Me & My Alone Aunty

Hi my name is Kiran, I am studying my final year BE(age 21).Usually ill go to my village(auntie’s home) during my semester holidays. Like that last may I went there. My uncle is in Gulf. During that may month my cousin also went to Gulf with him. He is a small boy at the age of 9.So this may my aunty alone in home. I went to stay there for 5days. My aunty is a very sexy lady. Her age is around 32/33.She is having nice structure. I love her very much. But I can’t do anything, but to masturbate by thinking her.

I reached her home in morning. She was wearing a yellow saree n blouse. I can able to see her white bra strip in her shoulder. By entering itself i get into mood. Then I had breakfast, then lunch after that little bit rest. By around 4.30 she asked me that shall we take a bath in that river. Nearby her home there is an river. That village peoples mostly use to take a bath in that river. Then we moved there. At that time no one in that river, only we 2 are there. We had a bath in village style. I just wear one towel around my hip. She removed her saree in front of me. I saw her cleavage.

She is in yellow color low neck blouse n yellow color skirt. Now she turned back n removed her blouse pin n removed it. Now she is in bra. I saw her back position. My dick gets big. So I get inside the water. Now she removed her bra pin at the same time removing the knot of the skirt n raised up to her boobs n removed her bra. Now she make a knot in the skirt by wearing in her boobs. She also entered into the water. Oh her boobs is in straight.  Its v big boobs. My dick gets even bigger. I didn’t wear my panty only wearing towel.

So it’s in straight I can’t come out of water. If i come she notice out. So am trying to control myself. But she is enjoying in water. Now she comes out of water to put soap. Oh I was stunned, Since its a yellow skirt, it becomes transparent in wet condition. Her big boobs, black nipple ,pussy n her big ass are making me to interest in her. She asks me to come out of water to put soap.

But I told ya am coming I tried a lot to control myself n came out, Both are using soap in our body she turnaround and removed the knot n put soap in her boobs now again she turn front n put soap in legs now she put her hand inside d skirt from bottom to rub her pussy. My dick gets harder, she noticed that, She asked me what’s that, I asked her “What?”.She replied don’t act Rahul I know, so tell me. I told nothing. She replied am your aunt so be free n don’t think something in your mind, I got afraid and i get inside water once bath finished,

I changed my dress at that time phone came for me from my friend, So I talked with him, so I couldn’t see her dress how she is changing? Now we went to home, She talked with me as usual and we had a dinner. Now I went to bedroom. She went to her master bedroom. Night at 11 I went to toilet out of the room, while returning I saw her bedroom is in open, She was watching blue film in computer, I was shocked, her hand is inside her panty, she was wearing only bra n panty my dick gets harder.

And I returned to my room, but I can’t sleep, I was thinking that… Usually while sleeping i used to wear only shots, no inner dress. After 45mins she came inside my room by wearing her nighty. I was watching her but she didn’t notice me that I didn’t sleep. My used panty is in side of the bed, she took that and smelled it for a while and she leaved my room. I can’t sleep by seeing that, I was very happy. So I thought that tomorrow I want to fuck her badly.

Next morning I got up at 6.30 but she didn’t, I wear my panty also, she is in nighty. By 7 I went inside the room n ask her to wake up she also ,I asked her “When did u slept yesterday”. She replied that “by 10 it I slept because of tired”. I said ok aunty, I need coffee can you? She said wait for 10mins will give you. After that we had a breakfast then i entered her room n asked shall I use your computer, by hesitation she said ok. Her wallpaper is a very sexy lips. I asked her Y didn’t you keep your picture. She smiled…….

Her F drive is named as movies so I opened it, she told me that please don’t use f drive. I asked her “Y”. She replied please understand its censored smiled her n she too. Then in evening we had a bath like the previous day, at that time also my dick gets harder n she asked what’s this, I smiled n entered into the water. Then in night as usual I came to my room n I didn’t removed my boxers, because I know that really she come inside my room, like that by 10.30 she came inside n searching my boxer’s,

But she couldn’t so she came near me n kept her nose in front of dick over my shorts n smelling, suddenly my dick raised to 90degree.She stunned n she didn’t mind me she is smelling by closing her eyes. I opened my eyes n lift my butt, so dick touched her nose, she saw my face, I was smiling of her n she told sorry to me. I asked Y are u telling sorry. She told no its my mistake. I told its not at all a problem. She replied that Uncle is not here know that’s y I like this.

I asked Y didn’t u tell to me?.She told u r my relation, Then how can I? Also I think you’l mistake me .I told no I won’t mistake you. She replied thank u da. So I asked her “Shall I fuck u?”.She stunned n with hesitation she said ok. Suddenly I hugged her tightly, this is my first sex experience. She kissed my entire face and me too kissed her entire face. She told that I didn’t switch off my PC, shall we go to that room? I said ok. We went inside, I asked her shall we see that censored movies?

She said ok. So we saw the BF, its v nice, Then we kiss each other in lips, Then I inserted my tongue to her mouth n she inserted her into mouth, we sucked each other’s. Then I removed her saree, I saw two tempered huge boobs in front of me with her black color bra. I started to suck her nipple above her blouse, it becomes wet. My dick was touching her pussy, so she started to hold it with her above my shorts. Now I lied in bed she removed my shorts n boxer’s. Am in nude in front of her, She started to suck my dick and my balls.

I told her that please stop it because my cum come out now. But she didn’t obey my words. Cum came out and her mouth is filled by my cum, she swallowed it n said its very tasty. I told Oh my cum came out, now how can I enjoy, She told u can my boy. Now I removed her blouse, its black colored bra. It’s very sexy, Now I came to her navel n lick for some times, she started to moan, now I removed her bra too. So now she is in topless. I started to pinch it n licking it n sucking it, so my dick gets harder. I told Aunty its really nice,

She replied it’s the time to play so don’t waste the time by talking, I told Yes tats nice aunt. I turned her back n licked in her back. And finally I came down to her ass, it’s really big. I came down n lifted her skirt up by my rod, Now I clearly saw her bums n asshole. I kissed her bums its very soft. She wake up n lied in the bed by my back is visible. So she comes to my butts n kissing n licking. Till now I didn’t see her pussy.

Then she make my legs wider n get inside n she started to smell my hole, then she inserted her finger inside my hole n started to shake fast, it makes me pain n she licked my hole for a long time then she gave a slap in my butt. An now it’s my turn I kissed her butts smelled her asshole, wow its really nice smell n I started to make it wide as I can n put my fingers inside n shake as much speed I can, She shouted but I didn’t mind that, then I inserted my tongue in her asshole as I can its superb, it was wet. Then I gave 2 hard slaps in her butt by saying u my bitch, he replied ya now u can do anything, then

I wrapped her hole with my dick. Then I turn her front n started to lick her clean shaved pussy. Then I sucked her juice, it’s very tasty. And finally I inserted my 8inch rod into her pussy, First its very hard then because of my pressure it makes very smooth. And my cum inside her vagina (PUNDAI it’s our Tamil word).Then I take out she licked it fully. Then we two slept that night in nude, mrg we both take bath in the bathroom. Then we didn’t go to that river, we used to fuck daily in the remaining days. Now we are talking erotically in phone daily.

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