Me, my wife and my son

Hi, all. This is Kunal, aged 47, staying with wife Kiran, aged 40 and son Kushal, aged 18. I have always fantasized about Kiran sucking others, since she is a great sucker. She gives a wonderful blow job. I also fantasize her being fucked by others. Once, during our intimate moment, I revealed my fantasy to her. She was surprised, though not angry. She asked me will I able to bear that she will be in bed with someone other than me. I assured that I will and it is my desire, rather insistence.

After we were finished, we started weighing options as to who could be her partner. I suggested that my friend had always fantasized about fucking her and he would be more than eager to join the fun. But she reminded me that this guy had gone out of town and would be back only after a week or so. She insisted that I find someone else, younger. Suddenly a thought came to my mind. I asked her, “Kiran, why not Kushal? He is young, healthy with good physique. My wife first refused. She told me that she will not let her son fuck her. I suggested other way. I told her that if she wants to keep her cunt away from Kushal, her mouth could do the job. With a lot of reasoning, I made her agree. I insisted that I will watch them in bed. We decided that the next day we will do it, being weekend.

I knew that Kushal used watch a lot of porn movies on his desktop and knew about sex. Once I had a glimpse while he was masturbating. His organ was cleanly shaved. The next day, me and Kushal returned home in the afternoon, being half day off. Kiran had prepared herself thoroughly. She had put on a transparent sari with a flimsy blouse, with nothing beneath it. I could even make out size of her nipples. Kushal went to his room. When he into his washroom, I entered his room and slipped into the balcony of his room and closed the door behind me and locked it from outside. Since there were no apartments around, he used to keep the balcony window open.

He came out of the washroom, with only towel wrapped around his waist. He called Kiran, “Mom, please do not disturb me today.” Saying this, he put on his shorts and lay on his bed. After a few seconds, Kiran walked into his room and asked him to have some food and then rest. He said he would love to have a glass of cold milk, instead. Kiran immediately asked him, would like fresh milk? He asked, “Fresh mild, mom? Where do you get fresh milk now-a-days? You have all this packaged stuff. If you call fresh, so be it.” Kiran said, “Kushal, I can give you fresh milk, here and now.” Saying this, she dropped pallu of her sari and went near him. “You can have this milk, darling” she said, pointing at her boobs,

Kushal was in state of shock. He said, “Mom, are you out of your senses? I am your son. What if dad comes to know”? Kiran said, “I am only giving you milk, nothing else. What is there to worry about your dad? When you were small, you had milk and your dad knew it and also saw it. The only difference is that you and me are both grown of age. Nothing more…. I love you and will still like to feed you. Am I not feeding you every day, with food and all? Sometimes, you feel like a child and compel me to feed you with my hands, which I do. Now the difference is that I will you with my milk. So, come on and have your fresh cold milk.”

She opened her blouse and looked at the window where I was standing. I winked at her are signaled her to take a position in such a way that I could see everything they do. Very lovingly, she brushed Kushal’s hair, moved her palm over his face and pulled him towards her. When he came near, she pulled his head and pressed on her firm boobs. Kushal’s eyes were shut. Kiran was smiling, looking at me. After a few moments, she held her nipple near the lips of Kushal. Feeling her touch, Kushal opened his eyes, only to see her nipple near his lips. He opened his mouth and took her nipple in his mouth. He then started sucking it, making sounds like a baby. Both me and Kiran could notice bulge in his shorts. While Kushal kept on sucking Kiran’s nipple, Kiran started moving her hands over his body. Unknowingly, as a spontaneous movement, Kushal grabbed the other breast is in hands. He started moving his palm over her naked breast. Kiran removed her blouse and was topless. My god, she had really great boobs, round in shape and still firm. I had never seen them from such a distance. It was a great sight. I was already hard. I removed my shorts and stood naked, enjoying the scene.

