My name is Ram and I want to tell you the story of my first time. Though it happened over two years ago, I still remember it like it was yesterday. I was 34, a fair good looking easy going guy.

Then came this day in spring, approximately 4 weeks after my 34th birthday when Linu bought the neighbors’ house. Our neighbor had died a few months before this story began. He was an old friendly man who sometimes gave me some extra money. I really liked him. Linu was a divorced woman; she just had started a new job in the library. From the first moment, I was attracted to her though I didn’t know why. She was not young and too attractive, she was adult and about 23 years me elder. She could have been my mother, but anyway, she looked young and fresh, though she was 48. At first time, I often looked through my room’s window when she walked by. She was a beautiful woman to me, with the typical attractive curves of Indian woman: wide hips, an athletic ass and nice tits.

Her son john and I became friends. He was 28. Very soon both of us were very friendly, and quite often he stayed at night in my house and vice versa. For me it was also the greatest advantage to see linu more often. She was a woman with a fantastic appearance, sexy and charming. For me, of course. Some men might think she is not beautiful at all, but for me she really was! I was confused and once even asked myself: why do you feel attracted by this milf 48-old woman? That’s so stupid, I thought to myself. This would have been no problem, but then john had a terrible accident in winter. A car crashed into john’s jeep and my friend was brought to hospital with serious injuries where he had to stay for 3 months. linu had a leave from her job, and for me it was a duty to care about her. However I had never seen their relatives. Perhaps they were somewhere but I never saw them. From this moment, I was a real help for her.

So things went their way. We soon got closer and closer. I couldn’t take my eyes off her and became a slave to her. One evening I helped her in the kitchen. When I saw her standing there in her tight Suit, I couldn’t hold back. Her butt seemed to be made by God, it looked so sexy. All of my blood rushed to my bell end, and made my cock almost jumping out of my jeans as my eyes fixed on her perfectly shaped curves. I didn’t know what happened to me, but I couldn’t control my hands anymore. Carefully I caressed her neck. She enjoyed it and it didn’t protest. We kissed each other. Her lips were warm and smooth.

“I want you Ram, you are so young and nice”, she said.

Without saying a word, she led me to the bedroom. Then she began to undress me. I was so excited, so much that I can’t describe it at all! What a luck night! It was a fucking exciting stuff! My cock was hard like a rock when it jumped out of my jeans. I felt ashamed and shivered as I stood naked in front of her with a sticky erection. I didn’t know what to do. She was very experienced and understood everything. My cock seemed to be of an average size, but linu appeared to like him, because she couldn’t take her eyes off it.

“Don’t be afraid”, she whispered.

Very gently she caressed and rubbed it with both hands, and it was very difficult for me not to explode too early. With some rhythmical movements of her hands she made me moan with pleasure. still feel her hands rubbing my penis.

“Relax”, she said, but this was not easy to do.

Then she stopped and began undressing herself. Her body was more beautiful than I had expected. Her sexy humps and her full tits were a temptation I couldn’t resist. I think the Devil seduced Adam by presenting him houris’ curves! She had an ass like a Goddess. Nobody would have ever thought she was 48. She lay on the bed and dragged me down. Carefully I slid over her body, mounting on the top, when she spread her legs. She took my penis into her hand and led it to her cunt. Just a small move forward and I could feel something wet and hot!!! My hands were on fire when she started moving her athletic thighs and I felt my cock sliding deeper in this soaking wet hot mess. I still was very unsure and nervous. Then I felt how her strong hot hands explored and caressed my ass. This gave me a big stimulating urge. Moving awkwardly, moving like a green, I could feel my heart beating like a drum and began to push. Meanwhile she had wrapped her hands around my ass in order to help me with my first fucking thrusts. I felt relaxed and happy. It was fantastic. linu moaned out loud. Frankly speaking, with each stroke my self-confidence grew. I was sure that she was not far away from an orgasm and so I pushed harder. Suddenly her body shuddered and had spasms. She cried out loud as she reached an orgasm. Unfortunately I couldn’t enjoy watching her orgasm because just a few seconds later, I had my own cum flooding her pussy with power! This was such a sizzling situation that I shivered from head to feet! My first cum shot! She gave me only a few seconds to recover my breath and then she turned around.

“Take me”, she demanded as I watched her big round ass and my cock grew again immediately!

Now I was ready for another shot. I had never seen such a beautiful butt. Though it was quite big, it had a perfect shape. Her ass, sweated and still fresh, reminded me of a juicy apple! I was totally excited while my hands explored this masterpiece. It felt warm and smooth like silk. Automatically my hands slid carefully deeper as her body began to move. I really didn’t notice that my hand almost vanished in her ass. It was amazing! I was so excited that I didn’t take care of my cock as it touched Linu’s ass. She didn’t bother and with a quick move she squeezed her hips against me! With this I could feel how my cock sank into her ass with a smacking sound like a man sinking into a deep sticky swamp.

Linu reacted with a delighted sigh and I was still surprised about this fantastic feeling. An intensive heat flew from her body into my cock through her ass! … sexy curves, big ass, and sexy face! It was overwhelming, much better and more exciting than I had ever expected. I took her ass cheeks and pressed them against my glowing, sticky cock. she was moaning like a slut with pleasure. Then I started to push. I had the feeling that I couldn’t control my powerful strokes. With my cock deep into her and her round sexy buttocks in my hands I felt like a young stud! I was riding this mature and fantastic woman. Her body started to jerk for some seconds as she reached another orgasm. This time it took me longer, but anyway, then I came again and my cum sputtered into her body.

After I pulled out my cock, it hurt, but I was really empty and I felt totally satisfied.

Two years later, John visited his grandparents and linu was alone in the house. Like a magnet I was drawn to her house and after she opened me, things went the right way! Two minutes after I had entered their house, we were lying naked on the floor and fucked like wild hungry animals. We both wanted it so much, that there was no confusion! I rammed my cock into her wet pussy so that her scream resounded through the whole house. Then she turned around and presented her unbelievable ass. She was standing on all her fours and I realized that her ass cheeks were a bit bigger than 2 years before. However for me her ass was even more attractive. I was so horny that I pushed in with all my power! Our bodies motioned on the floor until we came. I couldn’t get enough and fucked her several times. My cum flew into her body like a wild river. That was sure the best fuck of my life!

Linu told me that this night was the greatest pleasure in her life. During the next years we couldn’t leave each other for long. Once or twice a year, when her son was not at home, we fucked each other all days and nights. She is now 52, but I think she is still a hot piece! Anyway, I’m still dreaming of fucking her sexy ass! .

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