you are doing this for many days or months.”

Abbas said –“I I I ……………………”

Mom said –“now tell me sincerely, from how many days are you doing this. Peeping when I

and your dad make love in our room.

Abbas said –“for more than 2 and half year.”

Mom said –“I hope you aren’t lying to me.”

Abbas said –“no mom, I am not. But when did you come to know about this.”

Mom said –“I know this for more than 1 year, when I was pregnant.”

Abbas said –“for one year!”

Mom said –“yes, I want to talk to you about this at that time only, but I then thought that it us Just a coincidence and you will not do it again. But it never stopped. I wanted to tell this to your dad but if he comes to know about his he will get angry and may also beat you. But I don’t want this to happen. You are grown up now and you should understand.

Abbas said _”sorry mom, I will not to it again.”

Mom said –“but I want to know why you do this.”

Abbas said –“I want to know how people do sex. How will it be when a man does sex with a woman. I wanted to stop it but I liked it very much and I cant stop this.

Abbas lied to his mom.

Mom said –“when I first came to know this, I lost interest in having sex with your dad when you are looking at us.”

Abbas said –“why mom?”

Mom said –“how could I allow anyone to see me having sex and being naked.”

Abbas said –“right mom.”

Mom said –“but first time when I saw you peeping, I lost all the interest and asked your father to stop. Your dad asked me the reason and I don’t wanted to say that some eyes were looking at us while having sex. After we have finished I get dressed but your dad slept without clothes.”

Abbas said –“yes mom, for some days you got dressed up after having sex with dad. I would get disappointed for that

Mom said –“why?”

Abbas said –“at that time you were pregnant and your stomach got bulgy. You looked very beautiful with that.”

Mom said –“yes, a woman looks very beautiful when she will be pregnant.”

Abbas said –“but mom, now a days after having sex , you sleep naked along with dad, knowing that I was looking at you.”

Mom said –“yes, now I don’t feel shy even when you look at us having sex.”

Abbas said –“why mom?”

Mom said –“you are doing this for last 2 years and I got habituated with this.”

Abbas said –“what?”

Mom said –“yes, whenever you were not there when we were doing sex, I miss you and think why are you not peeping today. But you never missed even one of those nights, though you came late, you always came there. but how do you know that we were going to have sex on a particular day?”

Abbas said –“ Whenever you ask both the children to sleep in my room, I would know that you are going to have sex.”

Mom said –“oh now I got to know.”

Abbas said –“both you and dad speak bad when you fuck each other.”

Mom said –“FUCK….”

Abbas said –“yes that’s the word you and dad uses when he fucks you.”

Mom said -“yes, FUCK is the word.”

The talk between mom and son got dirtier.

Abbas said –“you look very sexy when dad fucks you and you shout saying not to stop.”

Mom said –“yes I enjoy it very much I don’t want your dad to stop until he…..”

Abbas said –“what mom?”

Mom said –“until he cums in me. Until he ejaculates an fills me with his cum.”

Abbas was feeling very good talking about sex with his own mom, that too the sex between his parents. After some talk mom asked him.

Mom said –“now that you know that how a couple do sex, I hope you don’t peep into the room.”

Abbas said –“but I enjoy this very much mom. No that you don’t have any problem, I want to look you both fucking always.”

Mom said –“try to understand my son, I don’t have any problem but if your dad comes to know about this, it will be a big problem for you and I don’t this to happen.”

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