With hand, Kushal was pressing Kiran’s boob which was in his mouth from the top, as if to squeeze the milk out. With the other hand, he was pressing her other breast, pinching her nipple. Now the bulge in his shorts had grown and I could see that the short was getting wet. Kiran too saw this. She unzipped his shorts and pushed them down with her legs. Suddenly, Kushal froze. “What happened, Kushal? Why are you tense? Don’t be shy. I know you watch quite a no. Of blue films and there is nothing wrong. All young men of your age do this. Relax and enjoy.” She once again placed his one palm on the breast he was earlier sucking and pushed the other nipple in his mouth. It was great going. Since Kushal’s cock was free, Kiran started massaging it, moving her palm over his entire length of his shaft. It was almost seven inches long and quite thick.

Kushal said, “Mom, let me lye down on bed. You stand over your knees and hands and given your milk one by one.” Kiran agreed, He lay on bed, slid down, to make room for Kiran to sit above his head. Kiran bent forward moved her breasts one by one over his face. He sucked her boobs one by one. Kiran stopped for a few seconds, and removed her sari and all her undergarments. Her ass was now exposed to me. I slowly slid my hand inside and started massaging her buttocks. She was very pleased at my action.

Kiran said, “Kushal, you had your fresh cold milk in plenty. Now let me have your warm thick and fresh milk. Yes, darling, let me suck you. I want to taste your milk. You know, I do this job very well. You will enjoy it.” She got up and signaled me. She asked Kushal to lay on bed with his feet resting on the floor. After Kushal did so, Krian sat in front of him. She pushed his already rock hard dick upwards and licked his balls. She also took his balls in her mouth, the way she did for me. She then moved his lips up and down the full length of Kushal’s cock. She put out her tongue and moved it over his shaft. Kushal was moaning aloud, enjoying every bit of Kiran’s blow job. Finally, Kiran took Kushal’s dick in her mouth and started sucking it. The same time, I walked inside the room naked. Kushal went white. I said, “Kushal, don’t be afraid. We had planned it. I have always fantasized about Kiran being fucked by others and also she sucking others. You are the choice of we both. Relax.”

Kiran now took his entire dick in her mouth. Mostly, the dick of his head was touching her throat. Kiran was making great sounds while sucking Kushal. Kushal was moving his head side ways, unable to sustain the pleasure. I asked Kiran, “Sweety, how about a fuck?” She raised her hips slowly and parted her legs for me, keeping Kushal’s dick in her mouth, still sucking it. I sat on my knees and pushed my rock hard cock inside her already wet pussy. She groaned. I gave her mild pushes to start. Slowly, my speed increase and I have her hard and fast strokes.

Suddenly Kushal said, “Mom, stop now. I think I am going to come.” Kiran freed his dick for a second and said, “Darling, I told you I want my warm and thick milk. If you come outside, how will I get it?” Once again she took his shaft in her mouth. Resting on one hand, she started massaging, squeezing Kushal’a balls, to ensure that every bit of his cum is out for her to drink. In a moment, Kushal shot our his cum in Kiran’s mouth. It seemed to be a heavy load. Though Kiran was trying to drink it all, some semen was coming out of his mouth. Looking at this, I got so excited that I shouted “AAAHHHHHHHHHHH” and shot my load inside Kiran’s cunt. I kept on fucking her till the time, I was empty and limp.

Kiran and me got up and looked at Kushal. His eyes were half closed. Kiran went near him, kissed him on his forehead, cheeks and finally lips. She asked, “Darling how was the feast?” Kushal opened his eyes and embraced Kiran. He said, “Mom, you are great. I loved every bit of it. Can we do it more? No, not now, but sometime later?”. Instead of Kiran I answered, “Sonny you can and you will. Please feel free to have it when you need it. You can even disturb us at midnight and have your cold fresh milk and let Kiran have hers. She had my milk many times. Now it is your turn. May be, if Kiran agrees, we can reverse the act – let her pussy have your milk and her mouth have mine.”

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