Me Mom And My Sister

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Hi ever one this is kishor. The story is about how i fucked my mom and sister. My

Father died when my sister was 3 years. We are very poor family because of that one

Person said my mom that he will take me with him and educate me so my mom

Agreed. I want with him and I studied with him still 10 and I was very fast learner so

I learned my things and also about sex from my friend.

My friend used to bring story book and I used read that books even. And one day he bought the book which consists of sex between mom and son and read the story and I felt good from that  day I used to read those type of stories only which consist of sex between mom son daughter and sister.

And the person how educated me died and if was moved to my mom and sister place.

From here the really story start. My mom is only 32 year old with big boobs and ass

And my sister is 15 year old she is same as my mom with medium boobs and perfect

Ass and she is very sexy any one sees her will really wanted fuck them both. After his

Death ceremony I was moved my home. I saw my mom and sister after 6 year and me

was very happy. Our place is 2 kms inside from the village and no one come there

frequently and so went to my home saw my mom and she was very happy and she ran

And hugged me and i was happy and same time my started to rise was my mom

Boobs were touching my chest I was able to feel her soft tits.

Then I was moved inside the home as it was late evening my mom said that have dinner and sleep. My mom was not wearing any bra because they cannot afford for those even my sister did not have any bra.

They were wearing see through dress and I was able to see my mom nipple though there blouses. And my dick was at its fully erect and then we all ate

Food and slept. Due to very small house we all sleep in same hall tighter and I slept

Middle of my mom and sister.

I slept with lungi without any thing top and even under my lungi. And my mom

Removed her sari and slept beside me. I have habit of putting my leg beside

Anyone how sleep with me so I thought to use these thing to fuck my mom. After 3

Hours of all slept, I kept my leg on her and there was no reaction from my mom so I

Started to move my leg on her. Then I kept my hand on her thighs and started to feel

Her bare legs it was so soft and then moved still her pussy from where I have come to

This world. Then I touched her pussy hair and I cummed without touching my dick

And I removed my hand slept. Then morning my mom woke up at 4 clock and go to

Do house works near my home. At that time my lungi was to at its position it was at

My feet leave me fully naked I thought to see what will my mom will do seeing me in

This condition.

She was seeing my fully erected dick standing like a pole and she

Moved her hand near my dick I thought she will touch but no then she covered me

With the bed sheet and moved to her work and I woke up and 8 am that time my mom

Had come from her work and my sister also had woke up and started to do her house

Work. Then I woke up did my morning thing and my mom said to have a bath so I

Said ok then after having bath I wore again the lungi and came near my mom and

Sister. And I wantedly made my lungi feel down and my sister and mom saw seeing

My dick and I did not cover my dick fast I gave them time to see my dick.

Then my sister said to my mom that the banana is very big and I did not

Understand but then I covered my dick and again went to field to do some field work

With my mom and sister and again I wantedly made my lungi fall and I repeated this

Thing again and again for few times. Then my mom said to me that to remove and be

Naked as they saw my Lund. And I thought my first plan is successfully and I removed

My lungi and was walking naked with my mom and sister in the field.

That time my

Mom and sister were kept on looking my dick and it was standing like pole all the

Time. Then we did some work in field and went home I was busy with playing pool

And after having dinner we slept and I was naked and I started my work were I felt

Yesterday and again I moved my hand on my mom pussy and then inserted my two

Finger inside my mom pussy and then started to finger fuck my mom and my mom

Cummed but still her did not oppose or opened her eyes.

So I removed her petticoat

And her blouse and made her naked and started to suck her boobs and play with her

Pussy and moan was escaping from her mouth but still no reaction from mom side

And I stared to masturbated playing with my mom then I chummed within few

Minutes. And after that I slept but I did not cover my mom blouse or petticoat and

Morning I woke late because of late work at night and I was afraid what my mom will

Say but it was positive reaction from my mom side she asked why so late u woke up

Yesterday tried due to work she asked indirectly.

I said yes and saw some change in

My mom dressing style she had wore her petticoat below her navel and her blouse

Top 2 button is open her tits is fully seen. And seeing that my dick stood up then my

Mom saw and said to get ready from breakfast and I while serving her bend in front in

Such a way that her whole boobs was visible to me her nipple was standing with tip of

A pen.

Then I thought it’s time to fuck my mom today and to my luck my sister went her

Friend’s marriage she will come after 2 day only. So I made up my mind that I will

Fuck my mom today only in the field and after my sister went to her friend home. Me

And my mom went to field that time my mom was walking front and I was back and

Her ass was shaking from left to right and I was awesome to see. Then my mom saw

Me what I am seeing and asked what are you seeing I said nothing she asked then my

Your Lund is standing like that.

Then I said sorry she said ok but it should not leave

Like that it should me taken care of your Lund saying that she caught my dick and

Started move front and back and I was in heaven then I made my mom naked and

Started to lick her pussy it was wet and I put my finger in her ass and my mom was

To moan loudly and then she cummed and I my mom said she cannot wait more and

Asked fuck her but I said I will not she was shocked and asked why.

I said I wanted

Even my sister also to be fucked by me and she should help me fucking her she

Thought and said ok and said to fuck her fast. Then I placed my dick on my mom

Pussy and pushed inside it was very tight as it is not used from very long time. Then

Again I pushed and I went half and I stopped for a while and pushed again and it

Went fully it was heaven to feel.

My mom was moaning with pleasure and pain and I started to fuck her fast and she started scolds me in bad word like motherfucker

Fuck me u sister fucker and I also started to scold her u bitch slut how many dick did

You take in your pussy while saying it was very awesome and we both cummed at same

Time and was sleeping in each other arm and I was sucking my mom boobs.

I will say how we had 2 more fucking session in the field and I will say u how I fucked my sister and more about it if very comment about my story and mail me your review about it  please. My e mail id is [email protected] I am waiting for your


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