Mom And Son Abbas 2

Abbas got very upset with this and wanted his mom to get fucked. so he lied once again.

Abbas said –“mom, I lied to you.”

Mom said –“about what?”

Abbas said –“I see you getting fucked hard by dad because I I I ……”

Mom said –“what abbas, be free with me and you don’t need to hesitate. You can tell me everything.”

Abbas said –“when you get fucked by dad, I masturbate by seeing you and dad. And then I ejaculated in my pants.”

Mom said –“yes, I know that.”

Abbas said –“actually mom, I don’t get ejaculated other time when I see some nude pictures of ladies or some blue films.”

Mom said –“pictures and blue films! Where do you see that.”

Abbas said –“from internet and I have a big collection of blue films on my computer. I watch it during night and when you and dad are not at home.”

Mom said –“how much blue films do you have?”

Abbas said –“many films mom. I will show you that later. Dad is not here for 2 more days and we can see it then.”

Mom said –“ok, but no one should know about this that I know about your blue films.”

Abbas said –“mom I get pain when I don’t get ejaculated even If I wanted to.”

Mom said –“may be you don’t know the proper way of masturbating.”

Abbas said –“I do it but………”

Mom. Said -“I will show you and do it for you once only, other times you have to do it yourself.”

Abbas said –“ok mom.”

Mom said –“take off your pants.”

Abbas said –“ok mom”

Abbas took of his pants.

Mom said –“now remove your underwear.”

Abbas said –“why to remove this. You can do it without removing this.”

Mom said –“yes I can do but, I don’t want to get your underwear get the stained and by the way I rub your father’s without any underwear.”

Abbas did as his mom said. He removed his underwear. Now he was sitting there only in a t-shirt.

Mom said -:come here my son and lay down on bed.”

Abbas went near his mom and laid down beside her on the queen sized bed

Mom said –“don’t feel shy. You are seeing me naked for last 2 and half years, then why do you shy?”

Abbas said –“I have seen you many times. But you are seeing me for the first time.”

Mom said –“no son. This is not the first time. I gave birth to you without clothes. I saw you a thousand times when you were child. But I am seeing my son with an adult penis, which is very big for the first time.”

Abbas said –“is my cock bigger than dad’s?”

His mom put her fingers around his cock, holded it and then said.

Mom said –“no. your dad’s cock is bigger than yours. But lets see whose cock is thicker and ejaculates more.”

Abbas said –“mom are you going to see me ejaculate.”

Mom said –“yes ofcourse, I am teaching you how to masturbate and ejaculate also.”

Abbas said –“ok mom. You start it.”

His mom took hold of his penis and started to massage it slowly. After some time he started to get a semi-hard on.

While his mom was rubbing his cock, he was also touching her hands and staring at her breasts.

Mom said –“I am noticing you for a long time. You are staring at my breasts.”

Abbas said –“yes, mom. I cant stop my eyes looking at the beautiful globes.”

Mom said –“how do they look?”

Abbas said –“they are very beautiful and also very big.”

Mom said –“big?”

Abbas said –“yes mom, they are very big What is the size of your boobs?”

Mom said –“it may be 38 or 40”

Abbas said -“don’t you now the size of your breasts? Tell a single number.”

Mom said –“I don’t know exact size. But some days back I used to wear 38 sized bra and when I became pregnant they were fitting tight, I started to wear size 40 bra.”

Abbas said –“after getting pregnant, does the breasts increase in size.”

Mom said –“yes, milk starts to come in the breasts. And hence the size also increases.”

Abbas said –“what size are you wearing today.”

Mom said –“I don’t know, it may be 38 because it is getting a little tight.”

Abbas said –“so mom why don’t you change it.”

Mom said –“yes good idea. I will change it “

She got up and started to remove her kurta in front of her son. As she removed the kurta and threw it on the bed beside Abbas.

Abbas also sat up and went near her and stood behind her. He touched her back and was caressing. Her mom turn around and then

Mom said –“what happened? Why you came here?”

Abbas said –“mom there is a tag on the bra under your right arm and I saw number 40 printed on it.”

His mom raised her arm up and saw the tag. Number 40 was printed on it.

Mom said –“yes you are right. Its size 40 bra. Then why is it getting tight?”

Abbas said –“may be your breasts are getting bigger or they are producing more milk.”

Mom said –“you may be right.”

Abbas said –“then are you going to change you bra.”

Mom said –“what can I do now. I don’t have any bigger size bra. I have to wear this only.”

Abbas sadly said –“so you are not changing.”

He thought he missed a chance of seeing her beautiful naked breasts right infront of her. She went to the bed and at down and took the kurta in her hand ready to wear it back. He came and also sat down behind her.

Abbas said –“mom, why are you wearing kurta once again. Let it be like this only. By seeing you like this I may ejaculate soon.”

Mom said –“as you wish my son.”

He was staring at the cleavage of his mom. And again they lay down on the bed and she started to rub his cock once again. His cock lost all the hardness he gained from that time. So she had to start from the beginning.

After some time Mom said –“your cock is responding.”

Abbas said –“very soon. When I do it doesn’t get hard so soon.” He lied.

Mom said –“this is the proper way and I know how to do this. I have mastered in this art. I am doing this to your dad for 20 years.”

As she was rubbing his cock, their talk became dirtier.

Abbas said –“why you need to do masturbation to dads cock. He has your cunt to fuck and ejaculate inside.”

Mom said –“yes he do fucks and cum inside me but after fucking I massage your dads cock for fun. And he also enjoys this. When he gets hard on again while massaging, he again fucks me and again cum inside me.”

Abbas said –“but dad sucks on to your breasts in between your two fuckings.”

Mom said –“yes he does. While he sucks and pinch my nipples, I massage his cock and make him ready again to flood me with his cum. May be you have not seen that any time.”

Abbas said –“yes mom. I always saw dad sucking your breasts, but I never noticed you rubbing him when he does so.”

She was telling all her fucking stories to her own son, and he also was enjoying a lot.

While they were talking, suddenly his infant sister woke up and began to cry.

She got up from the bed and walked towards the cradle and took the baby in her arms and came to bed and sat on the corner to feed the infant with her milk. Abbas also got up and went behind her and touched her back. His mom turned back and saw him.

Mom said –“what happened, you lay down. I will feed your sister and come back.”

Abbas said –“I will once again loose the hardness.”

Mom said –“you stroke your cock for sometime. Then I will come after your sis will sleep.”

Abbas said-“can I sit behind you and rub my cock against your waist.”

She positively replied –“sure, you can”

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