Mom and son

Hi to all Indian sex story readers, this is the first time I am posting my story and especially to the incest lovers as I am. I have read almost all the stories and decided when so many people share why I shouldn’t share my life exp with you all.

The story which I am going to share with you is 100% true which happened between me and my mom whether to believe it or not I live up to you. This is not a story but real life incident which even today going on between me and mom now let me tell you about my family. In my family we are 3 members its my dad, mom and myself my dad is a Muslim and mom Christian and it was their love marriage so they were away from their families and it was against their wish so they started staying in a rented flat and later on dad bought a 2 bedroom flat were we still stay and dad work abroad and comes once a year for 30 days so its just me and mom at home and how things changed I will tell you in detail now.

Now let me describe my mom whose 45 yr old looks quiet young people often miss guide me and mom as bro and sister she have a lovely figure She is very fair with beautiful lips and eyes. She got lovely pair of boobs and got an inviting ass which I have always noticed how people stare at her sexy ass when we go out for shopping etc. She have got a very good dressing style as she always wear saree when she go out which is always below her naval with matching sleeveless blouse and at home she is very careless about her dressing as its just me and her so she is most of the time in gown which is mostly up to her knees may be in many eyes she might be their sex abject but for me she was my sweet heart mom and she loved me a lot and never had any complain about her nor I had any wrong feelings about mom till it changed.

That time I was 23 yr old and mom 44 we were more of friends then mom and son we use to hug, even I use to sleep on her thighs while she sit on the sofa with no wrong feelings. Things changed the day I happen to see my mom nude sleeping on bed with her legs wide spread eyes closed and fingering her pussy that scene changed me totally and I started thinking about mom as a sexual object and as days passed mom became my most favorite women in world and I always wanted to fuck her hard but as she was my mom I dint have enough guts to move ahead but I never missed chance to see her nude or while changing clothes or brushing her boobs or hugging her more often to feel her boobs on my chest as I told you she is very careless at home in dressing I started looking between her thighs while she sit and watch TV or stand behind and look between her neck to see if I can see her boobs and day by day my sexual feeling towards mom increased like hell and I wanted her in bed anyhow and very soon her bday was coming so I decided why not give mom a memorable gift on her bday and same time I was scared as my step will make me away from mom and I don’t want mom to be away from me as I love her a lot but I could not help myself to get away from the feelings I have towards mom and taught whatever happens I will try once if it works well and good if not I will say sorry to mom and apologies.

That day it was moms bday so I have invited some of my close friends among which there were 3 girls and 4 boys and mom had also invited some of her friends they all were suppose to come home for dinner so whole day we were preparing things around and same time my whole mind was thinking how to proceed by the time we finished everything it was almost 7 in the evening and all friends were suppose to come by 8 so mom asked me to get ready to receive them and even she went to have bath. By 7.45 I was ready I came out of my bedroom and could not see mom in kitchen and hall (friends this is call luck or what)so I went and pushed her bedroom door wow what I see mom standing in pink bra and matching panty drying her hair with the dryer she turned when she heard door opening and she saw me and asked what happened I said nothing just came to see if you are ready and while talking my eyes were stuck on her lovely pair of boobs oh shit I dint tell you my moms figure its 36/30/38 and mom saw me staring and asked what happened to you today why are you staring at me like this I said mom you are looking sexy and I came out.

After some time mom came out oh my god she was really looking hot in pink saffron saree with matching sleeveless blouse I could not stop myself and soon I told mom, Mom you are looking dam hot tonight she smiled at my comments and said naughty and she went in the kitchen after that friends came and we all celebrate moms bday even at the party my friends passed comments on mom saying she is looking dam cute today and no one will say that she is my mom. Party went on till 10.30 and by 11 every body had left so we both cleaned the things and I made a drink for myself while mom was doing some work in kitchen and sat watching TV after some time even mom joined me so I asked what will she have so she asked what am I having and I told her I am having Bacardi rum actually mom drink beer or wine so she asked how it taste I gave her the glass and she liked it so she asked me to get her rum so we both sat having rum and talking after 1st drink I made one more drink for both we finished that too mean time I could see mom getting tipsy as she was having rum for the first time I taught this is the best chance today so I asked mom one more drink she said no but I forced her as today its her bday and she agreed this time I made bit hard for her and she started drinking she had finished half the glass when she said its to hot let me change and come on that I said no mom please don’t change you are really looking hot and sexy today specially in this pink saree and I don’t want to miss a chance of watching a sexy lady dressed so nicely sitting in front of me.

