Milk feeding by mother’s sister

I am a regular reader of ISS. I want to share this wonderful experience of tasting my chitty’s breast milk ( Chitty in Tamil means younger sister of my mother) we belong to orthodox Brahmin family. My chitty is only 30. Her boobs are enormous in size- almost 38-40. I am now 18 only. I know about sex by reading sex books and seeing blue films. I satisfy with masturbating, mostly fantasying my friends mom. I never thought that I will get my first experience with my own chitty. She has birth to child recently and the baby is 6 months old. she came to my house and stayed for two months, as her hubby went to north on an official tour. After she came to my house, I started noting the beauty of her breasts when she opens in front of me to feed her child. The incident happened last week, when we were alone at home. My parents left for village leaving us both alone. That was a Saturday and I was in my room reading at 10 am in the morning.

My chitty came to my room and stood near my table. With hesitation she talked to me saying that she needs my help. When I asked her what type of help she needed. She asked me to come and sit on the cot. I sat there and she also sat next to me. She whispered in my ears “the baby is not taking enough milk these days. My breasts feel very sore” She then turned towards me. It was then I noticed that her blouse was partially open in the front. I could see a nipple. She caught me again staring at her breast. She said ” some one should suck the milk and take out” Slowly she pulled up one side of her blouse and exposed one of her breast completely. My chitty said ” I will not tell anybody but I need your help, as other wise my pain will grow. Seeing her position I agreed to help her. At the same time I thought I could use this situation to fuck her also. With some hesitation I started squeezing her nipple. A drop of milk emerged. I placed my hand on her breast and asked “Is it painful ?” She said ” A bit” I couldn’t wait for long. I placed my mouth on the nipple and started sucking. OHH MAA. Sweet warm milk filled my mouth. This is not a dream… I thought. Chitty then asked me to wait, Chitty while she removed her blouse two full breasts waited in front of me to be sucked. I played with one while I sucked the other. Seemed happy.

Meanwhile my penis was erect like a baton. It was poking on my Chitty. She said ‘Ragul, what do you have there in your shorts, Let me see “. She slid down the shorts and was quick to hold on my erect member. She started pushing its skin up and down. Chitty then slid down her petty coat and lay naked on the bed. She spread out her legs and I saw the unshaven pussy. She took my head and places it over her pussy. I inserted my finger into the hole and moved it in and out. Soon juices started flowing out her cunt. Chitty got up again, raised her bottom a bit and placed a small pillow below her bottom and lay over it and spread over her legs. She then asked me to climb over her and helped me to insert me prick into her hole. Her hands guided by inexperienced shaft into her hole. It went into the hole easily. I could feel the warm cunt walls. Then she slowly pushed me back and forth. I finally got the rhythm and pushed the penis in and out of the wet hole. Chitty was wild with excitement. Meanwhile I played with her full breasts. I couldn’t hold out for long and I pumped the entire cum inside her. At this age of 17 I got this wonderful fucking experience. She had fucking from more daily so long she stayed in my house. I cannot forget my first experience with her. After wards I had many aunties in my list of fucking. But my chitty’s fucking is wonderful. Any aunties want to know my experience with my friend’s mom, pls mail me [email protected]

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