Me and mom in bus

Hi readers. I have read many stories regarding incest like mom and son by this I was inspired to write my real experience with my mom. I am ram from Hyderabad. We have relatives on a long distance of nearly 13 hours of journey through bus. Once me and my mom went to my mama’s home and while coming back to my sweet home my mama reserved tickets for us in an private sleeper coach bus. It starts around 9;30pm at my place. Sorry I forgot to tell u about my mom she is around 45 and me 21. I have never thought of my mom for sex. We have a good relation between us. She is fair and having good look. Her buts her breasts are huge in size and she is a fat person. It happened 4 months ago. I have traveled many times in sleeper bus but its first time for my mom to travel in sleeper coach and it was double bed sleeper coach bus where two persons can sleep. We have got last seats and have full of curtains. This looks like a closed room no one will disturb us. Its a single stop bus to Hyderabad as its a private service bus. If any one has nature calls then they will stop on request.

As we entered bus and occupied our seats. My mom slept at the window side and me left to her. It was a little bit small seats to accommodate as my mom is fat and we adjust a little bit. But I am unable to sleep as I have fear that I will fell down while bus is running . After an half an hour my mom asked me why I am not sleeping I told her the same she then told me that put your hand on me and sleep so that you wont feel down I said ok and put my hand on her and my left leg on her so that it will be easy for me to hold her and I tried to sleep. But I cant bcoz I was touching her soft skin around her stomach and my left leg on near her cunt I can feel the hotness of her cunt on my left knee. She was in sound sleep. My dick was rubbing to her left thigh while bus is taking turns. Due to rubbing of my dick it was started to get hard And my thoughts for sex aroused me to touch my mom’s breast. I slowly touched my moms breast and holded it tightly. They are so soft that I proceeded to massage her breasts. In mean wile my mom is moaning slowly and I am getting more aroused my dick is getting harder and its on its full length. As my dick is touching my moms left thigh I was so aroused that I was rubbing my dick to the side of my moms left thigh as I have my left leg on her legs and my knee was touching her cunt from out side as I was shacking my leg.

Position is like that I was fucking her with my knee. I was near to explode my load and closed my eyes but suddenly I felt a hand on my knee and I was stunned who was that I shocked and found it was my moms hand she was pressing my knee towards her cunt vigoursly. I got courage and stopped to rub my dick to her thigh. After a while she stopped and told me I am u r mom I will give u what ever u want and she hold my cock in her hand got courage and then I slowly raised her saree up to her thighs they are so soft that I cant explain u I was in 9th heaven and on seconds I found her cunt filled with juices it was neatly shaved and so soft. I felt her inner line and touched them they are slippery. Then I slipped my finger her cunt. She was holding my cock in her hand and giving small jerks she exploded while I finger fucked her then and she got up to her knees and put my cock in her warm mouth sucked it hard and with in 4-5 minutes I filled her mouth with my warm cum she drunk it and it was limp now. She fell down on her back and we got in 69 position and sucked each others parts. I was again aroused and my dick was rock hard and I asked my mom that I want my cock in her sweet cunt she said ok and removed her blouse, bra, saree and my pants. She was totally nude now I was removed only my pants it was dark out side. I felt two huge soft melons and caressed it and sucked it like a baby sucking for mother’s milk. She told its enough and insert my dick in her cunt now. My mom holded my cock and inserted in her cunt hole slowly I pushed my dick in her cunt hole and started jerking as the bus is moving my dick was in her deep cunt and fucked for nearly half an hour and in mean time my mom exploded twice. I told my mom I was near to release my cum she told me don’t explode in my cunt but release u r hot sperms in my hot ass hole.

I was shocked to hear that. But I said mom we don’t have any lubricates to apply u r ass hole & to my cock. She slept facing back toward me and told to move my tongue on her ass hole as I moved my tongue for 10 minutes my mom’s ass hole was well lubricated and opening then I inserted my one finger in her ass hole and lubricated it with my sputum. She sucked my cock and applied her sputum on my cock and told me to insert my dick in her ass hole. It was paining for me to insert in her ass hole as we don’t have enough space to sit on my knees how ever I changed my position and fucked her ass hole wildly and released my hot sperms in her hot ass hole she was squeezing my dick through her inner side walls my sperms are running along her cunt line she took it with her hand and applied my cum on her breasts and told me to suck it was a salty taste mixing with my moms cunt and ass hole juices we have done this for nearly 4 hours then we were exhausted and slept. After an half an hour bus stopped for drink and for nature calls. My mom went and cleaned herself in toilets and came back to sleep now I was at window side and my mom left to me. As bus started after 10-15 minutes my mom removed my shirt and took my dick in her hand and started to move up and down. She had given a blow good blow job to me. Till 5am we are caressing each other parts and in sudden we heard a devotional song in bus and then we put on our clothes and get ready to get down at Hyderabad. From then onwards I was fucking my mom when we have a chance I fucked my mom in every position and every corner in my sweet home. If you have any comments regarding this mail me to [email protected]

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