before I could complete the statement mom said I am old lady now and you are find me sexy I said yes mom not only me every friend of mine was telling me that you are looking dam sexy today and I found this is the right time to take a step so soon I said mom you are not just sexy but you are dam sexy today and I said if you weren’t my mom then I would have not left you away mom smiled on that statement instead of getting angry and asked me directly what you have done if I was not your mom on that I said if you were not my mom then I have told you but you are my mom soon she said just think for a while I am not your mom and yr sexy lady then what you have done on that I told her I cant tell you but I could have done and shown you “yes but what” on that I said mom I cant tell you that, only if you were not my mom then I would have done and shown what I actually wanted from the sexy lady she smiled once again and said ok now its just me and you and I am not your mom and you are not my son just think we are friends and now you do what you want to do with this sexy lady I asked mom are you serious she said yes I don’t wanted to loose this opportunity so I went near her and asked her to stand mom stood as she stood I took her face in my hand and planted a kiss on her lovely pink lips as I started kissing mom to started responding and soon our mouth were open and our tongue met each other and our kiss was not just a normal one but it was full of love and sex, while kissing I started feeling her back and I even moved my hand on her sexy ass and pressed her ass chicks by the time.

I realize even mom was enjoying every moment slowly I moved my hand towards her boobs and started creasing them softly one by one above her blouse and almost after 15 minutes we broke free from kissing and I could see on moms face she was totally aroused she then sat on a sofa were I sat next to her and I started removing her blouse she dint say anything I removed her blouse and also her bra and I took her nipples and start playing with it they were already hard very soon I started licking her nipples one by one then I even sucked her boobs one by one while playing with the other one then I started creasing her boobs and moved one hand under her saree and raised her saree up she dint say anything her eyes were closed I took the advantage and removed her saree, petticoat and also her panty, she was nude in front of me the way I always wanted my mom to be in front of me, I was happy that my dreams are coming true soon even I removed all my clothes and even I was nude moms eyes were still closed and sitting on sofa I bend down on my knees and spread her legs wide and moved my face between her thighs she had her pussy clean shaved and was wet first I planted a kiss on her pussy lips on which she left a loud moan ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I spread her pussy lips and started licking her wetness with my tongue she just buried my face in her pussy and I started licking her pussy she was moaning louder now and started saying “eat my pussy its to horny fuck my pussy with your tongue eat yr mama she is to hot why didn’t you do all this till now yr mama always wanted you yr mama wanted yr dick in her pussy pls eat me” and she was moaning like hell and soon she wet my face with her cum wow what a lovely juice she had inside I almost drank all as she cummed she took my face and started licking her own cum which was left on my face she licked my face dry and soon she took my dick in hand and was shock to see the size its 8 inch long and 3 inch thick she soon said you have a bigger dick.

then your dad why dint you show me till today on that I said mom its yr bday gift and from today its yours before I could stop saying she took my dick in her mouth and started sucking like hungry animal she was sucking so good that even my g/f dint suck so well she was sucking my dick and playing with my balls I could see my dick moving in and out of my moms mouth it was really feeling good while she was sucking I was playing with her boobs I was feeling in heaven and I was at the stage of cumming when I said mom I am cumming she started sucking in more speed and I could not hold it and filled her mouth and some felt on her boobs, mom drank all my cum and even licked the cum which was on her boobs with her finger as she don’t wanted to waste my stamina we both got up and went in the bedroom were I went down between her thighs and once again I started licking her pussy I spread her pussy lips and licking her clitt I even gave a bite on her clitt she was moaning like hell then I turned to 69 position she took my dick and started sucking once again while I was licking her clitt she was dam horny after sucking for some time she said pls fuck yr mom beta I need yr dick in the whole from were you came out 23 yr back her words were making me more horny I changed my position and came on top of mom her pussy was dam wet I took my dick in hand and rubbed on her wet pussy she started screaming pls don’t tease me now pls fuck yr horny mother yr mom need yr dick right inside she is very thirsty for the dick yr dad comes for 30 days and leave me thirsty for rest 11 month so pls fuck me my son I started inserting my dick in her pussy as it was wet it went in but not fully as mom dint had sex for long it was very tight but some forced made it easy to go inn mom started screaming ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh woooooooooooooooo yes fuck me, fuck yr mama, fuck this bitch, fuck me like yr whore, fuck me like I am yr sexy lady, yes beta fuck me hard fuck me more deep tear my pussy her words were making me more crazy and more horny I was fucking her hard and she was moaning like hell and screaming to fuck her more and more after about 20 minutes of fucking I empty my load in the whole from were I came out and laid on mom for a while after some time we both got up and went to the toilet and got down under the shower and started taking shower, I started applying soap on moms body and mom on me and we both had shower and came out and mom wore her usual gown and me in short an I kissed once again on moms lips and asked how was yr bday gift she said it was unbelievable and we sat with more drink and mom started telling me how she wanted me but she dint knew how to start and I said the same and she even told me how she use to satisfy herself. After that I use to fuck mom everyday in all different way and I even got a chance to fuck one of my mom’s friend with mom’s help which I will tell you later on.

So friends I hoped you enjoyed my real life incident I am waiting for your comments if I get good response I will post more story about how I fucked my moms friends and also many more.

Any ladies who are not satisfied and want to get satisfy can email me at [email protected] Privacy will be maintained so waiting for your feedback till then bye have a nice time.

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