Me & My Father In Law

Hi all ISS readers. This is Adithi from Hyderabad. I am a big fan of ISS since a very long time and enjoy the stories to the core. Thanks to all the great authors, I am daring to write my version of thee story which happened a couple of years back with my FIL.

I am married to Ankur who works for an MNC in Hyderabad. He is working as an assistant manager-Opeations and earns pretty well. Infact Ankur’s family comes from a well t do family who live in Mumbai. After our marriage, Ankur had an assignment to go to US to migrate another process to his section. So, we decided to live with his Dad (his mother passed away an year before our wedding)for a couple of weeks before Ankur’s journey to the US.

On our arrival, Ankur’s dad gave both of us a very warm hug ( a little too hard I felt)but I did not discuss it with Ankur as I felt he may not feel good about it.One day, Ankur said that we shall all go to watch a movie and we all went. Since men were sitting on either side of our seats, Ankur’s dad said that I should sit in between them so that I would be safe.We all were watching the movie when I felt that my FIL took my hand in his and was watching the movie.

My heart beat started to beat very fast and I guess he observed it. He left my hand and during interval, Ankur went to get us soft drinks. Again, my FIl put his palm on mine and we were chatting about the movie. When the movie started again, I could feel that my FIL was leaning on me and there was no gap between us. Since childhood, I have been a girl who never made any advances myself but if someone did,

I never said no as I enjoyed the acts. Infact, I have been having a great sex life with Ankkur. Coming back to the current situation, my FIL started holding me around my arms with his left hand. Without my knowledge I leaned towards my FIL and he had greater access to me. I was in a Saree and he was covering his hand under my Saree. Now, he started caressing my boobs and I was getting wet down under. I did not know how to react.

He was getting bolder and bolder. Now he cupped my left boob and my stupid husband was still completely engrossed in the movie. My FIL played with my boobs until the end of the movie. And when we were returning, my FIL suggested that we have our dinner at the restaurant. Over there, me and Ankur were sitting beside each other and my FIl was sitting opposite my. He played with my legs in the restaurant.

When we reached home, we said good night and went to our room. That night we had a great sex and I have cum so many times. Ankur did not know the reason as to why I cum so many times. That being the last day before he left, we had a great time in the bed. The next day, my FIL was probably trying to see of there would be any reaction from his son. Since I did not discuss what happened in the theatre and the restaurant with Ankur, there was no reaction. My train back to Hyderabad was scheduled in a couple of days which left only me and my FIL at home.

I was both excited and petrified as t what is going to happen. While we were returning from the airport after Ankur left, I was sitting by my FIL side in the car while he was driving. I was wearing a salwar kameez and it was a little low cut and one could easily make out the cleavage of my 34c boobs. My FIL said “You are looking very beautiful and…..”. I said “and what babuji?”He said “Nothing”. We planned to have our lunch at a restaurant. After we parked the car,

I was surprised and taken aback when my FIL put his hand around my waist and took me to the restaurant. He spoke to the captain and arranged for a corner table where hardly anybody could see us. He made me sit first and sat beside me. He again put his hand around my waist and was pressing it. I tried to move away from him but he said “nobody is going to disturb us and no one is gonna see us”I managed to just say “not here”. After which he behaved like a perfect gentleman and we headed home.

I changed into a nighty(which again was a pretty low cut) and went to the living room where my FIL also changed into his lungi and was watching a movie on the couch. I went and sat in a single seater and he asked me to join in the 3 seater sofa with him. I went and sat in a corner and he came very close to me and was holding me around my waist. I said”babuji, please do not do this.

Ankur is away”. He said in a funny tone “and hence I am doing this my jaan”. I was surprised by his language. But i was enjoying the massage he was giving me on my shoulder which calmed me down to a great deal. He seemed to be a master in this art. He slowly out his palm in between my boobs and my arm.

He was caressing my boobs and also pressing my waist once in a while. I was enjoying their feel of this old man. Now he was sitting so close to me that even air could not pass between us. As usual, with some foreplay, I was also leaning towards him. His other hand was on my thigh and he started to slowly press it. I was damn getting wet in my pussy. Now he started pressing my boobs and he put his hand into my bra less nighty.

He was pinching my nipples. The vengeance with which he was proceeding, I felt that he would tear apart my nighty. The he started to slowly unzip my nighty. He said” I love you Adithi”. i did not respond, I was too much into the act. He completely removed my nightly and my hand went to his manhood worth out my knowledge. And it was Huge. Could be around 8′.Ankur’s is hardly 6-6.5′. I said “it is so big”. He said “it is for you today my darling”

I removed his lungi and he was without an underwear. I started to stroke his dick it was growing in diameter and was very fat too. I went down on my knees and put his dick in my mouth. It probably was a very long time that he felt something so warm on his dick, his pre cum was oozing out. I licked everything and started giving him a blowjob.

He said “Wow!that feels so good. Please don’t stop”. After about 8-10 minutes, he blew his cum. I drank all of it and he started to eat my pussy. Since I was already all wet there, it did not take long for me to shoot out my cum and he was feasting on it. He lifted me in his arms and took me to the bedroom. His monster was all ready again and he tried to insert his huge dick into my pussy. He was finding it difficult to enter my small pussy.

He started applying pressure and started entering inch my inch. I was shouting with pain. I said “you bastard, it is so big. you will tear me apart or what. Please stop”. I guess he was a little surprised with my language as he removed his tool completely but at the same time, pushed his dick into me with so much force that I shouted with pain.

At this moment, he put his mouth on mine and we started kissing. It was very painful but at the same time I was also enjoying the pain. Now he was pushing his dick completely inside me and was moving with slow pace. I was moaning with pleasure “aaaahhaaa aaaa aaaaa”he was fucking me without any mercy. We fucked for about an hour and I shot my cum and he also did a little while later. He said “your pussy is very tight. This is the most incredible fuck” I just smiled and said “Yeah! it indeed was great”

We went to take a shower and I was nude in front of my FIL and I was not feeling shy about it. Never thought I would do anything of this sort. I canceled my journey back to Hyderabad and stayed back in Mumbai for a week and we had an incredible time. When Ankur returned a couple of months later,

I said that I am pregnant and he thinks that he is the reason for it. But, only I and my FIL know that it was not Ankur’s son, but his own brother came out of his wife. Since, Ankur keeps going out of the country at least twice a year, I make it a point to stay with my FIL and have great sexy nights. Hope you all liked my story. Please write your comments at [email protected]

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